Erislandy Lara fighting against Boxing Politics

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Erislandy Lara dismantled Jan Zaveck in three rounds to retain the WBA 154 pound championship. Lara looked impressive, as he showcased a more aggressive style behind a superior right jab. The fight took place outdoors in Florida, where the inclement weather may have played a part in the strategy implemented by Lara. The soaked ring was not ideal for Lara to showcase his lateral movement, therefore, the Cuban born southpaw made a commitment to throw hard leather in the pocket. Resulting in a more crowd pleasing style, that also reminded us that Lara can be lethal in a firefight. With this victory, social media is a buzz; theorizing how Lara would be a worthy opponent for Gennady Golovkin, A.K.A. GGG.

While it cannot be disputed that a fight between GGG and Lara, “The American Dream”, is not without intrigue, the fight may just be a dream. With GGG’s strong ties to HBO, and Lara fighting under the PBC umbrella, A.K.A the Al Haymon Mafia, is there a realistic chance for this fight to take place? HBO appears unwilling to feature an Al Haymon fighter on their network, and Mr. Haymon has not proven he is eager to match his stable of top fighters against a fighter from an outside brand. Frustrating to say the least. These variables have prevented the Dream Fight between Light Heavyweight Kings, Sergey Kovalev & Adonis Stevenson, from happening thus far. It does not look any better for a GGG vs. Lara fight.

Yes, there are other obstacles in the way of “GGG” VS. “The American Dream”. A Mega Fight between Golovkin & Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez being at the top of the list. If Golden Boy & Canelo come to their senses, and realize the only way to preserve credibility is to face GGG at the 160 pound weight limit, then the prospect of GGG vs. Lara does a Keyser Soze. However, the PBC/HBO dilemma remains.

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A fight between Lara & Miguel Cotto is a very appealing alternative and a can’t miss draw. It is also a fight where Lara can make more money and has a much better chance of winning, than in the aforementioned Golovkin fight. In a perfect world, this fight being made would just be contingent on whether or not Cotto wants to continue to be a pugilist. The sad reality is, Cotto is an HBO darling. So, we have a great talent in Lara, with the potential to give two of the top guys in boxing a tough fight, facing political variables as gigantic obstacles. As a fan, you just have to suck it up and hope for the best. As there is nothing that can be done to knock down these obstacles if the fighters are going to let it happen.

Erislandy Lara does have other very intriguing fights that he can land, and these fights should not have any political obstacles attached to it. Both Jermell & Jermall Charlo are part of the PBC brand and roam in the 154 pound weight class. Jermall holds the IBF 154 pound belt and has a tough fight Saturday night with “Silky” Wilky Campfort. Lara taking on the winner of that fight makes sense in many ways, with the timing of the bouts being on the top of the list.

However the politics pan out, “The American Dream” is in a good position to land a big fight. Politics included, Erislandy Lara is indeed living the American dream.

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