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Fight Report: ESPN Friday Night Fight August 10th, 2012

ESPN Friday Night Fight’s
Live From
Morongo Casino Resort & Spa
Cadazon, Ca, U.S.A
August 10, 2012

Thank goodness for ESPN Friday Night Fight’s on a weekend where there isn’t a lot of professional boxing action around the globe. But true boxing fans can’t complain too much as tomorrow the Olympic Games will showcase the best amateur men in boxing as the Gold medals will be decided in all 8 weight classes. If professional boxing can learn anything tomorrow it’s that  professional boxing has too many weight classes. And let’s tip our hats to all the women who competed in the 3 weight classes at Olympic Games in 2012 for the 1st time in history of the modern Olympics, all it can do is grow for here. And I’m one who hopes the idea of letting professional boxers compete the next time around.

Back too Friday Night Fight’s will see 2 10 round  co-main events with some young boxers who will step into the ring to stay on the road to promise of one day boxing for a world title. The first 10 rounder in the super bantamweight division will have Dominican Republic native, who now makes his home in Miami, Florida,  Yenifel Vincente put his undefeated record on the line against Chris “the Hitman” Avalos who only has 2 losses on his record, 1 0f those losses came in his last fight against Jhonatan Romero in a close Split Decision loss last December. Then in the 2nd 10 rounder in the lightweight division will have 2 undefeated boxers step-in the ring has Uzbekistan native, who now lives in Houston, Texas  Bahodir Mamadjonov take on Colombian boxer Darley Perez. Both are undefeated but Perez has 25 bouts compared to the 11 Mamadjonov brings into the ring tonight.

These bouts were not televised but ringnews24.com is pleased to bring you the results;

Jonathan “El Depredador” Maicelo 17 (KO 10) -0 -0 vs. Wilfredo “El Zurdo” Acuna 14 (KO 11) -11 (KO 5) -0
6 rounds in the light welterweight division.

Jonathan Maicelo is declared the winner by Unanimous Decision. Jonathan “El Depredador” Maicelo improves his record to 18 (KO 10) -0 -0 and Wilfredo “El Zurdo” Acuna drops to 14 (KO 11) -12 (KO 5) -0

Glenn “The Rock” Porras 27 (KO 17) -3 (KO 1) -0 vs. Jose “Cacho” Silveira 14 (KO 6) -7 (KO 2) -0
8 rounds in the super bantamweight division.

Glenn Porras is declared the winner by Unanimous Decision. Glenn “The Rock” Porras improves to 28 (KO 17) -3 (KO 1) -0 and Jose “Cacho” Silveira record falls to 14 (KO 6) -8 (KO 2) -0

These bouts were televised;

Chris “the Hitman” Avalos 19 (KO 15) -2 -0 vs. Yenifel Vincente 23 (KO 15) -0 -2
10 rounds in the super bantamweight division.

Both fighter have made their way into the ring and have been given their final instructions, return to their corners and wait for the opening bell.
Even with both fighters feeling out each other Avalos has been showing to be more aggressive who the two. Chris Avalos has established his left jab and now is work on putting something behind it. Vincente has been holding his hands down and it gives Avalos a home for his power punches which he like his right. Through 4 we haven’t seen too much from Yenifel Vincente. As Chris Avalos has been able to put all his punches together, now that left jab followed by the right are starting to turn into combinations. Vincente has had his moments landing counters with his right, but he needs to get more inside. To open the 5th Chris Avalos is aggressive he drops Yenifel Vincente 30 seconds into the round with a short left upper cut, Vincente made the count and even with glazed eyes he fired back but it was Avalos round clearly but he seemed to back off on Vincente. Rounds 6 to 9 have been a boxing clinic by Avalos and Yenifel Vincente has made it easy for Chris Avalos by holding those hands low! We head into the 10th and final round; Yenifel Vincente going to need a knockout as this fight has belonged to Chris Avalos, the only thing Avalos could be criticized for is letting Vincente. Yenifel Vincente found his heart out but it was not enough as Chris “the Hitman” Avalos is given the Unanimous Decision by the judges. Yenifel Vincente was handed his first defeat his record falls to 23 (KO 15) -1 -2. And with his Unanimous Decision win Chris “the Hitman” Avalos improves to 20 (KO 15) -2 -0.
Vincente made this fight interesting and Chris Avalos boxing skills earns this fight 3 ½ out of 5 stars. And earns my fight of the night award.

Darley Perez 25 (KO 19) -0 -0 vs. Bahodir Mamadjonov 11 (KO 7) -0 -0
10 rounds in the lightweight division.

These 2 boxers meet in the middle of the ring to get their final instructions but I don’t think they heard a word the referee heard as that was an ice cold stares down. Both wait in their corners continuing the stare down well waiting for the opening bell. You can feel the tension in the air as you know someone is going to lose their 0 tonight. Mamadjonov has never had a 10 round bout before, so advantage is in Perez’s favor. Very cautious opening as both are respectful of each other’s power. Mamadjonov has used his left jab to touch Perez’s body. Perez looks very comfortable ready to let his right power hand go anytime. Into the 2nd Perez looks very study but Mamadjonov has when on the attack with 25 seconds left by hurting Perez with a solid over hand left. Perez looks to be a bit more a wake in the 3rd, Bahodir Mamadjonov is like a snake charmer luring Perez into catching him with his left at will. Perez is working his left jab more looking to follow it with a solid right. Mamadjonov is giving Perez fits with his angles and circling to the left. Very slow and tactical bout heading into the 5th round. Bahodir Mamadjonov has amazing foot speed which is giving Darley Perez fits of frustration, he can’t stay close enough to land a clean punch. What a beautiful tactical bout into round 6, and final Perez lands a clean punch a minute in it did no damage but showed Darley Perez can get close enough to catch Mamadjonov. Round 7 may have been a turning point in the bout as Perez is slowly taken over even landing a 3 punch combination. The 8th round was back to being very cautious till Darley Perez floored Bahodir Mamadjonov with a powerful right uppercut at the 1:30 mark, Mamadjonov bounced right back up and finished the round. Round 9 as seen very like for both boxers, Perez was able to land a 2 punch combination and Mamadjonov did counter a few times. And it has been a very cautious 10th round and there’s the bell. This bout will be decided by the judges and tonight it’s a good not to be a boxing judge. And the cards are in and your winner by Split Decision is Darley Perez! Bahodir Mamadjonov takes his first defeat and his record is now at 11 (KO 7) -1 -0 and Darley Perez remains undefeated and now has a record of 26 (KO 19) -0 -0. As tactical an bout this was it a lackluster outing by both boxers and earns 2 out of 5 stars.


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