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Fury Fires up Canadian Boxing Fans

Fury Fires up Canadian Boxing Fans

The United Kingdom heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury has grabbed the attention of Canadian boxing fans. Canada still has strong ties with the United Kingdom in world issues. It’s the same in the boxing world the tie’s are strong, and Fury has the backing of the Canadian. Not since the days of Lennox Lewis has a heavyweight been talked about has much as Fury. The only down side is that Canadians don’t get to see Tyson Fury fight live on television, with the difference in time zones, we must wait for reply’s to be shown. As for example we have already got the results of the Fury vs. Maddalone. Tyson Fury manhandled the smaller Vinny Maddalone, giving up 7” in height Maddalone fought with heart but couldn’t deal with the power of Fury. The bout ended at 1:35 of the 5th round as Maddalone could no longer defend himself; declaring Tyson Fury the victor by way of TKO. With the win Fury improves to 19 (KO 14) -0 -0 and laid claim to the WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title. To push Fury’s fan base through the roof would be for him to come across the Atlantic and take on a top 10 ranked heavyweight, like a Tomasz Adamek or Chris Arreola. Having 2 main event bouts in North American. And if one of those bouts could be in what is considered the boxing capital of the world Las Vegas. Tyson Fury world be on top of the professional boxing world. The Biggest problem with the heavyweight division is that many of the top heavyweights live in different European countries and refuse to fight outside of their homeland unless they get a title shot against 1 of the Klitschko’s, then they’ll travel. And the big television networks don’t cover these top heavyweight bouts, because the cards are poorly organized and poor under cards are promoted. Today Wladimir Klitschko fought Tony Thompson in Berne, Switzerland with 4 title belts on the line. And a single North American television network covered the card, not even a replay has been scheduled. To show the popularity of Tyson Fury his bout will be showed later tonight, 10 pm C.S.T. on Canadian television.

The only heavyweight that has true respect is the veteran Tomasz Adamek; he moved his family to New Jersey, U.S.A. to get better training and better bouts. The lack of travel by top heavyweights has caused the division to crumble, and become the least division in professional boxing. Tyson Fury the red carpet is waiting for you, take the trip and save the heavyweight division!

Boxing fans that’s why the lower division are dominating the world of professional boxing, theses boxers are willing to travel!


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