The Iceman Freezes The Machine

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He’s known simply as La Máquina, and hailing all the way from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina, he made his name in the United States with a string of devastating knockouts and top performances against top fighters. His name is Lucas Matthysse, and with a knockout record of 34 knockout wins in 37 fights, it’s not hard to tell what type of a machine this man is. He’s a knockout machine, one of the top knockout artists in boxing today. However, The Machine was left looking ragged and dismantled after this weekend, in need of a major reboot. And that can be attributed to an undefeated, tall, rangy, highly technical, and intelligent boxer from Kiev in the Ukraine. They call him The Iceman, his name is Viktor Postol.

Known as a solid, technically sound boxer in general, but not a big puncher, Postol came in as the clear underdog. He had only fought three times in the US in his previous 27 fights, his opposition consisted of Henry Auraad (then 14-5-1), Selcuk Aydin (26-2), and Jake Giuriceo (17-2-1), so he wasn’t exactly well known or popular in the States. At least not until now. Now his presence cannot be denied. For the first time in his career, Matthysse found himself on the canvas counted out, stopped, KO’ed, outclassed. An accurate, well placed, pinpoint counter right hand from Postol did the damage. Maybe Matthysse could have gotten up. Who knows? But it was not just this one punch that did Matthysse in. It was round after round of being frustrated, out-maneuvered, jabbed, countered, and punished by accurate punches. In the middle rounds, Matthysse found some success. He was able to land several right hands over the top, and some notable left hooks that noticeably bothered Postol and perhaps stunned him a bit. But by and large, it was Postol controlling the pace, dictating the action, managing the distance the fight was fought at, and landing the accurate punches behind a safety-first, technical style.

By the time round 10 came, Matthysse was frustrated, hurt, and his will seemed to have been taken out of him this night. The Machine had been frozen by The Iceman from Ukraine. The crowd in the Stubhub Center was stunned. Lucas Matthysse, a dynamite packed powerhouse, and a very popular fighter, had been absolutely outclassed and stopped for the first time in his career against a man who was generally regarded as a light puncher. A relatively unknown fighter had cemented his name into everyone’s minds, and a new WBC Super-Lightweight Champion had been crowned. All in one night. Viktor Postol is here, and his talent is very welcome to the mix. Postol will now look to possible fights with the likes of Terence Crawford, Lamont Peterson, Adrien Broner, Amir Imam, Ruslan Provodnikov, Ray Beltran, and Jose Benavidez Jr.

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Scoring such an impressive win makes Postol intriguing to the boxing public, and exciting to watch. Any of the aforementioned fights would be interesting and certainly embraced by hardcore boxing fans and casual boxing fans alike. He’s a tall fighter, very sound technical boxer, has some real power in his punches, nice footwork, and he knows how to stick to an intelligent game-plan. Certainly this makes Postol at the very least a difficult fight for anyone in the top 5 or anywhere near the top of the Super-Lightweight Division. He has scored the defining win of his career so far and done so in emphatic fashion. Now the boxing world will be keeping a watchful eye on where the undefeated Iceman goes next.

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