Home Boxing News Ringnews24.com talks with six time world female boxing champion, Lisa Brown

Ringnews24.com talks with six time world female boxing champion, Lisa Brown

1. Hi Lisa, can we start by asking how did you get into boxing and what age did you start going to the gym?

I started boxing after my husband discovered my gift, we were horsing around one day and I punched him on the chin. He couldn’t believe the impact behind the punch and from that moment he encouraged me to take up boxing. I told him let me think about it. I believe in God so I said let me pray on it and God will show me the way. Then I watched a fight with Christy Martin on the Mike Tyson undercard. After watching her fight she inspired me to start boxing. I started going to the gym, enjoying boxing and understanding the sport at age 26, plus I was always at the gym supporting my husband.

2. You started fighting as an amateur at the advancing age of 26. Can you tell us why you started pretty late?

Although I was blessed with athletic abilities I never thought of boxing until I met my husband. He was the fighter in the house, and back in the 1990’s female boxing was a novelty sport. Only few women were boxing then. So, I decided to put on my first pair of gloves at age 26 and never stopped boxing up to this day.

3. It has been said that you found it difficult to find an opponent once you began fighting as a professional. Why was this?

That’s a good question, I was told because being a southpaw it goes against you, my aggressiveness, I hit hard, and can take a good punch.

4. Which current fighter would you say your style most resembles?

My style more resembles Mayweather Jr.

5. You are a six time world boxing champion but have not fought since September last year. Do you have any more plans to further your accomplishments in the sport?

My quest is to become a world champion¬† again and win seven world titles, then I may consider retirement, so until then ‘bad news’ is still on the market.

6. Boxing is a brutal sport – are you concerned about the impact of repeated blows and how it may affect you later in life?

No, I was never concerned about the impact of repeated blows from boxing. The love I have for boxing, its my passion and if I think about the affect from boxing then that fear kicks in. I guess you would just have to try and eliminate the amount of punches received so you don’t have to be affected later in life.

7. There are still many criticisms about women’s boxing and that it should remain as a male sport. Many people bring up the factor of how dangerous it is to back up their argument. What do you say to this?

You still have men believing that women’s place is in the home cooking, cleaning and having babies, not in the ring boxing. Women train the same like men do, we like competition just as the same as men. We deserve the respect like them, so why not support females in boxing like every other sport?

8. Do you watch any boxing at home and if so, which fighters most appeal to you?

The fighter that most appeals to me is watching Mayweather, Andre Ward and Manny Pacquiao fights.

9. What did it feel like when you won your first world title?

Winning my first world title was an amazing feeling, a great accomplishment. It was hard believing that I just became a world champion. I became experienced with having dedication, discipline, determination and desire. You can have success if you just believe.

10. I know that boxing must take up a lot of your time, but what other hobbies do you have that you like to dedicate time to?

I love cooking, running, entertaining family and friends and feeding the homeless.

11. How much longer do you plan to continue fighting?

God has my destiny in his hands. I think I have four to five years of fighting.

12. Why do you think fighters such as Roy Jones Jr and Evander Holyfield continue to fight on when all they are doing is diminishing their records and quite possibly their legacies?

For the love of boxing, I guess.

13. Finally, do you have a message for your fans out there?

To my fans in the UK and around the world I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the continued support. I love you all and I would also like to get the opportunity to also fight in the UK and build a fan bse and to also showcase my skills.