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Boxing fans, the new gossip girls

“Danny Garcia is cherry picking”, “Al Haymon is ruining the sport of boxing” and “Frank Maloney is now a woman”. Over the weekend they were the three constants on forums and across the boxing universe. Those three things, perhaps worded slightly differently in some cases, seemed to be every where whilst fight fans forgot why they are actually following the sport of boxing.

Instead of enjoying the great fights that we had, instead of enjoying the emerging talent we had on show and instead of being boxing fans we seemingly all became a bunch of teenage girls reading the latest issue of”Heat” and acting like our very sport was secondary to other activity. Shamefully we forgot why we all love boxing.

We don’t watch this sport for Al Haymon, we don’t watch this sport for Showtime, HBO or any other network, we don’t watch to line the pockets of promoters or to delve into he personal lives of those who walked away from the sport. We watch because of the fighters, the fights, the action in the ring, the competition between two well matched men willing to put it all on the line in the search of a glorious victory, a victory that could help make them a star.

On Friday the extremely hardcore fans will have seen Stamp Kratingdaenggym, a teenager from Thailand, out point former world champion Kwanthai Sithmorseng. Later that same day fans would have seen Ukrainian slugger Ievghen Khytrov make a huge impression with his blow out of the very credible Willie Fortune. Of course many reading this will have seen neither bout. One was tucked away on Thailand channel 11, otherwise known as NBT, and the other was on a Fox Sports card opposite a higher profile show on ESPN.

The following day, when Danny Garcia took part in his much maligned bout with Rod Salka fans were too busy complaining and whining to realise what what going on around them. Prior to Garcia fight we had some interesting action with Dmitry Chudinov blowing away a man who took Gennady Golovkin 8 rounds and Arif Magomedov looked sensational in dominating Patrick Mendy. You may have heard of the Chudinov result but the Magomedov one was the one that stood out with the 22 year old beginning to show signs of being a real shining light in the boxing world.

Of course it wasn’t just Chudinov and Magomedov that left a lasting impression on those that saw the but also the fighters involved in the highlight fight of the weekend between Francisco Rodriguez Jr and Katsunari Takayama. The men, both champions at 105lbs, were 2 of the best in their division and they were looking to prove just how good they were, they did this by waging a 12 round war that the hardcore fans are dubbing a contender for FOTY. Instead of talking about this fight however the more casual fans are suggesting that nobody cares about straw-weight.

The problem I have with people saying they don’t care about certain divisions is the fact that they are saying they don’t care about the best fights and the best fighters. They say they want the best to fight the best but when the fighters actually do that the same fans are too busy to watch them.

If this is what being a boxing fan is all about, then I’m out. I’ll watch from afar and leave the bickering to those who want to be little more than plastic fans living in a world dominated by the mentality of a red top newspaper reader.

Smith Pith, a disgruntled follower of boxing