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Fegatilli wins warm-up against Dochev; prepared for 2015 run

The fight with Bulgaria’s Kristin Dochev was nothing more than an appetizer for Ermano Fegatilli.

The bout was a coax of what was to come for him and his team. A fight for the European Super Featherweight title on the table for April 2015, Fegatilli is just keeping active rather than developing rust. Even years separated from his first EBU title reign, he’s maintained a champion’s lifestyle.

With all of this on the table; he simply couldn’t lose.

From start to finish, the better man was left unquestioned. Fegatilli and Dochev had some sluggish moments, but Ermano was more active, more refined, and contributed the best of work where it mattered. He took control through the second half of the fight, and outboxed his opponent behind the jab.

The judges tallied 80-72, 80-72, and a marginally closer 78-74 for Fegatilli. The local crowd in Antwerp, Belgium offered a warm reception to the proud Italian-born, Belgian-raised,
and now Netherlands-based Fegatilli.

He may not be offered such commodity when he faces Romain Jacob, the unbeaten, fine-tuned Frenchman next year. The date is still being locked-in, but it will likely head
further to mid-year, April. With that, Fegatilli will likely appear at a local boxing gala again, on the 30th of January. Then, he will be fully prepared to capitalize on the
opportunity presented against Jacob.

Fegatilli, 30, is moving upward in the fighting age bracket. He’s a busy person outside of the ring, working full-time in the medical field. He’s often depicted as one of the most
educated and multifaceted of the fight game.

Boxing, for him, is simply a pleasure. A grueling business, but it brings an aura like none-other. Ermano Fegatilli has to be a boxer, but not for the reasons that many bring.
There is a fire that drives him to compete – and win.

Fegatilli has now improved to 30-5, and is ready to extend that furthermore, so long as he can. The journey to do so continues in 2015, as Fegatilli takes what little rest he gets, and moves onward – title-bound – in search of true glory.