Ringside Report: ‘No Excuses’ Johnny Garton crowned champion

Martin Theobald

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The Olivia Goodwin promoted ‘No Excuses’ show took place Saturday 7th May 2016 out of the historic York Hall in Bethnal Green. A number of prospects were in action tonight on a show headlined by an English welterweight title fight.

Nathan Weisse vs Zoltan Turai (6 x 3, light middleweight)
Turai took centre ring through the first round, dictating the pace of the fight. His constant front foot approach caused Weisse problems at times as he was unable to stop the smaller man closing the space. Weisse however landed the cleaner short and when he chose to use the lead uppercut left hook combination he found success every time.
Turai continued to be the busier fighter but lacked the power to damage the taller Weisse. In the third a flush right connected from Weisse that raised the noise in York Hall and again Weisse went on the back foot as he circled the ring.
Weisse failed to make the most of his natural height and reach advantages through the fight as Turai walked at will into the pocket. If there were more behind the punches Weisse would have been in for a hard night. As it was, Weisse was able to keep looking for accurate shots over work rate through the middle of the fight. Turai did land a couple of strong left hands through the fifth as Weisse dismissed them, the fight continued the same pattern as we had seen through the previous rounds.
The referee scored it 60-56 to Nathan Weisse

Paul O’Brien vs Shaquille Day (4 x 3 welterweight)
Day landed a nice right hand early in the first round as the two fighters mixed well from the start. Day was doing the cleaner work as O’Brien got caught on the ropes and ate a huge right hand. He did well to absorb it and tie up Day who then worked off a solid jab. O’Brien looked to feel the power of Day as he was reluctant to open up as much as the round progressed. A stinging right body hook from Day was the highlight of the remainder of the first stanza.
O’Brien started the second well, his corner offering him encouragement to work his own shots more. A nice right hand opened proceedings but Day soon starts to take over again. A solid jab and big right hand by Day mid round provide the best work from either man in round two until O’Brien lands a big overhand right when coming off the ropes. Day takes it well but the bell comes at a good time for him.
A Day right to the body lowered the hands of O’Brien early in the third which Day exposed with a nice right hand landing flush on the chin. The two trade through the round, each having their own successes but Day perhaps landing the cleaner shots. It provides for an entertaining round as O’Brien’s corner encourage their man to end the exchanges on top.
The final round again has a good number of exchanges as O’Brien smiles at Day to encourage him on. Neither seemingly has the power required to put away their opponent although Day again lands some quality counter to the head of O’Brien who couldn’t quite pin down the tricky Day throughout.
The referee scored the fight 40-36 to Day to the delight of the crowd.

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Dave Birmingham vs Kristian Laight (4 x 3, lightweight)
Ex-footballer Birmingham is making his second outing and has brought a vocal support with him. Laight has seen it all before though. Birmingham has an awkward style, good head movement making him an awkward target at all times. Short and compact he lands some good vicious body shots that give Laight reason to cover. Birmingham works well at angles, constantly working lateral movement to try and break the Laight defence. Laight relies mainly on single jabs to hold him off, happy to drop the gloves to try and entice his opponent in, Birmingham ends the round landing some more heavy sounding body shots.
Birmingham continued in the second round his compact style, exploding into shots and finding success to the body again. Laight did what he has done for years when the pace picked up too much, holding Birmingham in place until the referee intervened.
Into the third Birmingham continued his role as the aggressor, still working the body with effect. Laight went into half guard, Mayweather-sequel (if Mayweather had made a career of travelling the country for fights). Joking aside, it shows the considerable defence on the man and explains his durability. A couple of shots landing to the chin for Birmingham give him encouragement as Laight smiles at him and mutters some words to try and bring his opponent back in. Birmingham shows he is savvy enough to not fall for that trick though and continues to take his time, picking when to launch his own attacks as the round ends.
Birmingham again makes good use of the angles in the fourth round, clearly intent on searching for the early finish. Laight is happy to tie the smaller man up when the going gets tough. The final bell rings and the two share a warm embrace, Laight whispers to Birmingham words of encouragement as he passes on his years of experience to Birmingham.
The referee scores the fight 40-37 to Birmingham.

Photo by Digital Sports Photo

Photo by Digital Sports Photo

Charlie Duffield vs Mardjidin Yuseinov (4 x 3, light heavyweight)
The place erupts for Duffield, biggest welcome of the night so far. A lively exchange from the off, the smaller and fleshier YuseinovThe looking to close the distance immediately and is met with a flurry of shots. Duffield gets pinned to the ropes early but is able to claim centre ring and try to work his jab. Yuseinov looks to keep coming forward like a bull, head down and swinging. Duffield though works him on the ropes and drops him wth a heavy shot, Yuseinov then takes a couple of good left hands as the round comes to an end, Yuseinov visibly puffing.
Yuseinov finds success early in the second, a nice right hand in an exchange being the best of his early work. He receives a warning for leading with the head as Duffield loses his gumshield multiple times mid round. The action starts again as a big left hook rocks Yuseinov, followed by Duffield working him over on the ropes and seemingly closing on a stoppage as a succession of jabs knock on the Yuseinov door followed by some big rights including a lovely body hook. Duffield dominates the end of the round, his opponent lucky to see the bell and seemingly out on his feet as the round ends, those ringside surprised the action is continuing.
The third sees Duffield take advantage of the damaged Yuseinov, pounding on him relentlessly in the corner until the referee jumped in. This shouldn’t have gone into a third round.
Duffield looked good but took some needless shots which against better opposition could cause issues.
Winner by third round stoppage, Charlie Duffield.

Remel Scott vs Attila Tibor Nagy (4 x 3, super middleweight)
Nagy is an agricultural operator, wild swinging rights were his main weapon. Scott was able to show good footwork in evading the telegraphed shots, the better quality work coming from Scott throughout the opening round.
Scott controlled the second round but was never busy enough. Tidy head and upper body movement, but never committed enough with his attacks to cause a problem for Nagy. By this point Nagy had been warned for some crude attacks and perhaps was wanting to avoid a further ticking off from the referee.
The third and fourth were much in the same vain, little clean work and lack of committed attacks.
Remel Scott wins 40-36

Sam Barron vs Josef Obeslo (4 x 3, light heavyweight)
Undefeated Barron from Peterborough had a good following tonight. 2 KO wins from 3 in total, he was looking to continue the promising start to his career.
The cleanest work in the firs round came from Barron, two good uppercuts in close bloodied Obesio’s nose. Barron continued to apply pressure, walking him down throughout the round. Obesio tried to hold Barron at length with his arm, not through jabbing but just a range holder.
Obesio didn’t look comfortable in the second round, Barron landed a thunderous left hook early and another mid round. Barron was enjoying himself in there, the left hand landing at will as Obesio struggled to find any success in a one sided beating. Obesio was on the wrong end of a huge right hand, followed by a powerful left and ate a right hand that sent him to the canvas. He did well to make it to his feet, Barron displaying the power that has given him the early stoppage victories in his career to date. Barroso did get up though, only to be pummelled once again by Barron. The bell sounded, sparing him from a continued beating but you felt only prolonging his problems.
Round three, Obesio was clearly now looking to survive rather than win. He was happy getting in as close as possible, trying to tie the fresher Barron up. But Barron had too much and when breaking, caught Obesio again with a lovely left hook. He did well not to rush his work, allowing space to pick shots without the need to look for the stoppage. Barron will be disappointed the fight couldn’t be ended this round to capitalise on the good work of the second.
Barron teed off on the head of Obesio in the fourth, looking to get the stoppage win. A better tempo than the third round, a big overhand right on the ropes was landed clean. He backed off and took his time before again working into distance, landing a right hook to the head and a beautiful left to the body. Obesio thought about it before taking a kness. He raised on the referee’s count, Barron almost sprinting over the ring before being ushered back by the referee. Barron continued his clean work as the end of the round drew near, pinning his man in the away corner he landed a flush brutal right hand sending the head of Obesio rocking back. Barron smelt blood and continued to pursue his man, laying hard shots as the towel came in and the referee called a halt to the fight with five seconds remaining.

Ryan Crawford vs Florians Strupits
Crawford has made a name for himself for having entertaining fights and his vociferous fans will hope for more of the same tonight.
Crawford has his guard high as he looks for openings in the Strupits defence. The first round is tentative, both fighters seemingly wary of each other’s power as they feel each other out. As the round comes to an end Crawford absorbs a good jab, cross combination from Strupits but himself is able to land a solid overhand right.
Crawford takes a couple of jabs and a body shot in the second, stops and nods at Florins before taking his chance to chase down Florins. He lands a couple of solid shots but is then dropped out of nowhere with a body shot. He doesn’t seem pained, almost a slip as much as a hard shot. However as the round progresses he looks to tire and eats a big right just before the bell tolled on the second.
The third opens as the second ends, a big right from Strupits coming off the Crawford cranium. He can’t find an answer to that right hand, but shakes his head straight after to try and indicate he’s fine. Crawford gets his own work off on the ropes but it doesn’t appear to have an effect on his opponent who escapes and comes forward. Both men have blood from the nose as the third round comes to a close but it isn’t without Crawford again being on the end of that familiar right hand.
In the fourth Crawford decided to showboat, seemingly trying to make Strupits come into his range. Neither fighter was carrying the power that they did earlier in the fight, although a good roll and left hook from Crawford brought the crowd to their feet. Both, despite obvious tiredness, seemed to enjoy the scrap to the end. Not the best work but an entertaining fight nonetheless.
The referee scored the fight 38-38, a draw.

Jack Raines vs Qasim Hussain (4 x 3, super featherweight)
Raines made his debut tonight against journeyman Hussain. The youthful looking lad showed a good array of body punches in the opening round, happy to work head and body in combinations. He was spritely as he bounced around the ring, at times allowing Hussain to do his work against the ropes before slipping out and again working a good variety of shots on a retreating Hussain.
Raines showed a quickness to his work early in the second, tidy upper body movement as he looked to open up the tight Hussain guard. His shots didn’t seem to hold the power needed to put Hussain off though as he kept closing down the sharp work of Raines. A good right hook caught Hussain off balance and he stumbled away from the ropes, Raines showed good ring awareness for one so young not to rush in and try to pressure his opponent too much.
Hussain in the third was busier than he has been before, now trying to assert himself into the fight. A good overhand right landed but Raines took it well and tried to get back to using his jab at distance. By the fourth Raines displayed a tight defence, stopping the attacks of Hussain with compact elbows into the body and a good ability to roll under the punches. He was however tiring, the earlier rounds seemingly having taken something from him.
The referee scored the fight 40-37 to debutant Jack Raines who showed a good skill set for an opening bout. The nerves will no doubt have taken something from the lad both pre and during the fight but he was tidy enough to claim the deserved win and move on.

Luke Watkins vs Tony Cruise (6 x 3 cruiserweight)
Undefeated Watkins takes a step up in class of opponent in his 7th fight here, taking on Tony Cruise. Watkins looked to establish his jab early on, a stiff shot that seemed to rock Cruise back. Watkins landed a good right cross on the end of a stiff jab that pushed Cruise to the ropes and then displayed a sound defence as he rolled under the counter. The round ended with both fighters landing meaningful jabs on one another.
Cruise landed the first significant blow of the second, a nice right hand but Watkins retaliated with a quality left hook. He couldn’t follow up the attack though, Cruise closing his guard up and not allowing any shots through as Watkins backed off. The two stood centre ring in the middle of the round and exchanged, Cruise getting the better of the punches.
The third passed without any significant work from either fighter, Cruise using his awkward jab for his own best shots and Watkins always a threat with that left hand. In the fourth the best shots of Watkins were consistently to the body while Cruise was the better of the two when in the clinch. Cruise had success when he took Watkins to the ropes, landing three successive shots as Watkins took to the back foot to evade.
Cruise in the fifth seemed to start to get the upper hand, perhaps his experience showing. Watkins though has an unnerving coolness about him, never flustered and always focussed on the opponent. His near footwork got him out of trouble each time Cruise seemed to be taking over.
In the final round Watkins took centre ring to start but was quickly pushed back by Cruise. Cruise was looking now for big rights whereas Watkins was able still to put his combinations together and do the slicker work of the two to close the fight off.
The referee scored the fight 58-56 to Luke Watkins in an impressive display against a more experienced opponent that will serve him well in time.

Garton vs Fields

Johnny Garton vs Ryan Fields (10 x 3, English welterweight title)
Fields was met by a chorus of boos for the fights, making it clear who the home fighter was. he was accompanied by the familiar face of Dave Coldwell, Garton had his own familiar face to come with him as British welterweight title holder Bradley Skeete was in his corner.
The first round started tentatively, each fighter taking their time to get to work. By the end of the first Fields lands his jab at will on Garton and connects with a nice right to the body.
A solid left hook from Field started the second round as Garton seemingly was slow out the blocks. The two met in a thunderous collision mid ring, each finding their own success and the Garton crowd making their voices heard. The pace is insane by the end of the round, both lads are happy to plant their feet and trade leather. Fields perhaps getting the better of the end of the exchanges as he seems to make Garton stumble as he walks onto a jab and is able to land a couple of clean rights to the head of Garton.
A nice roll under and left hook from Garton in the third, a good double jab by Fields and a nice jab cross from Garton all take place at the start of the third round. The pace doesn’t drop, it’s breathless stuff from bot men and Garton lands a good overhand right that sets his crowd off again. Fields ends the round the stronger, but Fields returns to his corner with a cut to the left eye that the referee indicates was from a Garton punch.
Jabs land from both men early in the fourth as the pace slows a touch. It doesn’t take it long to fire up though as a jab cross combo from Garton rocks the head of Fields. Fields though has his own success, bother fighters happy to take a shot to return their own. Then from nowhere, an insanely large left hook from Garton drops Fields. He’s out, instantly. The referee starts a count but it’s pointless as the Fields corner make their way into the ring. He receives medical attention and the crowd are respectful as he is returned to his corner. Only once Garton sees his opponent is safe does he let the victory sink in and embrace his huge support.
The punch was easily a contender for KO of the year, Fields never saw it coming and Garton will likely never land a more accurate and well timed punch in his career.
The winner and new English welterweight champion, Johnny Garton.

Garton DSP

Ringside Report by Martin Theobald/New Age Boxing. Check-out more of this work here: New Age Boxing

All Photos by Stephen Smith/Digital Sports Photo. Check-out more of their work here: Digital Sports Photo

Team Goodwin

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