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Adam Little looking to bring excitement to boxing

KIRKHAM prospect Adam Little has it all planned out. He’s going to make a triumphant return to action George Watson in Blackpool this Saturday and then commence an assault on the welterweight division.

An injured hand has meant the Ricky Hatton-trained 23-year-old has had to watch on as his rivals have progressed with their careers in the past 18 months.

Now, after undergoing surgery, he’s fighting fit again and keen to take on all-comers.

“I couldn’t be any more excited to fight again than I am,” Adam, 8-0 (2 KOs), said. “There was a time when we thought it might be the end and I might not box again so I’m very happy and I want to put my name out there.

“All the top ten and 20 welterweights have getting on and they’re where I want to be. I see myself as having the potential to be up there with the names that are doing so well in division.

“I don’t need to go begging fights so I don’t call people out, but whoever wants to fight me can. I’m not bothered about anybody.

“There’s no point in being in a combat sport if you avoid everyone who can potentially beat you or give you the hardest fight of your career. I want hard fights.

“I watched Tommy Coyle [against Daniel Eduardo Brizuela] the other week and he was in one of those sorts of fights I want to be in. It was up, down and up again and that’s the pure excitement people want to see. I’ve no intention of going down, but excitement is what boxing is all about.

“People want to see boxers come back from the brink of defeat. In football, if someone scores ten goals their opponents are not going to win, but in boxing you can get knocked down ten times and still get up and knock them out in the last round.

“You look at the old Arturo Gatti fights. People loved him because of his heart and the excitement he brought. That’s what boxing needs to revive and I intend on giving the sort of performances that send fans home happy.”

Saturday’s bill is headlined by Matty Askin’s English cruiserweight title defence against Menay Edwards and includes a full undercard, featuring Rick Skelton, Daniel Watson, James Metcalf, Qasim Niaz, Dempsey Fury, Adam Machaj, Ian Halsall, Ashley Peyton, Louis Cuddy, Mick Hall, Craig Boardman and former European champion Rendall “Two Tone” Munroe.

Tickets are priced at £30 (General Admission) and £60 (Ringside). They can be purchased from 07885 978597 and 01253 625252 or online at www.VIPBE.co.uk