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Chris Algieri on Manny Pacquiao: “The great equalizer is not power, it’s the jab!”

WBO Junior welterweight Champion Chris Algieri and his Promoter Joe DeGuardia held a round table discussion with the media in attendance to discuss Algieri’s recent victory against Ruslan Provodnikov, and his upcoming fight on November 22nd against Manny Pacquiao in Macau, China.

Algieri, a heavy underdog going into his last fight against Provodnikov, is not only stepping up in class when he faces Manny Pacquiao, but is moving up to the Welterweight division where he will attempt once again to beat the odds.  Algieri told Ringnews24 and the media present that although Pacquiao had fought bigger guys in the welterweight division, none possessed the style that would give Pacquiao fits.   

“I believe that my style is a problem for him and his style, and for their approach”, said Algieri. 

Pacquiao, who is a small Welterweight, is usually the faster man in the ring and overwhelms his opponents with volume punching and combinations. But a very confident Algieri is placing a large bet on his style and skills, and feels that he possesses the tools that will help him defeat Manny Pacquiao.

“I don’t care if he’s faster, I don’t care if he hits harder, I don’t care if he’s bigger, stronger or whatever, I got a jab and a brain, that’s the great equalizer, is not power…the jab!”, said Algieri.

Algieri is fully aware that many fans and media consider him a heavy underdog going into his next fight; some go as far as saying he doesn’t deserve the fight.  But he doesn’t appear to be bothered by all the negative comments and is focused on the task ahead.

“It doesn’t affect me positively or negatively.  It doesn’t give me more fire to do what I do.  I am not driven that way.  I am a self-motivated person and self-assured”, said Algieri.