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Kirk Goodings aiming to defeat local rival and win new fans

Ringnews24.com: You have a fight coming up against  Gary Fox. How did that fight come about and which other boxers were you looking at?

It was my management team who chose this fight, as Gary is a good and dangerous opponent. Beating another local lad in Gary would gain me more fans in the Northeast which will be better for fighting on bigger shows.

Ringnews24.com: Who is your current trainer and where do you train?

My current trainer is Sean Casey, we train out of BO’s Boxing Gym down in the East End and my strength coach is Barry Gibson (GrappleFit) where we train at Carly Hill.

Ringnews24.com: You are currently in the middle of a training camp to prepare for Fox, could you tell us a little about your camp?

My training camp is going really well. Ready and raring to go, that’s all I can say on this subject really (laughs.) Without giving too much away, this training camp I’ve studied my last fight against Paul Truscott and have worked on my mistakes I was making.

Ringnews24.com: Have you seen much footage of Fox and what do you think of him as a fighter?

I’ve seen Gary fight on a few occasions with us boxing on the same shows and he poses new and different threats to what Paul Truscott did. Gary is strong we’ve sparred together so we both know a little about each other.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a prediction of how the fight will end?

I don’t have a prediction but if I stick to my game plan then I’ll be too much for him.

Ringnews24.com: You are fighting on March 7th , at the Rainton Meadows Arena, have you visited the venue before?
The fight is at the Rainton Meadows a great venue where I’ve fought three or four times now.

Ringnews24.com Who is going to be in your corner on the night? And what do they bring to Team Goodings?

Sean Casey will be in my corner and a cut man just as a precaution.

Ringnews24.com: How can fans watch the fight? Is the fight on TV and what channel?

Unfortunately the fight won’t be on TV, which is a shame because it will be very entertaining, but you can buy tickets still for the show just ring Kirk on 07899701490
Ringnews24.com: After your victory are there any fighters that you would like to call out?

After the fight providing everything is ok, no cuts etc. I’ll leave it up to my team to decide my next move. I don’t get into the game of calling people out as what’s meant to happen will happen.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a message for the fans?
I’d just like to thank the fans who give their hard earned money to buy tickets that make these fights and shows possible.

I’d like to thank David Allan (Alldec Northern LTD) always a great help in making my dream possible. I’d also like to thank Glenn English (MCPS LTD), Ian Campbell (Lonsdale) and Andrew Thoburn (Fruit and Veg).

Ringnews24.com: Thanks for doing an interview with Ringnews24, we wish you all the best on the night.

Thank you for this interview, much appreciated Kirk Goodings.