Home Boxing News Middleweight unification 1: Geale beats Sturm

Middleweight unification 1: Geale beats Sturm

Middleweight unification 1: Geale beats Sturm

Longtime WBA (super) Middleweight champ Felix Sturm (37-3-2) lost his 8-year undefeated streak to the Australian IBF champ and now unified titlist Daniel Geale (28-1). This was competitive and close fight throughout as I personally was unsure of who would get the decision following the final bell.

We did see the two fighter’s conventional styles on show during this bout and it was interesting to see how they would correspond with each other, Firstly Sturm ensured that he established his great jab early on and despite losing hold of it in the last few rounds he worked of it throughout the majority of the fight.

He also was very effective in landing counters and looked efficient with his counters. He tried and succeeded in not wasting energy as always. One element of Sturm’s style which I really like about him is his controlled, balanced nature. He rarely appears shaken or off-guard.

Geale on the other hand offered the same style he has brought to many of his prior bouts that which posses a wide, planted stance which plods forward and aims to win through attrition. He throughout the fight threw the most volume and did gain the advantage practically every round in the area of aggression, this came in the form of constantly pushing Sturm back on to the ropes.

Although it was clear that the vast majority of Geale’s combinations were innocuous and either were evaded through movement or blocking, he did get through consistently enough for it to make a mark of the scorecards. The fact that Sturm was not adaptive as he usually would be, failing to alter his slow-paced, drowning style and lead off more worked to Geale’s favour.

To conclude, I personally scored the bout marginally in Sturm’s favour. However, practically almost half the rounds could have gone either way and many rounds had little in them. I do not see this as an unfair decision as it is based on one’s interpretation. Moving forward from this I would not be surprised if asn immediate rematch is called.


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