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Chad Gaynor seeks revenge against Glen Foot Revenge

There’s one future fight that stands out more than others for Rotherham’s Chad Gaynor. The Yorkshire prospect, who has a glowing reputation in his thriving region, extended his ledger to 14-1(7) last week with a hard-earned victory over Krzysztof Szot. Instantaneously, social network users requested an immediate showdown with Gaynor’s sole conqueror to date, Sunderland’s Glen Foot, and that is a score that the Coldwell Boxing youngster is desperate to settle.

“It’s a fight that I want because every fighter out there wants to avenge defeats and I’m no different,” explained Gaynor. “Our Prizefighter meeting was a great little fight and it’s one that’s still getting talked about months later because people know that the fight would be even better over a longer distance. Over three rounds, Glenn was the better man on the night but if you put us in a ten round fight with maybe a title on the line then I think you’ll see a different outcome. I’m desperate for the fight and I hope it’s something that can be made in the near future.”

After completing his first scheduled eight-rounder against the durable Pole last time out, Gaynor proved he had the stomach for combat after he coped with some telling blows in the fight’s final quarter. Such experience is vital for any boxer’s education and Gaynor now believes he’s at the stage where he can push on to the next level and compete for titles against the leading names in the talent-laden welterweight division.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to move on now and I think Dave [Coldwell] is aware of that and he’s looking to get me to the next level. I’ve served my apprenticeship and there are big fights out there for me so now it’s up to me to prove that I belong to be there. I’ve sparred top lads pretty much all my career and I’ve always given them plenty to think about but the time has come for me to make it happen in proper fights now. If that means going in with Glenn Foot again then so be it because they’re the fights that I need so I can show people exactly how good I am.”