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Honour Or Execution: Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez Preview

This weekend Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez will clash in a fight that could be a lot more closer than people may think when it takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Martinez has seen an unbeaten streak since 2009 since he controversially lost to Paul WIlliams, while Cotto’s career was seemingly on a downward spiral when he lost two in a row against Floyd Mayweather Jr and Austin Trout, both in 2012. Almost as soon as the announcement of the scores in the Trout fight were read people were quick to point out that Cotto was finished in the sport. This opinion was probably partially reflected by the fact that the fight with Cotto was Trout’s first taste of the limelight, as it is often thought that established boxers should deal with relatively unknowns. But Trout surprised many when he took on and gave Saul Alvarez problems the following year, forcing some to revise their opinions.

Cotto took ten months off to recharge his batteries and acquire a new trainer in Freddie Roach in the process, a decision that has looked to have paid off after he flattened Delvin Rodriguez with a left hook to the head in the third round in the last quarter of 2013. This new Miguel Cotto looked rekindled but looks can be deceiving against mid level competition.

For Sergio Martinez, 2013 was not his year, having had only one fight against British challenger Martin Murray after suffering from knee injuries which has prevented him from staying busy lately. Martinez has had two knee surgeries to repair ligaments in his right knee and there are concerns over whether it will hold up when he faces Cotto. The Argentinian has admitted that he struggles with joint, knee and shoulder pains on a daily basis and one has to question how long it will be before his mentality and physicality is grinded down to the point of no return. Fighting the likes of Martin Murray and being floored by that calibre of competition is one thing but it is another when you are fighting somebody who has been in with the best the ring has to show for. It is not a good indication when he has stated that he is in almost constant pain while training in the gym for a sport that could potentially render any fighter unconscious.

Although some casino online odds have Cotto the favourite at +175 it is often fighting styles in boxing that offer big hints as to who will end up as the victor at the end of a ring battle. If Martinez were not suffering from any physical complaints then it would be a lot easier to predict that he has the style to cause the ungraceful Cotto many issues. But taking into account Martinez’s circumstances this fight is a lot more difficult to speculate.

The champion usually counts on his footwork as his defense because he often keeps his hands low, making for a relaxed style and throwing cute punches, but if Cotto manages to make it rough in there then it could make for an enthralling fight.

Rough is exactly what the Puerto Rican will need to be because if he treats Martinez with too much respect then things could slip away. But judging by past fights, Miguel Cotto has never been one to treat anybody with too much respect and this is another thing that is fascinating about this fight.

It is not just injuries and respect, or lack thereof, that may play a part. Cotto will be mounting up to the middleweight class in a catchweight to become a four weight champion and we have to wonder whether the extra pounds will have a detriment effect on his speed. Given the style of Martinez, speed will be one of the keys to unlocking his style. Trainer Freddie Roach has also talked about fighting on the inside, so they must have worked on Cotto’s footwork for that to be practical.

This fight is going to be very close with both guys having their moments but Martinez will be the one to finally retire Miguel Cotto and unfortunately shatter his dream of becoming the first four weight champion from Puerto Rico, but not before he has visited the canvas in a 36 minute long affair that will put a lot more mileage on his body than ever before.