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London MBC Sanctioned Event A Huge Success

Whilst regularly sanctioning professional boxing events in the Islands of Malta, the March 1st event was the first to be sanctioned by the Malta Boxing Commission in the United Kingdom.

The feedback received by the Malta Boxing Commission has been extremely positive, with many from within the boxing world not just congratulating the MBC for their slick and professional organisation of the event, but also a number of British boxers, officials and promoters have approached the MBC for licensing and the sanctioning of events.

Speaking earlier today Mr. Di Caro spoke briefly about the WARZONE event as well as the Malta Boxing Commission’s plans to sanction further professional boxing events within the United Kingdom.

“Firstly I must send out my best wishes to promoter Dave Murphy and his lovely wife Sandy, unfortunately they were forced to miss the event, as Sandy lay in critical condition in hospital, quite rightly Dave elected to be by his beloved wife’s bedside.

The news at this moment in time is looking slightly brighter for Sandy, I have been informed that she is now making some progress, although she is still on life support
As such I would like to send best wishes to Sandy from all of us at the Malta Boxing Commission, we all hope she gets well soon, I also know that the boxers and officials involved in the event last week also wish Sandy a speedy recovery.

No one can deny the event was exceptional, Dave had put together an excellent evenly matched eleven card show, it was a true pleasure for the Malta Boxing Commission to sanction such a quality event.

I am truly humbled by the messages of congratulations, on Facebook, Twitter and by phone, we received for the first class work by our officials involved in the sanctioning the event.

I have nothing but praise for the officials from both the Malta Boxing Commission and the World Boxing Union, each undertook their duties perfectly, as well as assisted where they could with other aspects of the event, in the absence of Dave and Sandy.

I am also very pleased to say that since the event we have been receiving calls and applications for licenses from British based boxers, officials and most pleasing a number of promoters.

Already this past week we have licensed an outstanding internationally acclaimed amateur boxer, who hopefully will be pro debuting very soon, two promoters and a referee.

We have also secured three additional events for sanctioning by ourselves, the first in May, which will take place in Birmingham, the second will be in Leeds and the third takes place in Blackpool in September.

In addition to these events, we will continue to sanction Mr. Murphy’s London events, the next of which takes place in May at the York Hall, as well as am in discussions to sanction an event in Dorset, I am also in talks with a further two London based promoters, both of whom have stated an interest in the Malta Boxing Commission sanctioning their upcoming events after they attended the York Hall show last week.

It really is exciting times, not just for the Malta Boxing Commission, but also promoters and boxers, as finally they have a cost effective alternative, one that works with them for the benefit of them, the sport and the fans.”

An announcement is expected to be made in the coming weeks, with regard to the proposed events mentioned by Mr Di Caro.

For further information on the Malta Boxing Commission please go to:

Web: www.maltaboxingcommission.com