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Frustrating search for an opponent comes to end as Iain Butcher takes on Bulgarian on Oct

With 4 fights under his belt, Jerviston’s Iain Butcher is looking to go 5 wins clear on the 6th October at Rivals Gym,Wishaw. The contest also sees Butcher making his first scheduled fight over 8 rounds ,however finding an opponent had been slightly tougher than expected but after a lot of searching Bulgarian Galin Paunov has taken up the challenge

“Like before, I had really struggled to find an opponent for Iain” declared Prospect’s Paul Graham. “We have made good and well paid offers to a the top flyweights and super flyweights in the UK and unfortunately they are not interested in coming to fight. I don’t know if its the fact were offering the fight over 8 rounds, or just the fact they don’t want to fight my guy”

With the series of no answers, Graham had to stretch the net a bit wider to secure an opponent ” I previously brought over Richard Voros over for (Iain) Butcher ,so I am not afraid to bring people over from Europe for the fight however this time I want to bring someone who is going to give Butcher a hard competitive fight and Galin Paunov has vowed to do that. He has had five fights and has promised to give Butcher the hardest fight of his career”

While his promoter speculated as to why it was hard finding an opponent for Butcher, the fighter thinks he knows why “Paul has had trouble getting someone to fight me, because they see me as a danger to them and they don’t want to risk a loss on their records. If I win this, and keep winning I believe it puts my in title contention next year”

The flyweight then explains, that while the opponent has been sorted, he is not having to alter his training too much for his first the October 6th fight “This is my first 8 rounder so it is a step up for me, but in training before I have previously done 8 rounds sparring “. He adds” I have already stared bits of sparring and started doing 6 rounds straight away rather then 4 so were going to build it up with the usual strength and conditioning.”

Prospect Boxing are pleased to confirm their next show “The Specials” on Sat October 6th 2012 at Rivals Gym, Wishaw. In action will be Iain Butcher,Kris”Badger” Hughes,Mark Parvin,Rhys Pagan and Ryan Scott.

Tickets are priced £30 and are available from the fighters themselves or by calling 01698 338888. Further information is available fromwww.prospectboxing.com, or on Twitter @ProspectBoxing and on www.facebook.com/ProspectBoxing


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