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Mundine vs McKart Report and undercard

PPV Special Event> Anthony Mundine vs. Bronco McKart Live From The Palms Casino and Resort Pearl Theater In Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

By; Richard Allan McRae

Twitter me at; @McRae67

Maybe many will be scratching their heads why this is a PPV event, 2 older veterans in the main event, Mundine 37 and McKart 41. This is the first trip to the U.S.A for the Australian star Anthony “The Man” Mundine, who has been publically speaking out he has all the tools to take out Floyd Mayweather Jr. But tonight he must prove himself against Bronco McKart as the vacant IBF North American middleweight title will be on the line. Dmitry Sukhotsky and Cornelius White will box for 12 rounds for the vacant IBF International light heavyweight title.

Ahror Muralimov 12 (KO 11) -0 -0 vs. Andrae Carthron 6 (KO 1) -7 (KO 2) -2 -1 NC

8 rounds in the heavyweight division.

Muralimov has recently changed his name to Acha Muhammad Ali. No matter what he calls himself he been punishing Carthron, but has been landing power shots to the body of the first 2 rounds. Ali who is the most feared young heavyweights, his power is show tonight. He can’t but his punches together he continually land with the a powerful left uppercut, but Andrae Carthron has the better boxing going to the body every time he gets Ali into a corner. Half through Ali looks a bit gassed as those power punches are taking a toll. Ali has power in both hands as he’s shown with ever uppercut he throws. Carthron has held his own till now rocking Ali a couple of times through the rounds. It appears either boxer is concern about display their skills its clear both want the KO. Last round both boxers are worn down as they slowly come to the middle of the ring. Single shot only being thrown, pure power being thrown back and forth by Ali and Carthron. It’s turned to be a decent heavyweight slug fest. Both have left it all in the ring, but it will go to the judges. Acha Muhammad Ali has been declared the winner by Unanimous Decision. Now known as Acha Muhammad Ali improves to 13 (KO 11) -0 -0 and Andrae Carthron falls to 6 (KO 1) -8 (KO 2) -2 -1 NC. Just a good old fashion slug fest no real skill displayed, the bout earns 2 out of 5 stars.

Dmitry Sukhotsky 18 (KO 13) -1 -0 vs. Cornelius White 19 (KO 16) -1 (KO 1) -0

12 rounds in the light heavyweight division, for the vacant IBF International light heavyweight title.

Dmitry Sukhotsky enters the ring in tip top shape and Cornelius “Da Beast” White is looking to step it up, and make a name for himself.

Both come out swinging, both have showed up to box. Both looking to establish the jab, Sukhotsky having the shorter reach has been trying to work his way inside. Through the first 3 rounds Cornelius White has put his punches together; Sukhotsky has turn up the heat with his power shots. Both neither boxers has been able to put any 3 or 4 punch combinations together. Very even bout through the first 6 rounds, White as been able to double up on the jab and catch Sukhotsky with a rare counter punch. Sukhotsky has stuck to his game plan working inside backing up with White with right hands repeatedly. Both still look fresh, but Sukhotsky was some swelling under his right eye and a tickle of blood from his mouth from the left jabs of White. Sukhotsky has been more aggressive boxer, all Cornelius White as been able to do is land that left jab effectively occasionally putting the right had behind it. Round 9 the referee Russell Mora has called the ringside Doctor to look at the cut on right eye of Sukhotsky with a minute left, the Doctor has determined the fight can continue. It has been announced the cut was caused by an accidental head butt. Entering the championship rounds it appears Cornelius White has settled in and appears to have taken control, putting together his punches going upstairs and downstairs. Sukhotsky maybe behind with a now swollen closed right eye but he continues to push forward with determination. In a great battle over the last 5 rounds Cornelius White did enough to score a Unanimous Decision victory to capture the IBF International light heavyweight title and it’s speculated he’ll get to fight the winner of Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal on August 11th 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Cornelius White ups his record to 20 (KO 16) -1 (KO 1) -0 and Dmitry Sukhotsky falls to 18 (KO 13) -2 -0. Although the action was nonstop, neither boxer was really able to break lose. The bout earns 3 out of 5 stars.

Anthony Mundine 43 (KO 25) -4 (KO 2) -0 vs. Bronco McKart 54 (KO 32) -9 (KO 2) -1

10 rounds in the middleweight division, for the vacant IBF North American middleweight title.

Bronco “Superman” McKart enters the ring looking to spoil the U.S. debut of Anthony “The Man” Mundine, who has been vocal about taking out Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. but he can’t overlook Superman. Both boxers come out exchanging, no feeling out tonight right down to business. Through the first 3 it’s been all Mundine he’s out boxing the veteran McKart, putting it all together. Mundine measuring his punches and landing at will. McKart was able to go downstairs at times. After a few behind the bad of the head by Bronco McKart has caused Anthony Mundine to turn the heat up, but Mundine is guilty of backing off when he has McKart hurt. Little too much showboating by Mundine. Into round 6 now Mundine continues to open up but continues to take breaks, he’s clearly got this bout under control. In the 7th Mundine drops McKart 3 times and referee Robert Byrd steps in at 2:04 to end the bout, declaring Anthony “The Man” Mundine the winner by TKO and new IBF North American middleweight champion. At the age of 37 Anthony Mundine is a fantastic athlete! But during post fight interviews in the ring Floyd Mayweather Sr. was brought into the ring and told Anthony Mundine to his face “You should think about Cotto, because if wants Floyd Jr. he’s the man you fight to get beat” All night Mundine toyed with McKart, like it or not Anthony Mundine is for real and improves his record to 44 (KO 26) -4 (KO 2) -0. Well the 41 year old Bronco McKart drops to 54 (KO 32) -10 (KO 3) -1 and is left contemplating his future as a pro boxer. 3 rapid knock downs to give him a TKO win and a title, he’ll go on my watch list and earns 3 ½ stars out of 5. If Mundine didn’t take time off throughout the bout it would have been a 4 star fight. It receives fight of the night honors.


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