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Ringnews24 Boxing Radio – Episode Seventeen, Tony Weeks, Shawn Cameron

Anthony George A.K.A ‘Zute’ Hosts RingNews24 Boxing Radio: The boxing show where we bring you the sweet science straight up with no twists.

Ron Christian is co-hosting the show. Ron is one of the best commentators in boxing and has wealth of knowledge to share about the sweet science.

Tony Weeks is our featured guest. Tony is one of the most respected boxing referees today, and he will give us some of his time. Tony has been involved in some very high-profile boxing matches, especially lately, and he will talk about his experience as The Third Man In The Ring!

Hot Prospect Shawn “Killer Cam” Cameron (10-1). “Killer Cam” is a former Iraq War Veteran and is trying to make his way on the boxing scene. A popular figure in New York, Shawn is a fight or two away from greater exposure.

The show will cover the International Boxing Hall of Fame Weekend, the passing of Muhammad Ali and the latest boxing action. Tune in for two hour of nonstop discussion on boxing. Unfiltered and straight up.

All the latest news, views on the Greatest Sport of them all!

Discussion of the Boxing world straight up with no twists. Anthony George A.K.A. as Zute, has interviewed many top names in combat sports. Among some of the top names in boxing are: The late Howard Davis Jr., The late Tommy Morrison, Timothy Bradley, Keith Thurman, Jarrell ‘Big Bay ‘ Miller, Donny LaLonde, The late Jose Sulaiman, Mike McCallum, Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia, Heather Hardy, Mike Weaver, the list goes on. With a rotation of knowledgeable guest analysts each week, like Ron Christian, Zac Pomilio, Rob Day, Carlette Ewell, Tony Whitby, Randy Gordon, Gene Aguilera, Ronald Cameron & John J. Raspanti; a weekly segment with boxing veteran Jeff Bumpus, and a bird eyes eye view with RingNews24 correspondents all over the world, RN24 Boxing Radio is your place for the sweet science.