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Little determined not to let injury niggles get him down

ADAM LITTLE isn’t letting a niggling injury distract him from his goal of winning his first professional title before the end of the year.

The Ricky Hatton-trained welterweight prospect was due to box in Blackpool this evening (June 7) but decided to pull out so that he can spent some more time getting his hand right after surgery.
He could potentially be back in action before the end of the summer and hopes to move quickly on to championship fights before 2013 ends.
“I want to regroup, get everything right and then show people what I can really do with both hands,” Little, 22, said.
“Every fighter wants titles and I’m no different. I did well as an amateur and won numerous titles and I don’t see any reason why I can’t do that as a pro, starting with a small title this year.
“In my last four fights I’ve been boxing with a broken hand and I’ve had to have injections before getting in the ring. I’ve only been 60 per cent of my normal self because of it so people have not seen the best of me.”
Despite his layoff, Adam says he is keen to mix it with the best 10st 7lbs boxers in the country straight away.
“I just want to be in meaningful fights now,” he said. “I didn’t want to fight journeymen when I first turned pro and I don’t now. I accepted it was part of the game and you’ve got to learn. I’m not interested in that anymore.
“I want to fight people winning records who are coming to try and win. I’ll shine when I fight those kinds of boxers.
“I’m looking forward to being in the trenches with someone on my chest throwing non-stop punches because I know I can block those shots and come back with something better.”
He added: “Ricky knows the potential I’ve got and we’ll go through a plan and strategy for how I can take over the division.”