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Ringside Report: Burns vs Zlaticanin – He Who Dared, Won

Dejan Zlaticanin was just supposed to be the opponent, a tune up for bigger things for Ricky Burns but in less than a minute into the fight the Braehead Arena was silent as a huge overhand left floored Scotland’s former 2 time world champion heavily. Burns had came out of the blocks fast firing jabs, straight rights and hooks at his smaller opponent obviously looking for a quick start to show his 4000 fans that he meant business.
Zlaticanin then exploded that left hand, Burns was hurt bad, he calmly took the eight count but was then put under huge pressure on the ropes as the Montenegrin went for the early finish. It was a great start from Zlaticanin but still many around ringside thought it was a blip and Burns would come back, use his skills and pick up the WBC international lightweight title, a title that Zlaticanin had previously held.
The early rounds followed suit as Burns was hit every time by that quick overhand left. Zlaticanin has power 13 of his 18 wins had been by knock out, Burns just simply didn’t know how to avoid the punch. After four Burns was well behind, he maybe took the third as he kept Zlaticanin at bay with his constant jab and slashing right hands. The fifth was a bad one for the former champion as another two huge overhand clearly hurt Burns, again he was under huge pressure on the ropes taking punishment from his determined foe. Pre fight many had mentioned that Burns in recent fights had went back to the ropes far too many times. It was a habit that new trainer Tony Simms had wanted to eradicate from Burns as he lost rounds by staying on the ropes instead of firing back like he used to do when he first became champion. Burns was on the ropes far to much for Simms liking in the first five rounds, he should have been holding Zlaticanin instead of covering up trying to avoid his shots.
Burns had a good sixth, probably his best of the fight as he began to move around Zlaticanin firing those quick combos again. It was noticable in the sixth that Burns wasn’t using the left hook to the body, a punch that opens Rickys balance up and leaves his chin exposed. The seventh was the same, Burns boxing and moving well then just as he was getting into the fight, two big overhand lefts exploded on his chin rocking him to his boots. The overhand left was again the main weapon in the eighth for Zlaticanain, Burns just had no answer for the punch, it was quick awkward and powerful. Zlaticanin was now well ahead but to his credit Burns came back in the ninth and tenth outworking the seemingly tiring Montenegrin. It was now closer on the scorecards but Zlatcianin found a second wind to dominate the last two rounds continually landing that left and trapping Burns on the ropes were he battered away at the body. When the final bell went there was a muted applause, the fans knew who had won the fight and so did the Montenegrin’s team who rightfully celebrated wildly.
Before the cards were read out the questions were already being asked, is Ricky finished at world level?, just how good is Zlaticanin? is C J Ross here? For the first two questions it looks easy to answer. Ricky does look finished at world level, he certainly has to go down a level to see if he can work his way back up. Zlaticanin was better than expected, he beat a genuine top ten lightweight and must now be looking at a shot at a world title. C J Ross? well she must have been there in spirit as when the MC mentioned split decision many around ringside felt that a hometown decision was on its way. Thankfully judges  Aleksic and Ritter scored for Zlaticanin 115-113 overruling the score of UK judge John Keane who had Burns winning 115-113. This writer had Zlaticanin a 115-112 winner.