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Card Report: Afternoon power and drama in Russia

Wednesday boxing has never been so good or eventful. An afternoon start at
the Basket-Hall Arena, Kazan, Russia and shown live, in the UK, on Boxnation
had everything.

Power, grit, controversy and upsets. Promoter Aleksey Stashkov (World
Boxing) putting together an unforgettable card of high quality.

Alexander Povetkin (Russia) vs Mariusz Wach (Poland)

Mandatory for Deontay Wilder and a former WBA World Heavyweight champion,
Povetkin has been on a mightily impressive run. Manuel Charr, Carlos Takam and Mike Perez have been dispatched and next up was the tough unit of Mariusz Wach. Both men had been the distance with the division’s No.1 Wladimir Klitschko.

Wach at 6’7 and a half is a big man and looked to use the jab in the opener but Povetkin, with quicker hands was having success in a raiding. Wach showing a nice right hand but busier from the Russian known as Sasha.

Body shots and hooks from Povetkin in the second round. He’s the one with the power and quicker but having to work hard to get on the inside. Full array of shots from Alexander, through-out the third. Wach replying with single right but visibly the slower and losing the round. Wach’s chin certainly stood-up to some hard shots and loses another round but Povetkin in now cut over the left eye. Fifth a competitive round but the Russians.

Sixth and Povetkin really intent on punishing the Polish fighter. A right hand rocking Wach’s head back. Povetkin in complete control of the fight. In the seventh Wach gets warned by Jay Nady for pushing the head down but the referee seems to be missing the lowblows from Povetkin.

Eighth and ninth, Povetkin still getting through the slow defence of Wach, who is tiring. A low blow in the tenth by Povetkin, finally gets noticed by Jay Nady. The Polish fighter trading more but badly marked up under the left-eye.

As the fighters tire the action is more even and both getting through with shots in the eleventh. In the final round, a left hook opens a nasty cut under Wach’s badly bruised eye and the fight is stopped. The Polish fighter a mile behind on the cards. It was a shame the challenger never made it to the end, as he never looked like being floored and took plenty of solid shots.

The fight went pretty much as planned and another good victory for Povetkin. Will Deontay Wilder give him a shot?

Povetkin is now 30-1, 22 KOs while Wach falls to 31-2, 17 KOs.

Denis Lebedev (Russia) vs Lateef Kayode (Nigeria)

In a contest for the Lebedev’s WBA World cruiserweight title the opening
round produced next to nothing, as both taking a good, long look, at the
other and finding their feet. Lateef busier with his orthodox jab.

Pace still slow in the second. Lededev landing a couple of sharp right hands
but most of the round on the back-foot. The champions round.

The word cagey is apt for the first three rounds of the fight. Kayode not
found his range and Lededev only throwing and landing the occasional shot.

Denis letting more go by the fifth and having success from his southpaw
stance. Stepped up the intentions in the fifth taking another round.

Round six and one-way traffic as Kayode looks clumsy and still hasn’t found
his range. Lebedev finding a home for sweeping rights.

Denis in control in the seventh. Later in the round, a missed right followed
by a left drops Kayode, who complains to referee Steve Smoger, that it’s a
push but gets a count.

Lebedev comes out in a thunderous fashion in the eighth, dropping the
Nigerian challenger three times in impressive fashion. Overall, a controlled
performance by the 36-year-old native of Chekhov.

The champion’s record is now 28-2, 21 KOs while Lateef Kayode is now 21-1,
16 KOs (a first round loss to heavyweight Luis Ortiz was later declared a no
contest after Ortiz failed a drug test)

Dmitry Kudryashov (Russia) vs Olanrewaju Durodola (Nigeria)

“The Russian Hammer” has built-up a frightening reputation as one of boxing
hardest hitting prospects. First round knockouts over Juan Carlos Gomez
and Francisco Palacios showed the Russian’s power. He was up against “God’s
Power” a tough contender, who has been the distance with Thabiso Mchunu.
Durodola entering this contest as the underdog but what a fight.

A quality opening round. Durodola having success and a mouse under Dmitry’s
eye. But this Russian has power and a left hook almost puts Durodola down –
sends him sprawling towards the ropes.

Durodola comes out positive and aggressive in the second and finding a home
for his right hand. Kudryashov can’t get out of the way but is still
throwing his own power shots. Durodola gets his man on the ropes and goes to
town on the “Russian Hamer”, who somehow stays up but is done. Referee, Jay
Nady stepping in to stop the onslaught. No complaints from the Russians.

What a great win for “God’s Power”, the Nigerian boxer taking out one of the
most feared punchers in boxing.

The win for Olanrewaju Durodola takes his record to 22-2, 20 KOs while a
first career defeat for Dmitry Kudryashov means his record falls to 18-1, 18

Rakhim Chakhkiev (Russia) vs Ola Afolabi (UK/Nigeria)

“The Machine” starts the fight in typical fashion – looking to get in and
unload, while orthodox Afolabi throwing a light jab. An accidental clash of
heads is badly ignored by the referee. Chakhkiev winning the round.

Chakhkiev unloading everything in the second but Afolabi covering and taking
it well. Ola finishing the round well, as the Russian was taking a breather
after throwing way too much earlier in the round. 2-0 to Rakhim.

Slower third round, both boxing. Afolabi caught by the head again and cut
over the left eye. Referee does actually look at it. Fight continues and
“The Machine” goes to work with a whirlwind of punches.

Fourth a close one, the Russian looking like he’s feeling the, at times,
manic pace, from the first three rounds. Afolabi, left low, popping out the
occasional jab. Ola’s round…just.

Two chopping right hands drop Chakhkiev, at the start of the fifth, and this
‘homer’ referee doesn’t call a knockdown. The Russian seems to have recovered
well but then a hard Right and left drop Chakhkiev and he is out. The
referee, who seems clueless, decides to issue a count and Ola has a
spectacular win.

Chakhkiev is a powerful man but reckless. If he doesn’t take you out, he is
likely to fade. So for those tough enough, like Afolabi and Krzysztof
Wlodarczyk, the blueprint to beating “The Machine” has been published.

Afolabi is back in the mix and his record is now 22-4-4, 11 KOs while
Chakhkiev is now 24-2, 18 KOs

Cesar Rene Cuenca (Argentina) vs Eduard Troyanovsky (Russia)

Argentine champion Cuenca going for that magical, historic 49th win but
picks up his first career loss. In the process Troyanovsky is now the IBO +
IBF World super lightweight champion.

The styles didn’t gel and Troyanovsky found it hard to trap Cuenca but was
overall the busier.

Strange ending to a dull fight between Eduard Troyanovsky and Cesar Rene
Cuenca. The contest ended in the 5th after both went to the floor – the
Russian’s momentum taking Cuenca over. Cuenca cut and claiming of an eye
problem, doesn’t want to continue and referee stops the fight. Eduard had
him rocked a bit earlier in the round. A knee or leg on the way down might
have caught Cuenca’s eye but unclear and didn’t look anything hard.
Troyanovsky was winning a fight that was a bad blend of styles – not much
action, the complaints from the Argentinian corner more action packed than
the actual fight.

Eduard Troyanovsky remains unbeaten at 23-0, 20 KOs while Cesar Rene Cuenca
is now 48-1, 2 KOs.

Dmitry Bivol (Kyrgyzstan) vs Jackson Junior (Brazil)

24-year-old Bivol impresses, showing composed punching and power in stopping
Jackson Junior in the fourth round.

29-year-old Junior simply out-gunned by a light heavyweight, who looks one
to watch and another from Russian circles ready to terrorise the division.

Dmitry Bivol is now 5-0, 5 KOs and Jackson Junior drops to 19-5, 17 KOs.

Viskhan Murzabekov (Russia) vs Solomon Bogere (Uganda)

Welterweight contest that ends with a spectacular third round KO. 25-year-old
Murzabekov lands a crushing left-hook and Bogere is counted out.

Murzabekov aka Little Tyson improves to 12-0, 6 KOs his opponent Solomon
Bogere falls to 13-3-2, 10 KOs.