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Wegner and Huck visit correctional facility in Neuruppin

Ulli Wegner and Marco Huck took a brief time out from their current training camp in Neuruppin and attended a meeting with prisoners at the penal institution Tegel in Berlin, Germany. The differences between the WBO Champion and the captives could not be bigger: whereas Huck can enjoy life due to his success as a professional boxer, the prisoners are frustrated as well as bored. As an invitation loomed to get into contact with the inmates, Huck and Wegner did not hesitate to stop by, telling stories about their lives to give them a temporal change.

Especially Wegner has seen a lot being 71 years of age. Therefore, he knows that sometimes there is just a small detail that determines if somebody lands in jail or comes to grips with his life. Marco Huck could have been such a person, as the coach quotes from his autobiography. Therein, Wegner retells the story of his first meeting with the current cruiserweight titlist. “In 2004 he knocked at the door of our gym, which was located in Cologne back then,” Wegner still knows. Huck chimes in: “I was just 19 at that time. I said who I am and added that I want to become a world champion.” What followed was a sparring session with former heavyweight contender Cengiz Koc and a few weeks later Huck got his first contract as a professional fighter.

“Looking back, getting to know and working with Mr. Wegner is the best thing that has happened to me. He made me not only a world champion but also a wealthy man. It does not bear contemplating what could have happened if he would have rejected me.”

Afterwards, Wegner and Huck stood by for autographs and pictures.