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Heavyweight Super 8 Tournament pits Martin Rogan vs Michael Sprott in New Zealand

On the 4th June, at The Trusts Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand, eight heavyweights will clash in seven fights to determine the winner.

The field is made up of former WBC heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman (No.1 seed for the draw), who is joined by fellow American Alonzo Butler. Veteran’s Michael Sprott of England and Martin Rogan of Northern Ireland, add more international flavour and have experience of fighting, in this format, as both have won the similarly styled ‘Prizefighter’ tournament in the UK.

The rest of the field is made up of boxers from New Zealand and Australia, with Kali Meehan being by far the most experienced. Hunter Sam, Brice Ritani Coe and Antz Hansen being relative novices in comparison.

Hasim Rahman, hasn’t fought since a farcical WBA heavyweight title shot against Alexander Povetkin in 2012, when he was stopped in two rounds. He brings a wealth of experience, but inactivity and being over 40; it is difficult to judge how well he will compete.

The first round draw pits Martin Rogan against Michael Sprott and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Former Commonwealth heavyweight champion Rogan, has won two of his last four bouts, though like Michael Sprott was KO’d in a round by hard-hitting prospect Erkan Teper in 2013. Surprisingly, this will be the first time they have met in the ring.

34-year-old Alonzo Butler, was the 2nd seed for the draw, and appears to be in with a good chance of winning the tournament; his record is statistically impressive but he has been found wanting anytime he has stepped-up in class. 

New Zealand born Kali Meehan, has alot of experience and appears to have the best chance of the home-grown fighters.

Prize Money is $500,000 and the bouts all take place on the night. Winners of the first round progress to the semi-final. Each bout is for three rounds.

Super 8 First Round Draw

Hasim Rahman (50-8-2) vs Antz Nansen (3-2)

Alonso Butler (30-2-1) vs Brice Ritani-Coe (3-2-1)

Michael Sprott (40-21) vs Martin Rogan (16-5)

Kali Meehan (38-5) vs Hunter Sam (9-2-2)