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Broner vs Escobedo full show report

HBO Boxing from U.S. Bank Arena Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. July 21th 2012

By Richard Allan McRae

You must give HBO a pat on the back for bring boxing to Cincinnati, Ohio. Which just so happens to be the home town of Adrien “The Problem” Broner. Vicente Escobedo has mope problems then just boxing Adrien Broner, he have to deal with a pro Broner crowd who are going to be in a foul mood as their young superstar was unable to make weight yesterday and had to hand over his title. The bout will take place but only Escobedo can win the title. I would not want to in the shoes of Vicente Escobedo tonight, have to box a man who just lost his title on the scales, in from of his home town crowd. This card did not almost happen as their where complaints from the Vicente Escobedo camp, and numbers where moved around in Escobedo favor and the card was on. It was said the deal took place only 5 hours before the card was set to start. And on the undercard will have undefeated Keith Thurman take on Orlando Lora.

The following bouts were not televised but ringnews24.com has provided the results;

Christopher Pearson 3 (KO 2) -0 -0 vs. Angel Hernandez 14 (KO 11) -10 (KO 5) -1

4 rounds in the middleweight division.

Christopher Pearson moves his record up to 4 (KO 3) -0 -0 with a TKO win at 2:08 of the a 2nd round over Angel Hernandez whose record now stands at 14 (KO 11) -11 (KO 6) -1.

DeVonte Allen 4 (KO 3) -0 -1 vs. Raeese Aleem 3 (KO 2) -0 -0

4 rounds in the super featherweight division.

Raeese Aleem did enough to earn a Unanimous Decision victory over DeVonte Allen. Raeese Aleem ups his record to 4 (KO 2) -0 -0 and DeVonte Allen suffers his first loss and falls to 4 (KO 3) -1 -1

Danny Calhoun Pro Debut vs. Quincey Palmer 3 (KO 3) -1 -0

6 rounds in the heavyweight division.

Danny Calhoun made a big splash in his pro debut tonight with a TKO win at 2:09 of the 1st round. Quincey Palmer falls to 3 (KO 3) -2 (KO 1) -0

Brandon “Untouchable” Bennett 13 (KO 7) -0 -0 vs. John Nater 9 (KO 8) -1 -0

8 rounds in the lightweight division.

Brandon Bennett remains undefeated with a Unanimous Decision victory over John Nater. Brandon “Untouchable” Bennett improves his record to 14 (KO 7) -0 -0 and John Nater falls to 9 (KO 8) -2 -0.

Omar “Panterita” Figueroa 18 (KO 15) -0 -1 vs. Dominic Salcido 18 (KO 15) -0 -1

10 rounds in the lightweight division.

Unfortunately HBO viewers did not get to see this remarkable bout. I caught it online, and it was 1 of the best Omar “Panterita” Figueroa bout I’ve seen! Dominic Salcido traded blow for blow with Figueroa, but in the end it was those power punches Omar Figueroa is so well known for that wore down Salcido. Omar “Panterita” Figueroa was declared the winner by Unanimous Decision and improves his record to 19 (KO 15) -0 -1 had will most likely be given a title shot soon. Even with a gutsy effort Dominic Salcido’s record now stands at 18 (KO 15) -1 -1. Incredible bout look for it! I’d give this bout 5 out 5 stars and my fight of the night award.

The following bouts were televised;

Keith “One Time” Thurman 17 (KO 16) -0 -0 -1 NC vs. Orlando “Latigo” Lora 29 (KO 19) -2 (KO 1) -2

10 rounds in the welterweight division.

Keith Thurman comes into the ring highly favored tonight, as Orlando Lora took this bout on 3 weeks. Both boxers are in the ring waiting for the open bell. Both have a reputation as big power punches and their living up to it. Thurman is fighting smart going to the body, as Lora is struggling to put anything together in these 2 opening rounds. Thurman knocked Lora’s mouth piece out with a minute left in round 2 with a wicked left uppercut. After 5 rounds Thurman was control of this bout going upstairs and ending in the downstairs every time, but Orlando Lora is one tough boxer taking everything Thurman has hit him with. Half way through both boxers come out Keith Thurman looks fresh as Lora looks a little weary. Thurman has turned it on here in the beginning of round 6 and has Lora in trouble; Lora got drop with a left hook followed by a powerful right cross by Thurman. Orlando Lora got up at 6 seconds into the count walked straight to his corner a hand them his mouth piece and it’s all over referee Ken Miliner stops it after that. At 1:38 of the 6th round Keith “One Time” Thurman is declared the victor by way of TKO. Keith “One Time” Thurman now improves to 18 (KO 17) -0 -0 -1 NC and Orlando “Latigo” Lora is left with a record of 29 (KO 19) -3 (KO 2) -2. This was a lopsided fight on my card but Keith Thurman domination of the bout earns it 3 out of 5 stars.

Adrien “The Problem” Broner 23 (KO 19) -0 -0 vs. Vicente Escobedo 26 (KO 15) -3 -0

12 rounds in the super featherweight division, for the vacant WBO super featherweight. Adrien Broner failed to make the 130 pound weight limit to defend the title he held till yesterday. Only Vicente Escobedo can claim the title tonight with a win.

With a fight that almost did not happen we have both Broner and Escobedo in the ring taking instruction from referee Gary Rosato, and now wait for the opening bell.

Open round has seen both boxers feel each other out, but Escobedo has tasted Broner’s power with a strong hook to the body and quickly moved away. Round 2 the 2 are not engaging but Broner is starting to come forward and starts to land power shots to the body. The feeling out processes is over as Broner is taking control of this fight at the end of round 2. Escobedo is trying pt he looks nervous of Broner’s power, every time he get close he gets a tasted of Broner’s power. Into Round 4 Adrien Broner in becoming more aggressive is backing up Vicente Escobedo with strong accurate jabs. As round 5 opens Broner looks to have had enough playing he’s walking down Escobedo, whose face is starting to show the effects of Adrien Broner. Escobedo’s corner has seen enough of Adrien Broner throwing unanswered punches. The official time of the stoppage was 2:42 of the 5th round declaring Adrien “The Problem” Broner the winner by TKO. And in true Adrien Broner he called his new girl friend into the ring and got down on 1 knee and had us all thinking the marriage proposal was coming but asked her if she’d bush his hair with laughter the young lady did and received a kiss from her new love Adrien Broner. On the other side you had to feel for Vicente Escobedo has he broke down in tears; explain he had spent so much time in camp training and leaving behind his wife with their new 6 week old daughter. With the bout now in the books; Adrien “The Problem” Broner 24 (KO 20) -0 -0 and Vicente Escobedo is left with a record of 26 (KO 15) -4 (KO 1) -0.

Any Adrien Broner fight is exciting to watch and he’s one of those rare boxer’s who can turn the switch on at anytime to end a fight. His 5th round boxing skills were put on display. It was a lopsided fight just has the under card, but Broner finished with amazing boxing skills.

This bout receives 3 ½ out of 5 stars.


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