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Tevin Farmer vs Carlos Vinan live stream

Tonight, LIVE around the WORLD on GFL.tv at 7pm EST, Anthony Cacace (8-0) & Tyrone McKenna (2-0) of “Green Blood” boxing will be fighting in separate bouts. Both men were Belfast bred but relocated to Philadelphia, PA to further their respective careers under the guidance of manager Tom Moran (Green Blood boxing).

Anthony Cacace (8-0) will be fighting for only the 2nd time in the US. He built a 7-0 record in the UK & Ireland before coming to America with fellow boxer Ray McGinley. Between McGinley making the move, linking up with manager Tom Moran & the ability to further his career inspired the change for Cacace. “For me it was because lack of anything happening back home. Boxing over here is a lot better than boxing back home. I am trying to move my career on. There was more to it the move to Philly. I had worked at home with McGinley who was working with Tom Moran so I decided to tag along,” explained Cacace.

Cacace will be facing journey Josh Beeman (5-14-4) in a 6 round special attraction. An impressive win in front of a worldwide audience on GFL.tv will be a good way to close out 2013 while opening doors for Cacace in 2014. Cacace, who is looking to stay active as possible in 2014, laid out his blueprint. “The plans are to come straight back out here and get as many fights as I can out here. I was already Irish champ out there and the only thing else is the British titles but there is a lot of politics out there in Britain.”

Cacece knows a good showing tonight on GFL.tv is important since he is trying to build a fan base both in the UK and in the US. Like his fans and team, Anthony expects victory tonight. “I expect a win myself especially if I box the guy. I like to switch up a lot from southpaw to orthodox. I don’t know who to compare myself to I am unique,” said Cacace.

Tyrone McKenna (2-0), unlike his stablemate Anthony Cacace, has only fought in the United States. He fought once in 2012 & once in 2013, but plans to change that around in 2014 becoming much more active. He also plans to build a larger fan base in the UK as well as the US in 2014 with the help of his manager Tom Moran keeping him busy. “Tom Moran wants me to build a reputation in each place. Hopefully next year I will be fighting quite a lot. Hopefully every 5-6 weeks or maybe even every month over here. To build my reputation over there I will probably be fighting 2-3 times a year in Belfast or England but the rest I will be fighting over here to build my reputation.

McKenna will be facing Jefferey Combs (2-10) tonight on GFL.tv but plans to progress opponent wise after that. “Right now I am fighting this kind of guy (2-10) but in the future I am going to progressing and progressing each fight. I won’t be fighting some bum but I will be fighting tougher opposition as we go. If you keep fighting bums you are going to think you are some champion since you are winning all of these fights early. That is going to cause you to get a big head and when you get tested later you won’t know what to do.”

A win here could also open a lot of doors for the young McKenna since fans from all over the world will have their eyes on him so he plans to impress while showing off the new techniques he learned this camp. “I have been working on new stuff with Bozee so i will be looking to give a boxing lesson. In my last fight i was kind of scrappy trying to knock the guy out so i will be more composed and show I have learned a lot in the past months. Hopefully i land the big shots and get this guy out of there early. I have been learning combinations and such so I hope it shows in the fight.

With both you Irish fighters looking top make a splash on this side of the pond you can expect FIREWORKS so make sure to tune into GFL.tv at 7pm EST LIVE from any where in the WORLD!

Tonight, December 11th, Kasim Ouma will take on Rahman Yousubov (9-12) over the course of 6 rounds in his return to boxing & the Jr. Middleweight division. In the Main event Tevin “American Idol” Farmer will fight for the 7th time in 2013 against battle tested veteran Carlos Vinan (10-11-5). Undefeated Heavyweights Anthony “Jucie” Young (9-0) & Dorsett Barnwell (10-0) will see action also in separate bouts plus much more. Also on the card, “Green Blood” fighters Anthony Cacace & Tyrone McKenna will fight in separate bouts.

The “Irish Fight Party” will be LIVE at 7pm EST from one of the oldest Boxing venues in the Lehigh Valley, the EconoLodge and Conference Center in Allentown, PA. The incredible night of boxing action will be broadcasting LIVE around the WORLD on GFL.tv!

Tickets are on sale now at The EnconoLodge & Conference Center on Route 309 & Route 22 in Allentown, PA or by calling Jay Newman of VIP Fighting events at 610-392-3482. Prices are:

$20 for General Admission
$35 for Seating
$50 for VIP Ringside seats

For those who can’t be in attendance can watch the entire event, from start to finish, LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD on GFL.tv. Order the event once & re watch it for LIFE on GFL OnDemand! Click the link below for more info: