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Broner the winner and loser

Last night on HBO’s main event in Cincinnati, Ohio. Adrien ‘the problem’ Broner (24-0) extended his undefeated record and lost his world title at the same time, beating Vicente Escobedo (26-3) in the fifth round. After the issues surrounding Broner’s weight he come out and gave an impressive performance even though admittedly having a 5lb advantage on the night. Despite showing exceptional skills the discipline and maturity Broner shows in the ring makes him a potential future great across multiple weight classes.

The one thing which stand out about Broner is his hand speed, I seldom see a boxer with such quick hands. He is very sharp and shows tremendous reflexes. He doesn’t get complacent either and holds a tight, high guard the majority of the times.

He has a very much pocket defense with his feet planted and using his upper body to evade shots. His stance is wide in order to gain leverage for power shots either to counter or to launch his own attacks. He is sparing with his flurries, only doing so when he sees it as not too much risk. Trading punches when he chooses and not being brought into an exchange. He landed many snappy shots to the body and a whopping 45% power punches.

Escobedo, moving down in weight to Super-Featherweight, despite not winning a round against the superior Broner gave a good account of himself. He was attempting to engage in a fight with Broner but struggled to really wear down the defense in order to capitalize. After the sustained punch-taking he slowed down in the fifth, after a good flurry his trainer decide to cut Escobedo’s losses and throw the towel in.

To conclude, the fight was relatively slow but at a slow pace we really got to see what Broner has to offer. No doubt he will move up to 135lbs to take on the likes of DeMarco and Burns. I expect great things from this guy and will look foreward to seeing him again.



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