The Boxing World’s Predictions – Carl Froch vs George Groves 2

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To the suspense of thousands, Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn finally announced that Wembley stadium will be host to the rematch that England has been waiting for, when IBF and WBA Super-Middleweight Champion Carl Froch will face George Groves on May 31st. Tickets are set to be released on Monday after the two fighters’ initial press conference, where both will likely start their usual first dose of trash talking. Opinions on who will win are split right down the middle – usually depending on who supports who – but this article will take an unbiased route in order to dissect each fighter’s attributes to find a winner.

Speed: “The Saint” is clearly the faster of the two, having landed countless number of thunderous right hands on Froch in their first encounter; something the ageing Nottingham fighter was unable to overcome but was prepared to walk through to try to break down his nemesis. It was pretty shocking when Andre Ward confessed that Froch was actually as slow as he looked in the ring after their contest in 2011. Groves has the edge in this area but, as will be explained later on, this will not be the determining factor.

Power: Both can bang concussively but I have my reservations about Froch’s power at world level. He crushed Lucian Bute but there were previous concerns about the strength of the Canadian-Romanian’s punch resistance after being put in trouble by the likes of Librado Andrade. Groves surprised everybody when he floored Froch in the first round last time out but he may have to either repeat that or knock down or out other world class opposition to fully answer this question. But it is interesting that the only other time Froch had seen the canvas was against Jermain Taylor. Froch will need to be cautious every every second during their rematch.

Stamina: The champion has seen the distance in almost every one of his bouts against world-rated opponents and has finished strongly, so he has clearly answered this question. But what about Groves? If there is something to cling on to in order to support one’s argument that he will not be victorious, it has to be how much gas he has left in the second half of the fight. It has been repeatedly noted that Groves may have been fading two or three rounds before the ninth, in which the referee stopped the fight to prevent Groves from taking more punishment. When the Londoner fought James DeGale in May 2011 his stamina was also brought into question, as he also looked like he had trouble working his gameplan down the stretch. It is reasonable to assume that Froch will try the same again and drag Groves into the later half of the fight before really putting his foot on the gas.

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Bookmakers (correct as of 25/05/2014)

William Hill: Froch 4/6 Groves 5/4  Draw 22/1
Coral: Froch 8/13 Groves 11/8 Draw 25/1
Ladbrokes: Froch 4/6 Groves 5/4 Draw 25/1
Sky Bet: Froch 4/6 Groves 5/4 Draw 28/1
Bet365: Froch 8/13 Groves 13/10 Draw N/A
Betfred: Froch 8/11 Groves 6/5 Draw 22/1
Paddy Power: Froch 4/6 Groves 5/4 Draw 22/1
Betfair: Froch 4/6 Groves 11/8 Draw 31/1 ranks the top sportsbooks, making it easy to get the best odds and place a bet on the fight. To read about the latest betting odds please visit to make sure you have the best odds on the internet.

The Boxing World’s Predictions – Carl Froch vs. George Groves

Boxing World

Joe Calzaghe, Former Professional Boxer (Source: Sky Sports)
It’s a difficult one I think, with the controversy of the first fight. I think Groves was in control, dropped Froch heavily in the first round and I thought the ref. stopped it a bit premature. I think as a boxing fan everyone is looking forward to the fight. Basically he has to fight Froch the same way – I think it’s going to be difficult for Carl; I think he will struggle against boxers and movers.

It’s important Groves stays in and out on his feet and controls the fight and tries to counter Froch with that right hand over the top, but saying that, I’m sure Froch will be more prepared for this fight – maybe he underestimated Groves, we’ll have to wait and see. Froch is 37 years of age now and Groves is going to be full of confidence and I think it’s a very, very interesting fight in a massive stadium with 60,000 people watching. The pressure’s going to be on both fighters so it’s going to be intriguing.  I would edge with Groves but it’s going to be a tough fight. Groves

David Haye, Former Professional Boxer (Source: Sky Sports)
Carl didn’t take George seriously, he didn’t believe he was world class. I know George has come from a good amateur to a world-class boxer, and I’ve seen that behind closed doors. Before the fight with Carl everyone said “It’s going to be a blow-out job, he’s only fought at domestic level.” He showed Carl in the first round, he proved he can perform at the highest level, when he’s being booed, when he’s the underdog.

He’s come of age as a worldwide, recognised world-class opponent. As soon as you recognise that it gives you that confidence. Carl’s already got it, he’s had it for many years, but it makes this fight really interesting. For Carl, he didn’t take George seriously, he didn’t believe he was world class. I know it – he pretty much told me that. But he knows now. So now he’s going to be preparing for a world-class opponent, mentally. Physically Carl is always in great shape, but it’s mentally – going to sleep knowing ‘my whole life’s on the line, I could be knocked out! So you’ve got an argument for both guys. Undecided

Spencer Fearon, Boxing Promoter
Very hard fight to predict hence why it’s sold 90000 – because of the intrigue surrounding it. Carl Froch has not got the Nation behind him when he should have because of the epic battles he’s had. Groves has proven he’s world class and the faster of the two. It’s a “Pick ’em” fight and his fight is won on timing so I will go for Carl late stoppage but can also see George out pointing Carl so I’m on the fence. Undecided
Tommy Gilmour, Boxing Promoter
I believe that Groves has missed his chance and Carl will be much more aware from the first bell. Once again I think that Froch wins by stoppage to prove that he’s a true warrior. Froch

Ashley Theophane, Professional Boxer
I think that George Groves fought a great fight the first time out – he proved he belonged at world level. Carl Froch has been a great champion and I still think he has more left in him. Maybe George can outbox Carl for a points win. I believe that Carl may get the stoppage win again. It will be a very good fight and could go either way. Froch

Gianluca Di Caro, Managing Director at WBU Europe
I’m torn on this – Carl Froch is and has been a fantastic champion and ambassador for the sport – he deserves the accolade of champion of the world. However, I can’t help feeling that George Groves is the future as far as super middleweights go; George showed he is world class in the first fight and I can’t help but feel he will be even better this time around. As such, I’m going for George Groves by late stoppage. Groves

Terry Clarke, WBU Supervisor
Froch for me late-on again. This time Carl won’t let George dictate the early pace, he will be more aware of Groves’s power and I can’t see Groves having the same success as last time. Froch

John McCallum, Professional Boxer
I think Carl will be sharp and in shape and be taking it very serious but I think it’s too late. Groves will win an easy points win or late stoppage. Too young and fresh but Carl was a great fighter. Groves
Lee Connelly, Professional Boxer
It’s a difficult one to pick.. Does Froch realise his mistakes and take strength in knowing he was coming out on top in the later rounds, or does he have doubts and fears after Groves showing he can hurt him and expose his flaws? Groves will be full of confidence after the first fight and knows he can hurt Froch. I really can’t decide, I just hope it’s as good as the first fight but has a clear end. Undecided
Shane McPhilbin, Professional Boxer
I think Groves will take the first few rounds then Froch will take over with a stoppage win between rounds seven  and nine. Froch will be to strong late-on and show his experience. Froch

Danny Hughes, Professional Boxer
I think it’s going to be a great fight and I think Groves will have learned a lot more than Froch from their last fight and will come in with a lot more confidence. I think he will be in better shape to come on stronger in the later rounds than he did the last time and I really believe Groves will win by a late stoppage. Groves

Paul Butlin, Professional Boxer
Definitely think round six or seven this time round, but Froch again has to very careful in those early rounds. Fitness and experience will see Froch win. Froch
Ciaran Gibbons, Boxing Photographer
When it was first announced I said with certainty that George Groves would knock Carl Froch out in the rematch. However after spending time around Froch at the press conference I was impressed by how focused he is on this fight and especially when he admitted he overlooked Groves first time around – something his trainer Robert McCracken backed up. Froch is still not comfortable being around Groves but I don’t think the mind games will have an effect on the outcome. Still very unsure of the result but if pushed I would say Froch by stoppage in round 10. Froch

Frank Stea, Boxing Matchmaker
I think the confidence shifts in the rematch. Groves had the mental advantage in the first fight with the talk in the pre-fight festivities. Froch has all the momentum and confidence this time going into the rematch. I see Froch stopping Groves in seven rounds or less. Froch

Kieran Farrell, Boxing Trainer and former Professional Boxer
I believe Froch has the power to knock Groves out at any stage of the fight and if he’s back in form I believe he will do. I think George Groves is totally the wrong opponent for an old warhorse like Froch. Froch should have been fighting a Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr- type of opponent like Calzaghe did before retiring, not a young, hungry, ambitious lion like George Groves. But credit to Froch – hopefully he comes through. Heart says Froch KO, head says Groves points. Undecided

Stephen Smith, Professional Boxer
I think Groves may be ahead but I can’t see him going 12 without Froch catching up with him. He’s a strong man, Froch and I see him winning in the second half of the fight again. Froch
Wayne Elcock, Professional Boxer
For me I can’t see what Carl Froch can or will do differently; he is what he is and a great fighter, I just feel a change of guard is coming with George Groves taking a lot more than Carl from their first encounter. I’m going for a George Groves win on points or a possible TKO, which – if it comes – will be early, as I believe he knows he can hurt Carl and so maybe won’t be as cautious. If he catches him early again this time round, he’ll want to make sure history does not repeat itself. Groves

Kevin James Campion, Boxing Trainer
I think Groves has the style to beat Froch as he shown in the first fight. I really like Groves and he will be a world champion one day. However, I think Carl will come to this fight much more prepared. Will he will go after Groves early like Bute? I think Froch in round four. Froch

Paul Graham, Boxing Promoter
I think that George had his chance and that Carl will win more convincingly this time round. Froch
Kenny Bowers, Boxing Photographer
I think this time Froch will not underestimate Groves, which I think he did in the first fight, and he will come out and get the job done by stopping Groves between rounds six and nine, although I would like to see Groves win. Froch

Aji Shariff, Professional Boxer
Groves will win on points. Froch has got a great chin that will take him the distance, but he can’t change his style of fighting and Groves will be to sharp for him. Groves

Michael Devine, Professional Boxer
I think Groves could win if he were disciplined enough not to get involved, but I really think Froch will catch up with him in the late rounds again and stop him. Froch
Miles Shinkwin, Professional Boxer
Groves on points. I think he will box clever for six rounds, use his speed and then take it too Froch, who is probably too tough to get stopped but it’s George’s fight to lose. He has every advantage possible. Groves

Harry Matthews, Professional Boxer
I think it’s a flip of the coin which is why it’s sold so many tickets. I’m gonna have to say Froch late stoppage or points, but Groves to have a similar start to last time. Froch

John Thain, Professional Boxer
I’ve said recently that I picked Froch to win. Could be wrong, especially because Groves looks to have got under Froch’s skin but I think it will be a stoppage win. It’s that good a match it could go either way. It was a poor performance by Froch’s standards the first time and almost a career-best from Groves. So I’m thinking the champion will not have underestimated his challenger this time around and is more focused. Froch

Jamie Robinson, Professional Boxer
Froch will win in five to eight rounds; he underestimated Groves last time because of the sparring they’d done, when Froch dropped him. Froch
Phil Anderson, Boxrec writer
I’m going for Froch again by stoppage in round eight. In the first contest I thought the difference would be Froch’s chin and stamina and I can see the rematch going the same way. Groves will have his successes and although I don’t think he will drop Froch this time I can see it being a tough night for both men. Froch
Lee Eaton, Professional Boxer
I think Groves wins; I think he’s younger, stronger and improved immensely, whereas Froch is still the same fighter he’s always been. I think the last fight took a lot out of Froch and Father Time is catching up on him. I had Groves to win the first fight as well before the shitty stoppage. Groves

George Jupp, Professional Boxer
I think Froch will win. Even though Groves done great last time I can’t see him boxing any better this time and Froch can’t fight any worse. I Just think Froch’s strength and grit will get him a late stoppage again. Froch

Mitch Prince, Professional Boxer
Well I’m gonna side with Froch for a late stoppage. I think the first fight was great but I think Froch took Groves too lightly. Froch will use his experience and expect the best Groves, who came close to ending Froch’s reign. Froch

Neil Dawson, Professional Boxer
I’m going for Groves. He’s younger, fresher, and he knows he can hurt Froch. Froch is still a warrior though, so it’s going to be a great fight. Groves
Eddie Butcher, Boxing Trainer
I am kinda on the fence; I think Groves gave it his best shot last time and came up short but he can adapt and Froch can’t. Also Groves’s stamina is terrible – he blows after six rounds. Great fight and if I had to lean towards a prediction I would say a Groves win. Groves

Tony Borg, Boxing Trainer and former Professional Boxer
I think Froch has given this fight the respect it deserves. His preparation and attitude are right – I think he can win on a late stoppage after some great action. Froch

Iain Butcher, Professional Boxer
I think George Groves beats him comfortable as he is younger and fresher. Carl has a lot of miles on the clock and he’s been a great champion but I think a new star is there to take the role if he wants to. Groves
Marianne Marston, Professional Boxer
Whilst a huge fan of Carl Froch I think the first fight proved that George Groves has the measure of Carl and as such if he is on his game I believe he can and will be victorious – I’m hoping points but even though Carl is as tough as old boots it could well be by late stoppage. Groves

Alex Matvienko, Boxing Trainer
Froch will be much more ready this time as Groves is making him motivated. Froch should win unless he has grown old overnight. Froch

Gary Reilly, Prospect Boxing
Carl Froch underestimated and may be underprepared for George Groves in the last fight. This time around he is taking it more seriously and more professionally. On the night we’ll see a better, more organised performance from Froch. I would go for Froch points this time – a tight one but experience will win this. Froch

Peter McCann, Timekeeper
Like the first contest it’s a 50/50 fight between two ring warriors but I am going for George on points after a tough battle. But one can never rule out a fighter such as Froch – the man is as hard as nails. Still, I think George will be that much fresher. Groves

Neville Brown, Former Professional Boxer
I believe Groves has the style to beat Froch but is he strong enough to hold onto a lead against this formidable champion? The referee ruined the last fight, which is why we are back here again. I believe the early rounds will go to Groves and if he doesn’t stop Froch I think Carl will rumble forward and force a stoppage. I don’t understand people thinking a world-class puncher could not be able to hurt Froch – crazy!  If you’re hit at this level it’s all over. Froch

Jim Holborn, Timekeeper
Groves has something big to prove after being, in his opinion, unfairly stopped. Froch has an aim to make people see that he was good value for the stoppage, which makes this fight, one to watch and I think Groves will win if it goes past seven rounds. Groves

Ben Robinson, Pro Boxer
I believe that this rematch will pick up where the last fight left off and deliver once again in terms of entertainment. I am of the opinion that the stoppage was always coming regardless of early intervention and believe that we will see the same result on 31st May. Froch took Groves lightly last time out; he won’t make that mistake again. Froch TKO rounds five to seven. Froch

Jon Scriven, Adrenaline Pitstop
Groves by KO. He schooled him in the first fight and will do the same again in this one. Groves

Steve Robinson, Former Professional Boxer
I believe that Groves is going to win the fight this time – he’ll have the tactics right and outbox him. He may shake Froch up a few times but he’ll win on points. Froch has had a lot of hard fights throughout his career and is coming near the end. Groves

Steve Sims, Former Professional Boxer
I think Froch will win – same again, a stoppage win. Froch

Liam Williams, Professional Boxer
All along I’ve been thinking Groves would boss the fight like last time before the controversial stoppage. But the closer it’s getting I’m thinking Groves will boss it for eight rounds and then Froch will come on strong again and possibly take him out. Groves

AJ Carter, Professional Boxer
I think the fight will be based a lot on what state of mind Froch turns up in. He’s trying to talk positive and repeat what a sports psychologist has told him but Groves is not hearing any of it and it is not fooling him (nor me) one bit. Groves seems to have played his cards/mental games perfectly. And they are working, believe me! Groves seems to be preparing to go the 12 (hard) rounds, as seen on ‘Behind the ropes’ but however if he decides to ditch that plan and instead throw everything at Froch in the first 4 rounds then what will Froch do? Froch has also stated that he wants to knock Groves out, but that all depends on the tactics he deploys this time round as he wasn’t able to hit Groves that much in the first fight. I do not see this fight going the full distance with Groves getting an early stoppage or either fighter getting a late stoppage. It just depends on who wants it more! This is also redemption for both fighters and a chance to set the record straight. Groves grit and hunger kept him in the first fight and Froch’s chin and fitness kept him in the first fight and that’s exactly what will keep both fighters in the second fight while it lasts. I hope Groves gets the victory I feel he deserves and wish both fighters the best of luck on the night. Groves


Bobby Mac
Froch was surprised early in their first fight before walking Groves down for the controversial stoppage. Groves needs to exceed that level for this fight because there will be no surprises this time around and Froch may have the opportunity to beat him into submission. Should be a good fight win, lose, or draw if the sanctioning authorities, referee and judges are able to oversee a fair and competent fight; something too often missing in modern boxing’s biggest showcases. Froch mid to late rounds by knockout. Froch

Scott Graveson
To me the first fight was a shock, I thought Groves’s shots would bounce off Froch like those of so many other fighters. Despite that it’s hard not to view the knock down as a balance issue with Froch as opposed to Groves having superhuman power. With that in mind I actually think Groves blew his shot at beating Carl.

In fight one he had the surprise factor; he had won the mental games before the fight and he was being overlooked by both people like myself and Froch. This time around things seem to be reversed: Froch knows what he’s up against, Groves hasn’t looked like he’s been winning the mind games and we all know what Groves brings to the table.

With that in mind I think Froch grinds down Groves again, this time without the early worries of the first bout. Groves will again look the better fighter early but by the middle rounds Froch’s pressure will take its toll on Groves, who will be wishing he hadn’t gotten the bout mandated. Froch

Corey Gabriel Quincy
Carl Froch might be too shopworn to beat George Groves, or maybe it was just an off-night in the first fight and Froch will turn up the heat early and leave the young-gun clueless. Froch, at his best, doesn’t let his opponents have their way. Groves is a skilled young boxer, but I can’t quite see him overcoming a hungry “Cobra”. Not again, anyway. I’m expecting a war with Froch likely still champion at the end of the night. Froch UD 12. Froch

James Tonks
This is such a hard fight to call. I guess the person who adapts and learns the most from the first fight will go on and be victorious. Groves had rounds won but kept looking for that killer KO shot, which drained his stamina too early on. If he wants to win the rematch he needs to pace himself and don’t go looking for the KO punch – if it comes, it comes, if not look to a points decision. Froch I believe will be physically and more mentally prepared for this fight. I think stamina will be key and this will help Froch win with a stoppage late on in the fight. Froch
Rob Day
I picked George Groves last time and thought the stoppage was awful. Nothing from that fight has convinced me that Carl Froch will win on May 31st. I believe that Groves just gets under the champion’s skin and is too quick and fresh. The mental games are in full swing but it will come down to ability on the night, with George the fighter full of confidence and in the ascendancy. Carl Froch has been in many tough fights and May 31st will be a changing of the guard. It promises to be a superb night of boxing, and a showcase for George Groves to be crowned. George Groves by mid-rounds stoppage. Groves
Dave Murphy
Was the last fight an aberration or was it simply Father Time catching up with the 36-year-old Carl Froch and youth being served? My guess is that the Cobra simply wasn’t motivated for a fight he really didn’t want to take.  This time the story will be different and the cream will rise to the top. Since they met last year, the decade-younger challenger has seemed more focused on screaming foul about the robbery/stoppage than actually extracting revenge, and his childish antics have backfired. Froch appears to have won the psychological battle, and Groves appears the more flustered of the two. I like Froch to win a comfortable decision. Froch

Ted Sares
I see Froch winning inside the distance. Last time he was surprised; this time he knows what to expect and while George is a load, Froch has more to lose going forward. Froch

Gav Powell
It’s a difficult one to call – Groves shocked me twice last time around – by really getting into Froch’s head and by putting him on the deck in the opening round. We all remember Froch as something of a fragile ego during his early career, but I was surprised to find the vulnerabilities persist to this day. Froch is obviously desperate to prove the first fight was an off-night. but I think Groves has done too much talking for his own good and that will bring its own pressure. If Groves loses the rematch, I think it may well put him over the edge and he’ll never recover from the loss.

I expect a cagey start and some early scares for Froch as he struggles with Groves’s speed, but I’m not sure Groves has the stamina or the concentration to keep the pressure on throughout the fight, and I expect Froch to come through by late stoppage or clear points decision. Froch
David O’Rourke
There needs to be a little perspective over this fight; what you have is two fighters who are manufacturing a rivalry to put bums on seats and it seems to be working pretty well, with people seriously buying that this some sort of Eubank v Benn feud – it quite simply is not. The first fight saw Froch massively underestimate what Groves could bring to the table and he almost paid the price – that won’t happen again. Carl Froch by late stoppage. Froch
George Jimenez
Froch via eight-round TKO. Although I thought the stoppage in the first fight was premature, I can see Froch walking through Groves’s punches, wearing him out and stopping him in the later rounds. I think Froch has one of the best chins in boxing and even if he tastes the canvas, he’ll get up and end the fight. Let’s hope it’s a classic! Froch

Ross Harris
I picked Groves before the first fight, so I wasn’t too surprised by what occurred.

Like most people, I felt Groves was winning handily before the stoppage. Like most people, I feel the stoppage was too soon. Unlike most people, I don’t think Froch would have finished Groves soon after had the referee let it continue. He may have touched down, but I think Groves is much tougher and with a much better chin than he is credited with. I think instead what we would have been looking at would have been a massive robbery on the cards.

The controversial nature of the stoppage by Howard Foster and the subsequent abuse aimed at him managed to draw focus to some extent away from the frankly unbelievable scoring by the judges, who had the contest very close, when even the casual observer, or the most ardent Froch fan, knew that Groves should have been several rounds out in front. Personally I had it 6 rounds to 2 in favour of the challenger, with the first being a 10-8 by virtue of the knockdown. It’s no wonder the Groves camp insisted on neutral officials for the rematch. Is it too far fetched to think that British officials, given the amount of work they get through Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport and it’s more-or-less exclusive deal with Sky, know which side their bread is buttered on and were doing their utmost to protect Matchroom’s prized asset?

The rematch has me compelled like no fight in recent memory. Many expect the Froch of the Bute fight to turn up and blast Groves out in a few rounds. This is based on the belief that the last fight was down to an unusually poor performance by Carl Froch. As someone who has sat through many similar performance by the champion I have to disagree. He always performs against people who will stand and trade with him (Abraham, Kessler, Bute). But he has always struggled with movement (Dirrell, Taylor and most notably Ward).

For me, the “what Froch will turn up?” argument is an irrelevance. This fight is the challenger’s to win or lose. Groves is fast enough and skilful enough to give himself a relatively easy night’s work, should he resolve to sticking to a disciplined game plan, with plenty of movement and staying away from the ropes. Should he choose to meet Froch in the middle and fight him on his terms, the result then becomes more of a toss of the coin. I feel Groves hits the harder and more accurately of the two, while Froch has the better chin and stamina.

There is also the matter of the psychological battle. Carl Froch appears a very insecure man for a world champion, whereas George Groves has an air of confidence about everything he says and everything he does. Froch appears a slave to his emotions, to the point where he has drafted in the Team GB sports psychologist to help him reign these in. Groves on the other hand often comes across as very deliberate and calculated in his words and actions. It has been fascinating to watch this play out in the build up and I feel it will definitely have an effect come fight night.

My pick is for Groves to win by either an early stoppage or by a tight decision. I think that for all Froch’s protests to the contrary, the younger man has again found his way into his head. I believe Groves will attempt to make a statement and take Froch out within a few rounds, as he knows that to go on the back foot straight away and hand Froch the initiative would be suicide, but I believe he and Paddy Fitzpatrick are intelligent enough to know that this is a gamble, and will have a Plan B where after 3 or 4 rounds George will get back behind the jab and let his superior boxing skills take over.

I just have a feeling this one could be over early, and that this will be one war too many for Carl Froch. Groves

Fans Predictions

@Sportsgraduate1,  Twitter
Groves has been drawn into trying to come across as winning the mental battle. Froch by late stoppage. Froch

Callum Thompson, Facebook
I can’t see Froch starting slow and getting caught early this time. I think he will be pushing forward looking for the KO straight off but at the same time that might favour Groves to use his skill and counter off him. My heart says Froch but head says Groves. I am going to say Froch stoppage within six or Groves points. Undecided

Bozthemadman, Boxing Forum
I think Groves’s youth, speed and deadly right hand will be too much for the aging warrior Froch this time. And I believe Groves has learned something from the first fight. Groves by TKO 10. Groves

@cusack_bryan, Twitter
If Groves can stay fit for 12 rounds he wins. If Froch can’t adapt he’ll come on all-out attack like vs. Bute, which suits Groves. Groves

Pete Spencer, Facebook
As much as I want Groves to win I think Froch will just nick it in the later rounds. As soon as Groves starts to fade I think Froch will step it up a bit and just nick it points win for me. Groves will come to this fight with better defence. Froch

@MitchJones503, Twitter
You’ll see a more cautious Froch. Groves will box smarter. His speed will be too much. Froch chases the fight Groves win late KO. Groves

Selij, Boxing Forum
In the first fight, Groves had the beating of Froch but couldn’t see him off. He then started showboating, dropped his guard and got a right tagging, and although the ref called a premature end to the fight by grabbing Groves round the waist – something I have never seen in a boxing ring before – it was over sooner rather than later for Groves.

If both men fight the same way again, I would expect Groves to win because he will have learned that 1) Once you’ve had someone on their arse you have got to finish the job, and 2) No showboating.

But I don’t expect Froch to make the same mistake again of waiting for the big counter; I expect him to be more in Groves’s face with his power jab much more active and it pains me to say it but I think Froch’s experience will carry him through to a victory this time, as I fear Groves will have learned nothing. [But, please, prove me wrong George…………….] Froch

@beanzyid, Twitter
Froch is tough as you like, I don’t think George Groves has got the quality needed to go the distance. Froch

@toonhughes1986, Twitter
I think Froch knows what to expect this time and will have made adjustments in training. Froch late stoppage again. Froch

@AMcLeishBoxing, Twitter
Who benefits more from the fact they’ve already seen each other? Groves. Confidence – he knows he can beat Carl and he will, by UD. Groves

Simbros, Boxing Forum
Froch by KO. Groves will have a good start (not as good as in the first fight), Froch will take over around the fourth and finish (without any ”help”) around the sixth or seventh. With that being said, I think it’s important to point out that I’m always wrong! Froch

Rob Reeves, Twitter
I see the same outcome as the first fight but have Froch winning in the eighth by stoppage. Groves has to have the same fast start as before to keep Froch at bay, but Froch will get through the early rounds and catch up with a tired Groves. Froch win for me! Froch

Shaun Keenan, Facebook
Groves for me he will come out a different fighter this time and Froch will be confused same as last time. Groves to take it on points. Groves

Craig Rosser, Facebook
If Groves sticks to what he does best and just boxes smart, uses his faster hands and feet and doesn’t let his ego drag him into a war, he’ll win comfortably in my opinion. Groves

Joe KO!, Boxing Forum
I think it is clear to say Froch underestimated Groves first time around. I thought Groves without Booth in the corner was overexcited and when he dropped Froch, spent the next five or six rounds really putting in the work. He was clearly tired and then ref jumped in. This time around I think it will be much more tentative early and will go the distance with Groves winning a competitive points decision. Groves

@Garypaulsteph, Twitter
Groves inside four rounds. Honestly, I don’t think George and Paddy want it to go past six. Froch I don’t believe has the speed early on. Groves

@TommysRightHand, Twitter
Similar fight to last time, Groves early on, full of fight and Froch gradually walking him down. Froch TKO 10. Froch

@lharwood, Twitter
Froch wins in my opinion, probably dare I say by stoppage around the ninth round. I’m not sure Groves is a world class 12-round fighter. Groves

Mark Turley, Boxing Forum
This one is Groves’s fight to lose. Not only did he show that he’s quicker and better technically than Froch, but I was surprised to see that in the ring he looked physically bigger and stronger too. Carl has always been a beast at super-middleweight but just couldn’t bully Groves in the toe-to-toe exchanges. No matter what Froch says now, we all know he didn’t really want this fight; he’s approaching his 37th birthday and been in some real wars. Groves on points or late-rounds stoppage. Groves

@clifftop22, Twitter
Not sure how much more Groves could do to win second time out. Froch knows what he can’t do. Late stoppage Froch. Froch

@Andy_Pitt_27, Twitter
Groves is younger, fresher, faster, technically better and punches harder. I’ll go for Groves. Groves
Greg Neal, Facebook
I thought Carl Froch looked genuinely shocked at what George Groves had in him. I think he’ll be a lot more wary this time, maybe even cautious? Tactics will defo be the name of the game in this one. I’m going for Carl Froch to stop the lad in the sixth. Froch

super_hoops1967, Boxing Forum
Froch keeping his belts. I’m hoping for a close contest but I think Froch is going to show his experience here and take care of business more convincingly this time round. Froch

@DeeBoxing, Twitter
Froch doesn’t seem rattled this time and is durable – maybe more so than Groves – but I feel Groves will win this. Groves

@davethebass100, Twitter
This is a man’s sport and Carl outmans Groves in every department; he has the recovery strength, Groves has not. Froch
‏@Francis000david, Twitter
Groves fought his best fight and connected with his best punch and lost. Does Froch need to adapt? Froch

@DeamerGary, Twitter
Groves round one. He’s gonna come out all guns blazing, I think this as he tired late-on and Froch started to take over in the first fight. Groves

Dean Finn, Facebook
I don’t like predictions, because I believe anything can happen on the night. But I’ll give it a go: I think Froch wins again in a tough fight. Maybe a late stoppage again or UD. Froch

Floyd Money Mayweather Fan, Boxing Forum
I think Groves starts stronger than the first fight but Froch’s experience and power takes over and he stops Groves in the middle rounds. Froch

Mike Boxing, Boxing Forum
Froch was very slow on his feet last time and never had a great defence but I think he took Groves lightly. The last stoppage was controversial and I am expecting to see controversy in this one as Groves just edges it on points. Groves
Prediction Scores as follows

Boxing World: Froch 24 Groves 18 Undecided 4
Ringnews24 Writers: Froch 9 Groves 2
Facebook, Twitter and the Ringnews24 Forum: Froch 15  Groves 13 Undecided 1
Total: Froch 48 Groves 41 Undecided 5

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