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IBF welterweight and middleweight champions, Kell Brook and Gennady Golovkin went head to head at the Dorchester hotel in London on Monday afternoon to discuss and promote their September 10th mega clash that will be taking place at a sold out 02 arena in London.

Both guys were respectful of one another but did maintain that both know what is coming next month in a fight that many are thinking could be tougher for the Kazakhstan fighter than originally thought!

The bout will be for Golovkin’s WBC, IBF and WBA titles.

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Details of the undercard are expected to arrive soon.

Press Conference Quotes:

Kell Brook:

 “I’m going to be so sharp and so powerful on the night. No-one has got the best out of me before but GGG will bring that out in me and I’m excited to see that from myself. I always find a way to win and there’s going to be massive drama in the fight.

I’m very healthy at 160lbs,” said Brook. “I’m hydrated and eating well, nice sized meals that are giving me so much energy and I’m giving more of myself in the gym. I’m getting pushed in the gym and I’m delivering. I want to go down in history like Sugar Ray Robinson as doing massive things in big fights and beating the best – GGG is the best fighter in the world, and I am going to beat him.

I’m a different person from normal people,” said Brook. “With me unbeaten and always finding a way, I’m not really in fear of his power. You’re going to see a different animal. I think Amir Khan was coming up to middleweight on the night. I’m actually coming down to make 160. I’m naturally a bigger guy. It’s really hard for me to make 147. There’s no secret about that. He hasn’t got the chin I’ve got. He hasn’t got the toughness. He hasn’t got the power I’ve got. It’s a completely different fight with me in there, and you’re going to see on the night.”

Gennady Golovkin:

“I’m very excited and happy to be in London. I’m excited to perform in front of the UK fans. Kell Brook has my full respect and a great team behind him. It’s not easy for us to get opponents – he’s ready for me and I’m ready for him. I will bring a big, big show to London and the fans are going to love it. Kell Brook is the biggest test to me – he’s a great champion, he’s moving up in weight but great fighters have done that and won so I know he’s a great boxer and he will test me the most.

I understand this is not easy, this is true. It is very serious business for us. I am ready 100 per cent for September 10. believe I will bring an amazing show, like a drama show. This is the biggest test for me because Kell is a true champion. It’s the biggest test for me, absolutely.”

Eddie Hearn:

“Every now and then you make a fight that makes your hairs on your arms stand on end – this is it. We have the best Middleweight in the World and best WW in the world. Kell Brook has been with us for 13 fights and I believe he’s very special. I was in Madison Square Garden when GGG beat David Lemieux and I had the same feeling about him. Kell is stepping up to face the most best dangerous fighter in the world – and to be a great fighter you need to do great things. We’re very confident and Kell is here to win not be in a no-lose situation. It’s my pleasure to bring GGG to the UK for this wonderful fight – he’s a fighter I admire greatly and it’s great to work with Tom Loeffler and HBO.”


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