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Ainsley Seivwright enjoying his boxing, and is ready for that first title

Midlands prospect, Ainsley Seivwright, is looking forward to his first title outing, just four fights into his fledgling career. The 24 year old lightweight pugilist will take on Newark’s Adam Kettleborough this Saturday at the North Kesteven Centre in Lincolnshire for the Notts fighters International Masters Bronze Lightweight strap.

Seivwright though has issued warnings to Kettleborough as the weigh-in and fight slowly rises on the horizon. ‘Super’ Seivwright has a troubled past, and a one he has put behind him courtesy of Mark Wall and the Prospects Boxing Academy in Birmingham.

“Mark used to call me ‘Bob Marley’s right hand man;” jested Seivwright.

But come Saturday they hope the joke will be on the current champion, more so as he seems a little focussed on a rematch with Seivwright’s stable mate, Michael Mooney. All that hasn’t fazed the Seivwright camp though, more spurred them on.

And, with the Brum fighter’s troubled past on the streets being alluded to, they believe there will only be one outcome on the night.

Seivwright said: “We had a feeling in our camp about that.

“Kettleborough can think all he wants about a rematch with Mooney and I hope that is on his mind because it’ll mean he is for a shock when facing me. Why? Because I can hit just as hard as Michael can and look what happened the last time they fought.

“I’ve quite literally come from the streets and turned my life around and because of Mark’s hard work and vision then it really has helped a lot.”

With a packed gym in Birmingham then Seivwright has a lot of experience to call upon as he readies for what is already the biggest fight of his fledgling career. Only turning professional in June last year, defeating the tricky Latvian Pavels Senkovs, this orthodox lightweight is enjoying his new lease of life and what is, quite literally “a dream come true.”

“I’m enjoying the hype and looking forward to it all,” continued Seivwright.

“Fighting on Saturday can’t come soon enough and with the weigh-in on Friday will be interesting that’s for sure. What I can say, here and now, is that Seivwright is coming home with the belt.

“I don’t really have anything to lose when I appear on Saturday night. I do however have something to gain, and that’s Kettleborough’s title. I’m well aware that I am going in there as the underdog and I’m fine with that, it takes the onus off me.

“After losing to Jones this scenario kind of benefits me more as I am going there to win. As for Kettleborough, his experience edge means nothing because where I’m from it meant nothing there.”

Ainsley Seivwright challenges Adam Kettleborough for the International Masters Bronze Lightweight strap on Carl Greaves Promotions ‘The Next Generation’ card at the North Kesteven Centre on the night of Saturday 1st March.