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Darley Perez vs Bahodir Mamadjonov: Whos 0 will go?

On the 10th of this month in Cabazon, California in a ten-round math-up, two relatively young, undefeated fighters aim to continue their streaks and make their way to the pinnacle of the game. Firstly there is the 28 year-old Darley Perez from Colombia who boasts a record of 23-0. He faces up against the 25 year-old Uzbek Bahodir Mamadjonov (11-0) who is based in Houston, Texas and to is hoping to knock the potential out of the promising Perez in order gain his own sense of notability.

Perez already has come onto the radar of some fans as a guy who may be able to occupy the upper-tier of the sport. He is a very fan friendly fighter who follows the philosophy that a points decision is only wanted in the event that the two fighters could not stop each other in the duration of the fight. He lives by this and up to now quite successfully as he has a great KO percentage with 19 of his bouts being stopped inside the distance. His power is impressive for a guy his size but taking a step up to 140lb might take this edge away from him, or at least maybe diminish slightly the edge that he has in terms of power.

In the minors Perez has had some success, winning both the interim WBO Latino world title and the WBA Fedalatin title. This is all well and good but now it is time for him to close in on the top ten and try and fight his way to a mandatory position. I say this because I struggle to see that the title holders will voluntarily choose Perez out of their options considering the power he has in both hands.

Mamadjonov is another fighter whose success has to this date been due to his power, of his 11 win seven of which have come by stoppage. He is also appearing to make his way up the rankings despite not being quite as far along as Perez. He has moved quicker than Perez however in the eleven fights he has had, demonstrated by the fact that he I fighting Perez at this stage alongside the experienced journeymen he has already got on his resume. A win against a young, hungry challenger is exactly what he needs to get the fast track to the top he aims for. The only hiccup he has had on his career was the SD victory against the ageing yet skilful Michael Clarke, a bout in which the Uzbek struggled throughout but shown character in getting through with the W.

To conclude, I do give a reasonable edge to Perez in this fight due to his skill, I think both have the necessary power to knock the other out I just see Perez to be the more elusive and experienced of the two and is more capable of landing his power shots. I think it won’t be too easy for him and it will be took into the later rounds however, but when and if it does happen expect Perez to be winning majority of the rounds.


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