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Graham Fearn looking to bow out from boxing with one more win in his final season

Ringnews24.com: You have a fight coming up against Robbie Barrett. How did that fight come about and which other boxers were you looking at?

The bout with Robbie Barrett was supposed to happen sometime ago on a Stefy Bull show; the first time I pulled out with injury, the second time Robbie pulled out with injury, so hopefully third-time lucky it will happen this Saturday. I don’t have to look at other boxers due to being on the road and I’m always booked out to box.

Ringnews24.com: Who is your current trainer and where do you train?

I’m trained and managed by my life long friend Glen Banks. We are based in York with two other pros – Harry Matthews and Dean Croft.

Ringnews24.com: What’s the best piece of boxing advice you’ve received in your career?

The best piece of advice in my career is to always train hard and stay safe by being matched with the right opponents.

Ringnews24.com: You are currently in the middle of training for Barrett; could you tell us a little about your camp?

With me being on the road travelling and excepting matches I stay in the gym all the time, so I don’t really have training camps I’m fit all year round. We do all the usual stuff: bags, pads, in-house sparring circuits, long runs…

Ringnews24.com: How is your training going and how would you compare it to previous camps?

Training must have gone well because I only boxed last Friday in Southport and I felt good.

Ringnews24.com: Who have you been sparring?

I’ve been sparring Dean Croft, who is a welter/light-middle, so the extra weight has been good preparation for my fight. I box regularly so I don’t really have to spar loads.

Ringnews24.com: Have you seen much footage of Barrett and what do you think of him as a fighter?

I’ve watched Robbie on Youtube and think he is a tidy boxer but nothing I haven’t seen before in my career. I respect all pro boxers at any level, from debutants to guys with losing records.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a prediction for how the fight will end?

I don’t get stopped much (check my record) so I see either a points win for me or maybe him. The fight will probably go the distance as I’ve only ever stopped by the very best i.e. Frankie Gavin.

Ringnews24.com Who is going to be in your corner on the night and what do they bring to Team Fearn?

Glen Banks will be in my corner on the night and I trust him with my life.

Ringnews24.com: How can fans watch the fight – is it on TV?

I’m not sure if Stefy Bull has any TV or streaming sites to show the fight.

Ringnews24.com: After your victory, are there any fighters that you would like to call out?

I don’t usually call out any fighters, but I think I won my bout against Paul Frost last season and he promised me a rematch but I haven’t heard anything from him. I lost by a single point and I slipped on an advertising board in one of the rounds, for which the ref gave me a count.

Ringnews24.com: Do you have a message for the fans?

This is for the boxing fans; it’s my last season and I’m hungry for one more win before I bow out. I’m gonna be dangerous if cornered [laughs].

Ringnews24.com: Thanks for talking to Ringnews24, we wish you all the best on the night.

Thank you.