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Interview with undefeated English Featherweight Andrew Gatenby

5-0 Portsmouth featherweight Andrew “Andy” Gatenby took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some lingering questions from Ringnews24.com ahead of his 9/20 fight at the Pyramids Centre, right at home in Portsmouth City, Hampshire, England. 

Gatenby, 27, is looking to fulfill his dream of attaining the British Featherweight championship, currently in the procession of Josh Warrington, who might eventually drop it in his pursuit of international glory.

Still, that may be many moons away from Gatenby, who is currently climbing through the ranks and looking to earn a high-profile opportunity. That was dealt a huge blow after former European, British, and Commonwealth champion Esham Pickering pulled out of their high-profile domestic clash on 9/20.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, Gatenby has not been disheartened, and is prepared to face the best opponents, starting on September 20th, in his first six round fight, and continuing until he ends up with a belt around his waist. He has the desire to be a champion, everything now must fall into place.

Read what he had to say to us below:

Q: To start things off, what do you feel is your greatest asset as a professional boxer, and, in contrast, something you need to work on?

A: My heart and desire to win. I’m willing to put everything on the line every fight no matter who I fight. I will keep coming, I’ve got a solid chin as well and that always helps you in the ring. I’m always learning and improving, with every fight I am always looking to fine-tune my skillset. I am my own worst critic.

Q: You’re 5-0 as a professional, and have yet to loose a round against challenging opposition, although you haven’t scored a knockout either. Would you describe yourself as more of a boxer than puncher, or have you simply faced durable guys?

A: I can box but I’ve got power too. I’ve not been looking for knockouts, I think that, at this stage, getting the rounds in is more important to gain experience. I’ve only been doing 4-rounders and they finish just as quick as they start. I have my first 6-rounder on the 20th September and I know the knockouts will start to come but I’m not in any rush. I’m going to perform at my best.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I don’t really get any spare time! I only get one rest day off training a week, but Sunday is a family day for me. I love spending time with my wife Kristy and daughter Lexi, they are my world.

Q: Complete this sentence: “If I could do one thing before death, it would have to be _____”.

A: To create a legacy for my family name for people to be proud of for years to come. I want to put the Gatenbys on the map.

Q: You’re 27 years of age, and made your professional debut at 25. How long do you intend to continue boxing? This is a bit of a late start for you, do you think you’ll be able to fight well into your 30s?

A: I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got. I don’t want to box much past 32 and that give me 5 years. I think I can achieve a lot in those years and aim to be British champion by the end of my career.

Q: It’s too bad that Esham Pickering pulled out of the fight, do you know your replacement opponent yet, and, if so, what should we expect from your September 20th fight?

A: Yeah I was gutted that he pulled out, I was really looking forward to fighting such a seasoned pro like Esham. I’ve had a few opponents offered but I turned them down as they weren’t very good. I really wanna start testing myself now but I am just waiting for the phone to ring with an up-to-scratch opponent. I’m going to do what I do on the night and hopefully make everyone proud.

Q: You’re currently putting in work at TRAD TKO gym in London, home to some of the best young fighters in Britain including Billy Joe Saunders, Frank Buglioni, Erick Ochieng and so many others, what is it like to be in such an environment?

A: The first time I went to TRAD TKO for sparring, I felt so sick! My nerves were high. When you’re training with people of such high calibre it passes on to you and you come out of there feeling like a champion yourself. I’ve settled right at home up there now. It’s all good.

Q: What kind of sparring have you been getting at the TRAD TKO Gym? 

A: Always good sparring up at TKO. Tommy Martin recently signed with Matchroom Boxing and he’s doing really well. I have Ian Bailey down there and learned so much from him, he’s a good seasoned pro. Then there’s Joe Stevens, he’s a skillful kid and whoever else is up there sparring, the gym’s always full of talented boxers.

Q: Finally, what do you feel is your ceiling as a professional? English title? British title? European? World? What do you want to do in your boxing career, and what are you fighting for?

A: I want the British title. That’s my dream. It’s a long, bumpy road and I take each day as it comes. There are some highs and some lows, but whatever happens in my career I just want to do my trainer John Murray, Manager Johnny Eames and my family, friends, and city proud – I’m a Pompey boy and always repping Portsmouth City – the best city in the world!

Q: Anything final notes for our readers?

A: Just a massive shout out to everyone that’s on the journey with me! #TeamGats