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WBC United States Flyweight Champion, Daniel “El Alacran” Lozano Speaks Out

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); Boxing fans it’s an honor to have Daniel “El Alacran” Lozano on the phone with me today. Thank-you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today do you prefer I call you Mr. Lozano or Daniel? And could you explain what your nickname “El Alacran” means?

D.L.; Your welcome! Feel free to call me to call me Daniel, and “El Alacran” means the Scorpion. I’m a Scorpio so I used the nickname in my first fight and it sounded cool so I kept it!  (He didn’t have a ring name until after his 2nd fight)

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); at what age did you start boxing? And did anyone have an influence on you starting to box?

D.L.; I was 8 years old when I started boxing. There’s a funny story behind how I got into boxing! I was into playing baseball when I was 7, and during a game I got hit hard with the ball. And there was no way I was playing ball again. So my Dad didn’t want me running around the streets, so he got me into boxing. I didn’t like it at first but kept going.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); every boxer I’ve interviewed as told me there was a defining moment when they fell in love with the sport of boxing. When did that happen for you?

D.L.; I was 12 and our club started traveling to regional tournaments and then to the nationals. I was really taken by getting to that level I starting taking boxing very serious.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); which Boxing Club doing you train out of, and who is your trainer?

D.L.; I train at the Omega Boxing Club; my Dad has always been my trainer. We still even train in his backyard at his place. 

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); Daniel at the age of 22 you already hold the WBC United States flyweight title, and your 1 of the fastest growing stars in the professional boxing world, in the flyweight division you’re currently ranked #2 in the United States and #52 in the world. Has there here been a lot pressure placed on you? And do you have any interests or hobbies that you have to take your mind off boxing.

D.L.; No, I just train hard and talk with my Dad a lot. We have a close relationship. We both grew into boxing together

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); Daniel I’m not one of those robot writers who just wants to ask you standard questions. I enjoy researching the boxer I’m going to interview. It so happens I had you on my watch list since you won your title. I noticed you’ve fought at super flyweight and bantamweight. Do you feel most comfortable boxing in the flyweight division for now?

D.L.; Yes, I feel most comfortable at 112. But we’ve been working on getting me to gain more weight. So I’m feeling and looking bigger.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); with a record of 11-0, and 8 of those wins coming by way of knockout gives you an incredible 72.73% knockout rate in only 34 rounds boxed. That tells me you’re an aggressive boxer who knows who to finish an opponent. How would you best describe yourself as a boxer?

D.L.; I’m an all around boxer, I like boxing on the inside. But I fight at a face pace (Fast Pace) and take control of the fight right from the opening bell. I throw on average 90 to100 punches per round; that my fast pace style and not many boxers can fight at that pace.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); which stance feels most comfortable for you to boxing out of?

D.L.; I feel most comfortable boxing out of the orthodox stance, but I’ll switch to southpaw to give my opponent a different look and let him feel me from a different direction.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); you last fought on February 10th 2012 against Manuel Galavis, who you knocked out in the 1st round with shots to the body, and by the way I love boxers who don’t ignore the body. It speaks volumes of how a boxer has been trained and where their headed. Your last two bouts have been scheduled for 8 rounds, any talks taking place of you taking a couple of 10 round bouts before moving up to 12 round bouts?

D.L.; I’m always training for 12 rounds, so it’s not an issue.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); anyone you’d like to step into the ring with next, or are you the type of boxer you’ll take on anyone who is put in front of you?

D.L.; I’ll box anyone, as long as the contract is lucrative!

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); a lot of people in the boxing community are working hard to clean up the sport, I’m one those people, with getting rid of performance enhancing drug through programs like the VADA and certain high ranked boxers ducking other boxers. Daniel do you have any comments on anyone of those issues were all seeing in professional boxing today?

D.L.; Yes everything needs to be cleaned up, everything from hand wraps to drugs. Were all men and were here to box, that’s what we should be doing every outing!

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); There you go boxing fan we’ve introduced you to “El Alacran” Lozano the current WBC United States flyweight title who as a 11-0 record with 8 knockouts. If you’ve yet to see Daniel Lozano box, you’re missing something very special!  Daniel at the young age of 22 you process tremendous skills where do you see yourself headed in the future?

D.L.; I like to win a world championship at each weight class I grow into, just like the great boxers who came before me.

R.A.M. (ringnew24.com); I’d like to thank-you for speaking me today, you’re a great you man who has a bright future in boxing. Last question before I let you go, and this is the best part. Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

D.L.; My Dad, the fans, Anthony Hopkins CEO of Fight Twisted, and Mickey Dubberly CEO of KO Dynasty.

Daniel “El Alacran” Lozano is a fine young man and is going to turn into a great ambassador for the sport of professional boxing.

You can follow him on Twitter at; @Alacran89Lozano


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