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Team Oquendo bringing back WBA title to America

There has been a lot of speculation, threats and falsehoods regarding Oquendo vs Chagaev. It has been great publicity for Oquendo vs Chagaev however. “I thought there was a a campaign against bullying?” laughed Lee Holiday, Oquendo’s manager when asked about the situation. “Fres Oquendo is not under any promotional agreement. It expired. There are no extensions or agreements that supersede that expired agreement. That is my legal opinion. Period.” claimed his attorney Hector Morales.

After several attempts to prevent Fres from fighting Team Oquendo will fight. By the time we reached a final agreement there was very little time to get the guests Mr. Dugazaev wants to be at this global event and to procure visas in time for June 7th. Like gentlemen the Terek team and Mr. Dugazaev asked us if changing the date would be an issue. It was originally because Fres has a child due the week of the fight. After consideration he decided not to pass up the opportunity and just stay in Chicago for camp and go directly to Grozny. The Terek team and Malte Michaelis have been completely understanding, accommodating and helpful as well as patient. Fres kept training, is in peak shape, and will be ready to bring the WBA Regular title home.

Team Oquendo has endured many speed bumps, hills, mountains and bad judges since its since its last title challenge. For those proclaiming Fres or Chagaev are not worthy of this belt, we will say that Fres has more experience than any HW other than the current super champion Wladimyr Klitschko and Mr. Chagaev is a former world champion with only 2 defeats to world champions.

They are both willing to fight each other for the opportunity to fight the Super Champion rather than run away like others for fear of losing to the WBA behemoth. We respect and congratulate Mr. Chagaev and Mr. Dugazaev for the opportunity and the WBA for approving this bout in Grozny. We are extremely excited for the new adventure and opportunity of visiting this new and exciting place at this time in our lives. Oquendo vs Chagaev will be televised worldwide. Event will take place at FC Terek Stadium in Grozny. Capacity 30,000.