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Gennady Golovkin Center Stage

Welcome to the Magical Gennady Tour. It is an extravagant tour where people are knocked out and titles are defended. This tour has been going on for some time now. It started out as a small, European tour, where only the keenest boxing fans came along for the ride.

Gennady Golovkin, however, has been running an exceptional tour. His talent and approach to the sport is a refreshing  anomaly and has not gone unnoticed.

Yes boxing fans are fickle, and for the most part, intelligent.  It was only a matter of time that Gennady’s Tour was going to go global, and three magical letters H-B-O has been prominent in bringing the Tour world wide.

Boxing has always has its fair share of controversies, how a judge determines a winner is often at the forefront of such controversies. Unless, you are following The Magical Gennady Tour that is.

GGG , as his is often referred to, has not had to worry about the voice of any judge since June of 2008.  That’s is correct, the last time GGG had to wait for three judges to award him a victory George Walker Bush was still the President of the United States.

This is a remarkable caveat. What is even more impressive about the Gennady Tour is the opponents that have fallen victim to the remarkable power displayed by Golovkin; Ouma, Proksa, Rosado, Macklin, Stevens.

This is an impressive lot of murderous punchers and experienced, rugged, professionals.  They have all been child’s play when they have visited the Gennady Tour.

The Magical Gennady Tour continued last Saturday when he took on Daniel Geale. Prior to the fight, Geale was considered one of, if not the, best fighterto costar on the GGG Tour.  In fact, many boxing observers were predicting Geale to be the man to break the impressive KO streak Golovkin holds.

Geale has been a top of fighter who was never stopped, or even beaten in a convincing manner inside the squared circle. Geale’s visit on the Magical Gennady Tour put that all to bed, when Geale was put to sleep, by a single punch from GGG. The legend grows.

Who will step up and takes their chances on the next Magical Gennady Tour? Miguel Cotto, the perennial middleweight title holder, is the most logical choice. It is a big money fight, and it will help unify one of the proudest & history rich, divisions in boxing.

Fear however is getting in the way. Cotto and his people have all but ignored the post fight interview Golovkin gave last Saturday, where he called out the champion.

The only response by Cotto’s people was that he was not ready for the big leagues of PPV, or something of that convoluted nature. A clear indicator they do not want anything to do with GGG.

This was the same game Floyd Mayweather played on Cotto years ago, when Cotto was a younger and fresher fighter, another words, a harder challenge for the self proclaimed TBE.

So if not Cotto, who takes a chance on the tour? Stay tuned to find out.

Regardless of who it is, The Magical Gennady Tour is a must see joy ride that we might not see in this sport again for a very long time.

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