Home Boxing News 2012 Olympic Boxing Fever Draws Near in London

2012 Olympic Boxing Fever Draws Near in London

2012 Olympic Boxing Fever Draws Near in London

On Friday July 27 2012 all the eyes of the world will turn to London, England as once again the Olympic touch will be lighted and burn bright till Sunday August 12 2012.

Even if you finish last in the first round of your chosen event, no one can ever take away from you the accomplishment that states “I competed in the Olympic Games”. Records will be broken, along with hearts! Will Usain “Lighting” Bolt remain the fastest man on the planet? How many more medals will American swimmer Michael Phelps wins this time, as Phelps is arguably the greatest Olympian to have competed!

But for us the fans of boxing will watch and cheer on those from our homelands, and the ones who will standout and head to the professional ranks and become the new wave of contenders. Boxing will have a new twist this time around, women’s boxing we be an official Olympic sport in 2012. The women will start off with 3 weight classes joining the 10 tradition weight classes. The women will represent the 3 following weight classes;

Flyweight (51kg)
Lightweight (60kg)
Middleweight (75kg)

You can follow all boxing male and female by following the following link;


You’ll still want to check your local listings as time zones will play an important factor in when you can watch a certain bout live or a replay.

No one is ever a lock to win a gold medal at the Olympic level; there is something that can bring out the best in an athlete when they make their countries Olympic team. Especially when it comes to the sport of boxing, the favored boxer usually finds the exit door quickly. Only a few gifted have entered as the favorite and accomplish the feat of bring home the gold. History has shown us time after time, new stars are born every 4 years! I’ve been through every single boxer that will compete in the 2012 games, and all I can say is we are on the verge of seeing some of the Olympic boxing ever and drama is going to be intense this go around. If I had 1 boxer to pick as a sure fired lock to win gold it would be lightweight Katie Taylor from Ireland. They call her “Million Dollar” Katie; she is just fresh off winning her 4th consecutive World title at the 2012 A.I.B.A. Women’s World Boxing Championships on May 19th 2012 held in Qinhuangdao, China. In my humble opinion the 26 year old Irish boxer just maybe the best P4P female boxer on the planet!
One thing is for certain all boxing fans are in for some of the best boxing ever at the Olympic Games in 2012. I encourage you if you’re a fan of the “Sweet Science” go to; http://www.ringnews24boxingforum.com and join the forum as you’ll be able to partake in some friendly boxing banter!

I dedicated this article to anyone who has put on a pair of gloves, even if you were like me and only trained. We will never forget that feeling!


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