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Quigg looking to make future opponents quake as he aims to dominate the super-bantamweights

He’s sacrificed many things in his young life to get to the position in which he finds himself in today. With that though there is still so much with which he wants to achieve, and that includes a professional career remaining undefeated within the sport of boxing.

Having debuted at the age of 19 following a very brief amateur career, Bury’s undefeated super-bantamweight king, Scott Quigg (28-0-2; 21KO) has continually gone on from strength to strength.

From winning his pro debut over four threes back in 2007 against Gary Shiel, through winning a British super bantamweight eliminator against Gavin Reid in 2010, the WBA Intercontinental against Santiago Allione the same year.

Then there was the WBA eliminator in 2001 followed by a defeat of Jason Booth for that coveted British title just three months later before a late 2012 flurry onto the world scene.

Those successes, culminating in winning the world title outright late last year, has made Quigg a main attraction on both sides of the Atlantic, he’s a household name and a marked man that everyone wants to pick off – and he’s willing to take on all comers.

Achieving what he has to date has made him a proud and enlightens the reasons why the sacrifices he has made, have been worthwhile. He is till setting himself goals though so that means there is plenty more to come from Lancashire’s finest and he will not be a dour champion, you can be rest assured with that one; more so as he is willing to look at and take things to another level – become a two division champion.

“Every fighter wants to be a British champion and every fighter wants to be a world champion, it’s their dream when they come into the sport and why they do it,” stated Quigg.

“It’s all about the work ethic and how you apply that. It needs to be done the right way, understand the principles and maintain those good habits, learn to second guess and check yourself.

“I had very limited amateur experience so had to take myself off to America, investing what really was my last pennies, in order to make myself a better fighter and to try and stay on that right track.

“When you look at British fighters today who want to, or are going to be challenging for world titles then there’s some talented ones about who have that potential – it’s up to them though, they need to be willing and want to sacrifice things which is what I have had to do in order to succeed.”

Winning both the Intercontinental and World straps at super bantamweight were a dream come from Quigg with the former being claimed in his home town making it all the more special an occasion for him.  The World title though, something he says is every fighters dream when they enter the sport, was something else.

“Winning that was everything in which I wanted to accomplish,” Quigg continued.

“I do have some goals left though and won’t be standing still that’s for sure. I believe it’s time for me to go on and unify this division and to be involved in some really great fights along the way. Once I’ve done then of course, I’ll look at moving up a division and achieve world champion status there also. There might be more sacrifices in which I have to make to do this but they are sacrifices that I am willing to take because this is all that matters.”

As a world champion from British shores one thing does stand, can he become one of the greats as the like of Terry Marsh and the legendary Joe Calzaghe have done so in years gone by. He’s certainly on his way but will take some going to get to Calzaghe’s unbeaten standing, after all his record speaks volumes. Should Quigg get there then he will be world champion for the next decade at best.

It’s a feat he would like to achieve and said: “It would be great to finish my career as an undefeated boxer, that’s the aim for anyone to be able to go through their career undefeated.

“Calzaghe was at the top of his game a long time and I’ll have to go on and box as long as I can and stay at the top in doing so. I don’t want to see myself dropping down to domestic level so if I can’t stay at the top then there’s no pint continuing.”

As for the immediate future, well, following on from his two round destruction of both Diego Oscar Silva (November 2013) and Tshifiwa Munyai (April 2014) supporters across the globe were calling from the rooftops for one bout and one bout alone – Scott Quigg vs. Carl Frampton. It will be a fight for the ages if it does happen and is certainly one of three options with which the Quigg camp are looking at.

About his next outing he concluded in saying: “We’re looking at my being back out maybe the end of August or early September time.

“As for who it’ll be against, then we’ve three options really – (Carl) Frampton, (Kiko) Martinez and (Leo) Santa Cruz. They’re all very talented fighters for sure but I believe that I can, and will, beat any of them.”

You will see more quotes from this interview with WBA super bantamweight champion, Scott Quigg, on my debut article for Exclusive Sports Media. Keep checking my Peter Mann: ESM Sports Writer page for updates.