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David Lands The ‘Hayemaker’ – Wins In 5

David Lands The ‘Hayemaker’ – Wins In 5


David Haye vs Dereck Chisora – WBA, WBO International Titles


Months of hype, some good, some bad came to an abrupt end Saturday night at Upton Park as over 30,000 saw David Haye Knockout former World title challenger Dereck Chisora at 2.59 of the 5th round. The build up was ugly, the fight was not as the 2 leading UK heavyweights waged battle over 5 surprisingly entertaining rounds. Many including myself thought Haye would win, although probably needing to go the full distance as Chisora had shown a rock chin in lasting the full 12 rounds against WBC champion Vitali Klitschko.


Just before the fight, 15 mins in fact, the rain came down heavy on the 30 thousand plus who attended Boxnation’s massive outdoor show. Frank Warren must now hope that his channel really takes off as he predicted that there would be NO rain come Saturday night. Michael Fish and Co can sleep that wee bit tighter tonight. Mr Warren got it wrong regarding the weather although he was right to stage this fight as it certainly had the crossover appeal from the general public as many bought the Boxnation fight and by the amount of celebrities at ringside.


The fight took the shape that many expected, Chisora chasing David Haye around the ring trying to get close and land his combinations whilst trying to avoid the powerful potshots from the former World champion. Haye took the opener by being able to land the odd jab and right hand although i scribbled down that Chisora was making Haye work hard a la Jones vs Kell Brook last weekend.

The pace upped in round 2 where Chisora again did the chasing. This time he was beginning to trap Haye on the ropes landing a few blows. Haye was smart though as he angled his body well out of the way of Chisora’s right hand therefore making Chisora miss. This round was much closer than the 1st but again Haye was landing more shots, it was warming up very nicely.


Chisora had his best round in the 3rd. Del Boy was now landing more punches inside, was the plan beginning to work?. Haye fought back landing a huge right hand which Chisora to his credit walked through. Chisora kept the pressure on and with ten seconds left in the round he seemed to wobble Haye with a combination after a furious exchange. The Ref Luis Pabon jumped in to signal the end of the round clearly unable to hear the bell which i dont think sounded. With that little bit of luck from round 3 Haye got back to boxing and picking his shots a lot better. The 4th was again close, Chisora was well in the fight as he knew that if he could get Haye into the later rounds then he stood a massive chance of causing the upset. I scored the round for Haye, Chisora was pressuring but just not doing enough to win the rounds.


Round 5 was good one, Chisora has finally caught up with Haye as he was pushed to the ropes numerous times and forced to fight Chisora off him. Was Haye getting tired? it looked like it until late in the round a massive left hook thrown from a southpaw stance smashed Chisora to the deck. Chisora barely got up, he was hurt badly against a fighter who has proved in the past a fantastic finisher. Haye went for the kill, left hooks rights hooks bounced of Del Boy’s head as he desperately tried to hold before BANG – another big right hook followed by a sickening left on the way down send Chisora down for the second time. Luis Pablon drafted in to replace Mickey Vann gave Chisora one look and rightfully called it off, Haye was BACK and looking impressive too.


After the fight it was good to see that there was no hard feelings between the pair, both had hyped this fight to the max with their hatred of each other but now it was only respect. Haye wants Vitali now or its back to retirement, Chisora wants and needs a rest before making any decision on his future. It was a great main event that the fans really enjoyed. Haye mentioned that its was the best atmosphere he had ever fought in..


Below is my scorecard for the fight along.

Fightscorecollector’s Scorecard

Round 1…. 10-9 Haye

Round 2…. 10-9 Haye

Round 3…. 9-10 Chisora

Round 4…. 10-9 Haye




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