Josh Warrington defeats tough Hisashi Amagasa in Leeds

Scott Graveson

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Late on Saturday night in the UK fans saw Hisashi Amagasa (30-6-2, 20)  battle popular Englishman Josh Warrington (23-0, 4) in Leeds, live on Sky Sports. The bout was a well matched bout on paper, with Amagasa making his international debut against a man who had a huge following, but little in terms of genuinely notable wins.

In the ring it didn’t look well matched early on, with Warrington getting off to an excellent start, taking the first 3 rounds with little problem, as Amagasa appeared to be out of shapes, incredibly slow and looked a little bit lost. In round 4 however the “Slimming Assassin” managed to find his rhythm, use his reach and get through with a number of looping shots that seemed to take a toll on Warrington, who slowed noticeably through the round.

In round 5 Warrington came back strong, taking the round and seemingly blunting the momentum of the taller and rangier Japanese fighter. Despite the good 5th from the local favourite Amagasa got back into things and seemingly dominated rounds 6, 7 and 8 as he began to close up the cards, and make things very interesting with Warrington looking like a man who was being ground down by the power and unorthodox shots of the visitor.

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Sadly for Amagasa his success seemed to be blunted with Warrington getting his second wind in round 9 and rocking Amagasa in not only the 9th but also the 10th and 11th with the Japanese fighter also suffering a nasty cut. It seemed like Amagasa was done, and that Warrington was likely to go all out for a statement making stoppage in round 12, instead however Amagasa got his senses back and fought bravely in an ultra-competitive round that could easily have gone his way.

Having clearly won a number of rounds, and having made several very competitive the general view was that the bout was close, with fans generally scoring the bout around 117-111 to 115-113 to Warrington. Two of the judges however seemed to have been viewing something completely different with scores of 118-111 and a frankly indefensible 120-107, whilst the third judge got it in the realms of reality with a score of 117-111.

Whilst few will argue with Warrington deserving the decision it’s fair to say that the 120-107 card has left fans irate with no one being able to understand it. To give Amagasa not only no rounds but to also find a 10-8 to Warrington is simply outrageous in a fight that saw the Japanese fighter claim several rounds very clearly.

Sadly for British boxing the fight came after another exciting bout marred by bad cards as Stuart Hall took a wide win over Rodrigo Guerrero, in a bout that was ultra-competitive.

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