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Professional Boxing Takes another “Black Eye” as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to face Josesito Lopez On September 15th, 2012

Everything surrounding this match-up just doesn’t have any good feelings. Being billed as “Knockout Kings” to celebrate Mexican Independence Day which is September 15th, Mexico is a boxing nation. The number of Mexican boxer who have became world champions is staggering, I enjoy watching Mexican boxers fight and respect how the nation has embraced the sport of boxing.

Yes Josesito Lopez broke Victor Ortiz’s jaw to win by Referee Technical Decision and captured the WBC Silver welterweight title, up till that point in the fight Ortiz was out boxing Lopez well fighting with a broken jaw. It’s not clear when Ortiz suffered the broken jaw as both boxers landed some thunderous power punches. Here are the CompuBox Punchstats in connect percentage form;

Total Punches; Ortiz 36% Lopez 30%

Jabs; Ortiz 25% Lopez 11%

Power Punches; Ortiz 45% Lopez 36%

It was a war till Ortiz had his jaw broken, Lopez came to fight that night and his victory was well deserved. Right now Josesito Lopez is ranked as the 7th top welterweight in the world and the 5th top welterweight in the United States. Saul Alvarez on the other hand is currently ranked 2nd in the world and 1st in Mexico within the light middleweight division; and currently holds the WBC light middleweight title. All these ranking are from the official keeper of all boxing records, BoxRec.com. I’d have no problem with this bout if Josesito Lopez was holding the WBC Silver light middleweight title, and was the 3rd ranked light middleweight in the world. He is neither, but I’m sure he’ll show up that night ready to give Saul “Canelo” Alvarez a run for his money. I’m really impressed with Canelo to date; he processes 3 basic skills that make a great champion. Ring generalship, awareness of where his opponent is going to be, and great boxing skills. This talented youngster turns only 22 this month. But every conversation I have about boxing, and when the name Saul “Canelo” Alvarez comes up, the same question comes up! When is he going to fight a big name primetime boxer? Some say hey he just beat Shane Mosley, yes he did and in convincing fashion. But the 41 year old Mosley took him the distance!
Here are 5 names that are ranked higher than Josesito Lopez, and would truly close the mouths of those who criticize Canelo once and for all;

1. Austin Trout is ranked 5th in the light middleweight division in the world and 3rd in the United States. He’s the reigning, and 3 time defending WBA light middleweight title holder, Trout last fought on June 2nd 2012. A unification bout would be one of the hottest PPV events in boxing history.

2. Miguel Cotto is ranked 4th in light middleweight division in the world and 1st in Puerto Rico, Cotto last fought on May 5th 2012. The Mexican/Puerto Rican boxing rivalry is legendary.

3. James Kirkland is ranked 6th in light middleweight division in the world and 4th in the United States. Kirkland currently holds the WBC Continental Americas light middleweight title. Alvarez’s would most diffidently have his chin tested, as Kirkland has a KO% of 84.38 in his 32 professional bouts. In those 32 bouts he’s only had to box 104 rounds.

4. Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam is ranked 5th in middleweight division in the world and 1st in the France. He currently is the interim WBO middleweight title holder, and has never fought at light middleweight. I say Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam would have made weight, and left France to have taken this fight. Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam last fought on May 4th 2012 when he out boxed and out classed the #1  middleweight the Ukraine had to offer Max Bursak to win the 12 round bout via Unanimous Decision. In 27 bouts he remains undefeated, 17 of those wins came by way of knockout, if you’re a hardcore fan of “The Sweet Science” add Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam to your watch list!

5. The dark horse! Jessie Vargas is ranked 13th in the welterweight division in the world and 10th in the United States. The 23 year old Vargas has had 5 10 round bouts in a row and has faced quality opponent’s along the way to now having a 19-0-0 record.  Jessie Vargas is no longer consider a prospect, he’s entered the ranks of receiving a title shot. I believe he could move up to light middleweight, but he’s most likely going to hang-out in the welterweight division and look for a title shot. I pronounced Jessie Vargas the dark horse because he upset the veteran favorite Josesito Lopez in his 3rd 10 round bout via Split Decision, it would have been an Unanimous Decision win but Vargas was penalized 1 point in the 8th round for a low blow, the bout took place on September 17th 2011, ironically at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Jessie Vargas is not a dirty boxer, in his 2nd pro bout against Trenton Titsworth both boxers lost a point for holding behind the head. Titsworth went on to lose 1 more point for lack of professionalism.

Like it or not the fight has been scheduled for September 15th 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. controversy will surround this bout till Saul “Canelo” Alvarez faces a worthwhile opponent. Interest will swirl when the #1 P4P boxer returns from his short unpleasant holiday, Floyd Mayweather Jr.! It would be spectacular to see the 2 face off in the ring.

The fans will watch the fight, even though on the same night in the same town 2 boxers will face each other. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will put his WBC middleweight title on the line against the future Hall of Fame boxing legend Sergio Gabriel Martinez, that’s as close to a super fight you can get!

But the sport of boxing is broken, with fighters ducking each other. And the fans are the ones paying the price. Simple way to fix this ongoing problem, each division holds what we all witnessed last year the final bout of what many consider to be the solution to fixing the sport we love! When Andre “S.O.G.” Ward face Carl “The Cobra” Froch to finish The Super Six Tournament on December 17th 2011. It was the most dramatic boxing event this fan as ever seen! And bring back the 8 weight classes.
Just imagine 8 weight classes and each holding a Super Six Tournament, problem fixed!


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