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Vincent Miranda Challenges Sean Monaghan

28-year-old light heavyweight hopeful Vincent Miranda is tired of the hype surrounding “Irish” Sean Monaghan.

Monaghan, a massive draw in New York City, signed with Top Rank last summer and was subsequently featured on two major fight cards. The 32-year-old Long Beach resident holds the WBC Continental Americas championship and is rated by three of the major sanctioning organizations. At 20-0 with 13 wins by knockout, he’s shown steady improvements but has elite matchmakers guiding him along the way. 

Miranda on the other hand isn’t afforded the same luxuries. Without the backing of a major promoter, the Albany, NY based Puerto Rican’s taken fights wherever he can. Dubbed as “The People’s Champ”, Miranda’s fought in Florida, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and New York State. Since his lone setback, Miranda, 16-1 (9 KO’s), won six consecutive bouts, five of which came by knockout.  In his last two bouts, he impressively defeated longtime contenders David Telesco and Brian Barbosa. Unfortunately, the popular Puerto Rican’s been inactive since outpointing Barbosa last April.

“It’s been frustrating to say the least,” stated Miranda. “I have a good fan base in the Albany area so it’s not like I bring nothing to the table. For whatever reason, I’m still not landing the kind of fights I was hoping for at this point.”

What bothers him even more are the opportunities other fighters who he believes are of lesser ability received while he’s still looking for the next opportunity. Rather than just complain over his frustrations, Miranda has a better solution; fight those who he believes are taking the spotlight away from him.

“Sean Monaghan is the guy I want as much as anybody right now! I’ll admit he’s improved but he’s still not that good. I’ve challenged him before and his team turned it down because they know the type of fighter I am and they don’t want to get him knocked off before he gets to a title. This is the fight game not a track meet, so stop running from me. I have no problem facing you in Madison Square Garden or anywhere else Top Rank does shows.”

Miranda also understands that challenging Monaghan doesn’t guarantee him anything major financially.

“This isn’t about the money this is for the opportunity. A lot of guys in boxing call out the Floyd Mayweather’s and Manny Pacquiao’s of the world just because they’re looking to get paid. The difference is I really want to fight this guy and understand what this match is worth at this point. I’ know what I can do in the ring and built up fighters like Monaghan are taking away opportunities from guys like me that don’t need to be spoon-fed into the world rankings. If Sean and Team Monaghan are confident they can beat me, then send a contract and let’s get it on!

Fans can interact with Vincent at facebook.com/vincent.miranda.94.