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Interview: Ringnews24.com catches up with undefeated Lewis Rees


Ringnews24 caught-up with prospect Lewis Rees, at the Universal Gym in Cardiff, where he was being put through his paces by trainer and manager, Gary Lockett.

Lewis (9-0) is fighting on the Juergen Braehmer vs Enzo Maccarinelli undercard at Stadthalle, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany on Saturday, 5th April, 2014.

The 24-year-old boxer from Tonypandy, took a short break to answer some questions on his career and upcoming fight

Ringnews24.com: How did you get into boxing?

I was always into boxing and watching it with my father. All the other kids would be out playing and I’d be inside watching boxing. One day I asked my father to take me to the gym and I had my first fight when I was thirteen.

Ringnews24.com: Could you tell us about your amateur career?

I trained all the way through my amateur career in the Rhondda ABC, I made the GB squad and trained for four years up with the Olympic team; that was a big part of my learning.

I was trained, at Rhondda ABC, by Ivor “Pete” Bartlett he taught me everything I know; one of the nicest guys that you’ll ever meet in your life. Trained countless champions from the Rhondda, it was just a privilege to even be trained by him and he’s one of my best friends in boxing today.

Ringnews24.com: Which boxers inspired you?

When I was a kid I used to watch Joe Calzaghe a lot and Gary Lockett, Enzo Maccarinelli and Gavin Rees. All the Welsh boxers, I used to love watching them all. It’s crazy that now I’m training with them.

Ringnews24.com: Why did you decide to turn professional?

I used to fight, as an amateur, with a professional style. I never thought I’d turn pro even though I was a good amateur. But doors closed for me as an amateur, then Gary Lockett approached me and I thought ‘I’ll give it a go.’

Ringnews24.com: Are you a full-time boxer?

I work in Brown’s Office supplies, in Cardiff Bay. He’s a great boss, he gives me time off to train and a month off before a fight.

Ringnews24.com: How would you describe your style?

My style has changed a little since I’ve turned pro. I’m now more of a thinker than a brawler. Gary’s got me thinking a lot more, I’m a lot more technical and now a box-fighter, a move-hitter.

Ringnews24.com: You’re 9-0 as a pro, how has it gone so far?

I think it’s gone well, 9-0 with 5 knock-outs is better than I dreamed of as a kid. Hopefully, I can take it as far as I can and remain undefeated. Obviously, it’s getting harder each time but definitely gone well so far.

Ringnews24.com: Best Performance?

I boxed my last two fights, eight rounders, and done well both times winning every round. But, I had a small four round fight in Tylorstown against a Lithuanian, Aleksas Vaseris, and I felt really sharp, stopping him in the first round – I felt really sharp that day. The styles matched, training went really well and I took the guy out in a round.

Ringnews24.com: Toughest fight?

I made weight bad when I boxed Tony Pace and I was knackered but it still weren’t a hard-fight; I know I was knackered but I was a step above Tony Pace. I boxed Dee Mitchell, on the Cleverly vs Kovalev undercard, in my eighth fight and I fractured my hand, in the third round, and damaged my right hand in the fourth round. It was an eight round fight, so mentally that was the hardest fight because I had to get through the next four rounds. I fractured my right but my left was hurting the most. Fine now, I haven’t felt anything since.

Ringnews24.com: Are you moving down from welterweight?

I used to box as a light welter, all the way through the amateurs because I was fighting so often and training; it was my ideal weight. I was alot sharper, alot better. But when I turned professional, the spells between fights were so long that I was putting that extra bit of weight on, so we tried welterweight and I won the Welsh title [against Leon Findlay]. But, I think the wise move now, the further I go in my career, the better off I am going down to light-welter.

Ringnews24.com: Who is your next opponent?

Renald Garrido – he loves it, wears a big lions head into the ring, likes to showboat. Quite a busy fighter. It’s an eight round fight but I’m training flat-out for twelve rounds. So, I’ll be able to go flat-out for eight rounds.

Ringnews24.com: It’s your first fight abroad as a professional, are you looking forward to it?

I fought everywhere as an amateur probably in fifteen different countries. As a pro, I’ve not fought out of Britain. So, it’ll be a new learning curve for me.

Ringnews24.com: Your Prediction for the fight?

A win on points but anything other than that is a bonus. I don’t think he’s ever been down, definitely never been stopped.

Ringnews24.com: Plans for 2014?

Drop to light-welter, perform well and then hopefully fight for some kind of title or in a British eliminator.

Ringnews24.com: What do you do away from boxing?

Work and spend a lot of time with my missus and kid. Go socialising with my friends and I’m pretty laid-back.

Ringnews24.com: Thoughts on Mansel Edwards?

Mansel Edwards is the loudest, funniest guy who comes to support me by an absolute clear mile. In the 02 arena you could here him over 10,000 people – Oggy, Oggy, Oggy is his No.1. [laughs]