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ESPN FNF’s from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Report

ESPN FNF’s from The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. July 6th, 2012

Written by Richard Allan McRae

Staff Writer for ringnews24.com

You can follow me on Twitter; @McRae67

The following bouts were televised;

Magomed Abdusalamov 14 (KO 14) -0 -0 vs. Maurice Byarm 12 (KO 9) -2 (KO 1) -1

10 rounds in the heavyweight division, for Abdusalamov’s WBC United States Silver heavyweight title.

It’s said Abdusalamov has never been in the ring with any big names, with both boxers in the ring we’ll see what Maurice Byarm can bring tonight. The 1st round was a feeling out round till the last 10 seconds, when, Abdusalamov got Byarm in a corner and started ‘teeing off’, Byarm’s knees buckled and he staggered back to his corner. 2:43 into the 2nd round Magomed Abdusalamov dropped Maurice Byarm, Byarm did beat the count. But found himself against the ropes and referee Tony Weeks steps in at 36 seconds of the 2nd round to protect the defenseless Byarm and declare Magomed “Mango” Abdusalamov the winner by way of TKO. The 31 year old KO ‘monster’ Russian native, now living in Oxnard, California, keeps his string of KO wins intact while defending his WBC United States Silver heavyweight title. He improves his record to 15 (KO 15) -0 -0. It was a hard loss for Maurice Byarm who’s record drops to 12 (KO 9) -3 (KO 2) -1. Even with the bout going less than 2 rounds, this bout earns 3 out of 5 stars.

Rocco Santomauro 8 -0 -0 vs. DeWayne Wisdom 2 (KO 1) -3 -0

4 rounds in the featherweight division.

Wisdom has taken this fight on short notice, but was it a wise move to take a fight against an undefeated opponent? End of round 1 shows why Santomauro is 8-0 without a KO, he’s a pure boxer, easily out boxing DeWayne Wisdom.

Rounds 2 to 4 was all a display of Santomauro’s boxing skills which frustrated Wisdom. DeWayne Wisdom was able to paint the body of Rocco Santomauro, but Santomauro’s boxing skills were too much for the wild, swinging Wisdom.

Rocco Santomauro wins by Unanimous Decision over DeWayne Wisdom. Undefeated Santomauro remains perfect with a 9 -0 -0 record. DeWayne Wisdom falls to 2 (KO 1) -4 -0 in his young career. With Santomauro showcasing his boxing skills, he left a lot to be desired. I give this bout 2 stars out of 5.

Javier Fortuna 19 (KO 14) -0 -0 -1 NC vs. Cristobal Cruz 39 (KO 23) -14 (KO 3) -3 -1 NC

10 rounds in the cruiserweight division.

Fortuna enters the ring expecting to make a statement by facing the veteran Cristobal Cruz. From the opening bell Fortuna has been all over Cruz, Cruz caught a hard left dropping him early. Cruz beat the count and struggled his way through the opening round. Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna landed with a huge left hook causing Cruz to drop like a rock. What a statement the young Fortuna made tonight!

Referee Robert Byrd ends the bout at 2:22 of the 2nd round declaring Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna the victor by TKO. This was a tremendous victory for the young Fortuna, defeating Cristobal Cruz, the former IBF featherweight title holder, will grab the attention of many and will bring him closer to fighting for a World title.

Javier Fortuna improves to 20 (KO 15) -0 -0 -1 NC. The 35 year old veteran Cristobal Cruz falls to 39 (KO 23) -15 (KO 4) -3 -1 NC and is left to contemplate his future after 20 years in Pro-Boxing.

The TKO was incredible! It’ll be on the highlights for a long time. This bout earns 3 ½ stars out of 5 and Fight of the Night award.

William Mitch Williams 5 (KO 4) -2 -1 vs. Manuel Otero 2 (KO 1) -3 -0

4 rounds in the cruiserweight division.

Both fighters are in the ring looking to sharpen their skills, as both have had long, layoffs and it has shown throughout the whole bout. Very few combinations, both are just looking for a single shot here and there. In rounds 3 & 4 Williams, has shaken off the rust and has started to put all his punches together – going upstairs and downstairs. All Otero has shown is that he can walk forward and gets caught every time. Otero did land a few power punches in the 4th but Williams has really turned up the heat, it was a surprise Otero made it through the final minute of the 4th round.

William Mitch Williams picks up his 6th win by winning with a Unanimous Decision over Manuel Otero. William Mitch Williams ups his record to 6 (KO 4) -2 -1, while Manuel Otero falls to 2 (KO 1) -4 -0 in his pro career. Williams clearly took the last two rounds, this bout earns 2 ½ stars out of 5.


The following bout was not televised;

Ronald Gavril 2 (KO 1) -0 -0 vs. Kenneth Taylor Schmitz 2 (KO 1) -2 -0

4 rounds in the super middleweight division.

Ronald Gavril had a short outing tonight by stopping Kenneth Taylor Schmitz at 1:33 of the 1st round via TKO. Ronald Gavril up’s his record to 3 (KO 2) -0 -0 and Kenneth Taylor Schmitz drops to 2 (KO 1) -3 (KO 1) -0.


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