Home Boxing News Jamie Robinson is looking to put things right after his December setback

Jamie Robinson is looking to put things right after his December setback

Ringnews24.com: You have a fight coming up against Fergus Taylor. How did that fight come about and which other boxers were you looking at?
I told my manager Mike Shinfield I wanted a step up in rounds to either a 6 or 8 x 3-minute rounds as 4 x 3-minute rounds was too quick and fitness is a big part of my boxing.

Ringnews24.com: Who is your current trainer and where do you train?
My trainers are Grant Smith and Lee Jenkins. I train at the Steel City Gym in Sheffield and a private gym in Calow, Chesterfield.

Ringnews24.com: What has been the best piece of boxing advice you have received in your career?
I take one fight at a time and don’t look past any opponent (every dog has its day).
Ringnews24.com: You are currently in the middle of training; could you tell us a little about your camp?
I train three times-a-day six-days-a-week: 6:00am run, 11-1 gym and 6-8pm boxing gym.

Ringnews24.com: How is your training going and how would you compare it to previous camps?
Every boxer says the same, but this training camp I have been more determined and hungry after a little set back in December. I feel in the best shape of my professional career so far and I have improved a lot.

Ringnews24.com: Who have you been sparring in preparation for Taylor?
I would like to keep that behind closed doors but some very good sparring has been done.

Ringnews24.com: Have you seen much footage of Taylor and what do you think of him as a fighter?
I’ve seen bits but I leave that down to my trainers because that is their job – to worry about these things and work out game plans.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a prediction of how the fight will end?
I’m going for the points but if the stoppage is there I’ll take it.

Ringnews24.com Who is going to be in your corner on the night and what do they bring to Team Robinson?
Grant Smith and Lee Jenkins (Coaches), Jason Shinfield (cut man) Mike Shinfield (Manager).

Ringnews24.com: How can fans watch the fight – is it on TV?
I haven’t got a clue, but hopefully it will be on YouTube.

Ringnews24.com: After your victory, are there any fighters that you would like to call out?
I’m not one of them boxers that call out people. I leave it down to my manager to sort out my fights;  I’ll fight anybody my manager tells me to.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a message for the fans?
I’d like to say a massive thanks to all my supporters and all the people who have stuck by me after a little setback in December; words cant describe how much I appreciate the support,

Ringnews24.com: Thanks for talking to Ringnews24, we wish you all the best on the night.
Thanks a lot