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Three winners in one fight: Porter vs Brook

Englishman Kell Brook narrowly defeated American Shawn Porter in the judges’ score cards to grab the latter’s IBF Welterweight belt, yet the loser seem to have emerged the better winner as boxing won too.

No knockout, though it was a good fight in the sense that they are good fighters who were evenly matched for a good real show. There were some episodes of disappointments during the bout, but overshadowed by competitiveness or pure pugilism.

Nothing “sensational” happened that night yesterday at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, but it was enough a sensation to watch boxers in their mold clash and do their best to outpoint each other when they both looked like highly capable of scoring a knockout anytime in the middle rounds.

This is the kind of fight, along with those of Gennady Golovkin’s and few other exciting fighters of today that would outshine Pac and Floyd, outside of “Pac vs. Floyd.” We can only look forward to a “Brook vs. Porter” rematch (not exhibition) and expect an intense sport event (not drama) to enliven boxing (not worsen its condition).

Porter and Brook earned just a meager purse in their fight, but they easily earned something precious that brats and crocs in boxing nowadays would so hardly earn with their big-budget production shows involving their respective cash cows.

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