Ringside Report from York Hall: Bradley Pryce wins

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Goodwin Boxing start their season with a solid card headlined by a spectacular main event as Johnny Garton makes the first defence of his English welterweight title against Tyler Goodjohn.

James Conroy vs Tamas Danko (4 x 3 minute rounds, super middleweight
James Conroy vs Tamas Danko (4 x 3 minute rounds, super middleweight
Having made a name for himself on the road, Conroy is making a rare appearance in the home corner tonight as he looks to pick up his first win of 2016.
Conroy looks buzzing to be coming out to the home support here. He works the body well at the start of round one, handling the jab of Danko in return. Conroy switches to southpaw mid round to keep him guessing and during the Danko attacks is able to show the slick defence that has served him so well on his road fights. His supporters remind him to ‘keep the hands up’ as he starts to play about. A nice right hand from Danko connects and is met by the Conroy smile.
Conroy was the aggressor through the second round, walking Danko down around the ring and was able to work the body well. He did take a couple of nice hooks to the body himself too but continued to cover well as Danko ended the round the stronger.
A nice hook, uppercut, hook combination from Conroy opened the third, the uppercut particularly effective. A straight right was taken by Conroy as he went back into southpaw but it didn’t faze him. He continued to Bob and weave when Danko did come forwards but was happy to sit on the ropes at times before launching his own attacks.
Danko started quickly in the fourth, but the majority of his punches were finding the gloves of Conroy or the air around him. Conroy landed a nice counter right uppercut to set his fans off in the Hall who were encouraging him through the final round. Two connecting uppercuts from Danko sparked Conroy back to life and he connected a solid right hook to the body.As Conroy tired at the end of the round the defence started to suffer and Danko landed his best punches of the fight.
The referee Kieran McCann scored it 39-38 to Danko, a reflection of his stronger second half of the fight.

Shaquille Day vs Angel Emilov (4 x 3 minute rounds, welterweight)
Looking to make it four wins in a row at the start of the career, young Day from London is stepping up in class against Emilov. Day worked well off the back foot to start the fight as Emilov wanted to take the fight to him. Day countered well, making nice use of the gaps left in the Emilov defence, a tidy uppercut and an overhand right being the highlights of the opener. Day always moved back well when under pressure, making the most of the ring space and handling with maturity the constantly incoming Emilov. The second continued with a similar style and pace as Day toyed with Emilov, countering at will. The bell sounded with a clean right hand from Day rocking the Bulgarian as the sweat flung back across the ring. The third was more of the same, but the fourth started at a higher tempo as Day turned the tables and pinned Emilov to the corner to start the round. A nice combination on the ropes before Emilov twisted his was out. As the round wore on Emilov displayed his frustration at the elusive Day, waving him to come forwards but Day didn’t take the bait. He continued to work the nice uppercut counters as Emilov struggled to find an answer to the far more slick and talented Day.

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Referee Jeffrey Hinds scored the fight 40-36 to Day in a thoroughly deserved win, although it would have been nice to see him take a more aggressive approach at times.

Jules Phillips vs Craig Derbyshire (4 x 3 minute rounds, super bantamweight)
It’s a debut for Phillips tonight as he makes his first appearance in the professional ranks against Derbyshire, a man who has upset a few fighters in his time.

Phillips gets a nice welcome to the ring to help settle the nerves as he enters with coach Rod Julian. Phillips looks to work the jab but is leaving himself open to the wily Derbyshire. The Phillips left hook creates a big space that Derbyshire tries to exploit with the swinging overhand right. Phillips doesn’t look comfortable as the stronger Derbyshire works him hard through the exchanges.
Phillips doesn’t seem able to handle the exchanges as Derbyshire is able to take his shots and fire back strongly. Phillips’ nose is bloodied and Derbyshire uses his stronger jab to keep setting up his right hand flurries.
Phillips looks to slow the pace in the third, draw Derbyshire in so he can counter and starts to find some success but is still unable to hold off Derbyshire who shows nice footwork, moving out after his success in the exchanges. Phillips shows a good chin to take an overhand right from Derbyshire as the round ends.
Phillips starts the fourth well, able to catch Derbyshire on the approach. It doesn’t take long for Derbyshire though to get his right hand working again and a huge right hand bounces off the Phillips chin. Derbyshire’s corner smell blood as Philips legs look shaky but the bell sounds to signal the end of the action.

The referee Jeffrey Hinds scores the bout 40-37 to Derbyshire in a well deserved win.

Christos Ioannou vs Aleksandrs Birkenbergs (4 x 3 minute rounds, featherweight)
Returning after his July debut, Ioannou is facing a man whose three wins have all come from KO, so must be wary of the danger.
Ioannou starts well from his southpaw stance, countering the lunging attacks of Birkenbergs. The straight lead left catches Birkenbergs well as Ioannou looks a class above his opponent to start the fight.
Ioannou continues to show his class as he dominates through the second and third rounds, Birkenbergs unable to land despite a good output of punches. A cut opens over the right eye of Ioannou from a head clash that his corner team are quick to tend to as the round ends.
The cut encourages Birkenbergs in the final round as he becomes the aggressor, targeting the opened eye as Ioannou looks to cover the damage. Both are tired, the punches not carrying the weight of the opening rounds. Birkenbergs finishes the fight the stronger of the two but Ioannou did enough early on to secure the points.

Referee Kieran McCann scores the fight 39-38 to Ioannou who

Jummane Camero vs Teodor Nikolov (4 x 3 minute rounds, welterweight)
Camero is making his second pro outing against a man who hasn’t picked up a win in 2016 as yet.
Camero towers over his opponent, dreadlocks flowing. Camero has the better of the first round, although doesn’t make life as easy as he could with his superior height and reach,
Not much is landing for Camero through the second round as Nikolov worked his way to safety throughout. Not much action occurred as we went into the third, which followed a similar fashion as the two struggled to get to grips with each other.
The fourth was another disappointing stanza as the fight fizzled out.
The referee Kieran McCann scored the bout 40-36 to Camero.

John Burnham vs Konstantin Alexandrov (6 x 3 minute rounds, super welterweight)
Nice ovation for Burnham here, York Hall goes up a through volume levels to welcome him to the ring. Burnham starts the fight well, utilising his left hook on multiple occasions to head and body. Alexandrov looks reluctant to open up, stung by the power of Burnham early on. It allows Burham to fire at will, taking full advantage with the left body hook.
Burnham again works the body in the second round, Alexandrov starting to make a more compact defence, the impact of the shots clearly taking their toll. The bell sounded as again, the Burnham left sunk into the Alexandrov torso. This is very one sided and Burnham may look to put his foot down here.
By the fourth the damage was starting to take its toll upon Alexandrov, who has resorted to swinging right hands that rarely, if ever, found a home, Burnham looks comfortable, clearly with a few more levels he could go through. Two heavy uppercuts from Burnham landed as the round ended, Alexandrov taking another hard three minutes. The fifth follows trend as Burnham takes his foot off the gas a little. He picks it up for the sixth as he goes to work on Alexandrov who is only able at this point to defend himself, Burnham choosing head and body shots at will but unable to find that breakthrough to put an end to the bout

Referee Jeffrey Hinds scores the fight 60-54 to Burnham who won every minute of every round at ease.

Ollie Pinnock vs Nathan Hardy (6 x 3 minute rounds, super lightweight)
Pinnock is looking to go 4-0 in his first six rounder as he aims to move towards titles after moving down from welterweight.
Pinnock controlled well from the off with the jab, keeping the advancing Hardy at bay. Nice head movement from Pinnock, making sure that the rare Hardy attack is meeting fresh air. A nice round from Pinnock without catching fire.
In the second round Pinnock starts to fire off his backhand more still working off that busy jab. However the round ends with Hardy firmly in the ascendancy as a straight right catches Pinnock off guard, Hardy steps in and unloads a lead uppercut followed by a nice flurry that sees Pinnock hold on to hear the bell.
The two start to engage more into the third as Hardy ups his ambition and sees the blood from Pinnock’s nose. Pinnock his successes, now happier to step into the gap and trade. The third sees a similar pace, but now Hardy seems to be targeting the body of Pinnock. Pinnock lands a nice counter right over the top but is unable to follow up. A jab straight right from Hardy lands as Pinnock fires back with a right of his own in a very entertaining round.
A solid left uppercut by Pinnock ends the round in an evenly matched fight.
Pinnock gets the better of the start of the fifth, dictating the tempo more from the centre of the ring behind the jab. However Hardy fires back towards the end of the round, a solid right hand over the Pinnock guard followed up by a solid left to the body.
The sixth was again a tough round for both but a big right hook followed by the left hook by Hardy rock the Pinnock head back. A nice left hand by Hardy follows it up, the more solid shots are coming in from Hardy but Pinnock keeps up a strong workrate to see out the end of the round

Referee Lee Cook scored the bout 58-56 to Pinnock.

Duane Sinclair vs Richard Harrison (4 x 3 minute rounds, light heavyweight)
The ‘Hotshot’ takes his first six rounder against Harrison, Sinclair another fighter looking to extend the unbeaten start to his career.
Sinclair has the clear natural height advantage here. He is happy to step in though and get into the pocket with Harrison, who shows limited ambition of his own throughout but is happy to mock Sinclair.
Derbyshire continues in the second fighting at his own tempo, slowly working around the ring and throwing when he wants to in between mocking Sinclair with pretend wobbly legs. Sinclair seems to be fired up, looking to step up the power shots but unable to damage the smaller man.
In the third Sinclair dominates his man and the referee starts to take a closer eye, Harrison backs to the corner where he takes some sickening punches from Sinclair. Sinclair seems too eager to keep stepping in with his shots when he would benefit from allowing himself the extra space to make the most of his power.
By the fourth round Harrison is taking needless punishment in a fight he won’t win. The referee would have done well to show compassion and put an end to it, but he allows the fight to continue and Sinclair to keep putting it on his worn out and beaten opponent who is taking solid right hands without return.
The referee Lee Cook scored the bout 40-36 to Duane Sinclair.

Jordan Joseph vs Tvetozar Illiev (6 x 3 minute rounds, light heavyweight)
The third sixth rounder of his career for Joseph, the 21 year old from Hemel Hempstead who is looking for his fifth straight win.
Joseph controls the first round off his jab well, launching the occasional right uppercut to the body with Illiev offering little back.
Illiev start the second round with more ambition, a nice left hook connecting. Joseph is looking to tee off with the big right hand but Illiev covers well. The reach advantage Joseph holds is being used well, but his jab doesn’t carry the power to deter Illiev. Joseph continued to tap the jab out rather than push it through, Illiev looking for the big left hand hook when possible.
The third round is uneventful, Illiev happy to absorb the shots of Joseph while Joseph is happy to keep working the lazy jab and reluctant to step in behind it. The fourth sees much of the same, Joseph is dominant but reluctant to plant his feet and place the power in the shots. In the fourth Joseph lands a nice left hook followed by the right. It carries on through the fifth as the crowd starts to lull. Joseph is clearly a class above Illiev here but is winning this fight more through slowly strangling the life rather than a brutal punishment.
The final round was of a similar level, Joseph winning at a canter and a sense of frustration that we really should and could have seen more from him.
Referee Jeffrey Hinds scores the bout 60-54 to Joseph

Ricky Heavens vs Ladislav Nemeth (4 x 3 minute rounds, middleweight)
Another debutant, Ricky Heavens make his bow in front of the York Hall crowd tonight. A nice roar meets his arrival to the ring as Madness hit the PA system.
Heavens opens the fight well, nice flurries of rights and lefts as he works into distance. The punches don’t carry a lot of weight to them as Nemeth is happy to stand his ground and fire back, Heavens covering well throughout.
Nemeth gets a telling off in the corner, his coach being particularly animated as he tells his lad (I think) to be more aggressive. It certainly works, he comes out with a flea in his ear and some more power in his gloves. However he does get a talking to from the referee for punching on the inside of his gloves. Heavens looks troubled early doors, but regains his composure to handle Nemeth in the corner.He ends the round going back to his jab.
The third round sees the best action of the fight, Heavens stepping behind his jab and evading the Nemeth guard with a big right hand that rock his opponents head back. A nice left hand follows soon after but Nemeth regains composure to cover up. Heavens takes his time, happily backing to the corner before landing a solid left hand that again moves Nemeth backwards. Nemeth in the fourth looks to make a grandstand finish, realising the points win’t be in his favour. Swinging right hands over the top don’t find their home as Heavens seems happy with his nights work and please to see the fight through to a solid conclusion.
Referee Jeffrey Hinds scores the fight 40-37 to Heavens.

Jose Lopes vs Russ Henshaw (6 x 3 minute rounds, cruiserweight)
The toughest test yet of his short career for undefeated Lopes (6-0), a man who has started with such promise. Henshaw travels from Derbyshire only having the single loss to classy Issac Chamberlain.
Henshaw lands the first significant blows of the bout, right and left to the body. Lopes absorbs them, drops his hands and laughs at Henshaw. He then immediately steps in and plants his feet, nice uppercut and a straight right land on Henshaw. Lopes fights the first round in bursts, waiting patiently for his opportunities before unloading with some real power to body, looking for the gaps in the Henshaw defence before going to head.
In the second Lopes shows some real class in defence and attack, his footwork so impressive for a big cruiserweight. He quickly gets into range, throws flurries of punches and gets back out at angles. He traps Henshaw well in the centre of the ring as Henshaw is forced to cover up and take six or seven nice heavy shots. As Lopes lets him back out Henshaw smiles – a sure sign he felt those punches. By the end of the second Lopes is happy to drop his hands and circle the ring, making Henshaw look slow in there as he struggles to find any range on his shots. It seems like Lopes could step this up again if he wants to secure a stoppage.
Lopes starts to play with him in the third round, inviting the shots from Henshaw and showing a good defensive skill set to duck and weave what comes his way. Henshaw is badly marked up and the Lopes heavy hands keep coming back at him. This is a one-sided affair.
In the fourth Lopes seems to take a breather, Henshaw taking the upper hand through the middle of the round. Lopes still has his moments but is happy to take some moments in defence. The fifth round gives you the impression that Lopes is happy to see this bout through to the end now, get a bit of fine tuning in. In the sixth the referee has to give him a quick warning to make sure he fights not poses as he is happy to walk around and pose. Lopes takes a tumble through the ropes, but comes back in to a fired up Henshaw who is looking to try and have a big ending. It doesn’t come and Lopes goes back into playful mode, swapping between southpaw and orthodox as the bell sounds.

the referee Lee Cook scores the bout 60-54 in favour of a very dominant Lopes who looked impressive in victory.

Justin Menzie vs Bradley Pryce (8 x 3 minute rounds, super welterweight)
Menzie is taking a huge gamble here, looking to boost his career as in his fourth bout he takes on former Commonwealth champion the experienced Bradley Pryce – a man who will have travelled from Wales win a win on his mind.
Menzie comes out in southpaw, working well off a jab despite being the smaller of the two. Pryce looks half a step off, each shot he throws Menzie is able to be out of the way. Pryce tries to target the body of the company Menzie, starting to find his timing towards the end of the first round.
Pryce has Menzie on the ropes, firing in lefts and rights and Menzie looks to counter with uppercuts. Menzie looks comfortable on the ropes, taking shots while looking for gps from Pryce. A nice counter lead left from Menzie as he takes the best Pryce has to offer. Pryce is the busier of the two, Menzie at this stage wanting to do his work on the counter.
Menzie is the aggressor to start the third, taking Pryce to a neutral corner and swinging into him. The Pryce corner are encouraging their man to target the body and follow with uppercuts. The small man Menzie doesn’t seem to be slowing at. Then Pryce lands a beautiful left hook that sends Menzie into the ropes. He’s hurt as Pryce moves in. Menzie tries to move back but Pryce is relentless on him. Pryce lands more clean shots as the referee jumps between the two to wave this off.

Referee Kieran McCann stops the fight at two minutes thirty of the third round.

Johnny Garton vs Tyler Goodjohn (10 x 3 minute rounds for the English welterweight title)
The main event of the night as Garton makes the first defence of his English title won earlier this year against former English light welterweight champion Goodjohn.
Goodjohn finds good success in the first round with the jab to the body, whereas Garton’s most success is coming from the body hooks as a couple land flush land to Goodjohn’s body. Both men are controlled through the first round, working off their jabs and keeping a steady pace.
A big left hook misses by millimetres by Goodjohn, the Garton jab is finding a home regularly. Goodjohn’s corner want to see their man walk Garton down, he is finding a home for his backhand each time he steps in behind the jab. An overhand right from Goodjohn Sparks the two into a fight, centre ring as the crowd erupt. The two go back to their cleaner work after Goodjon holds Garton’s head in the clinch. Solid right over the top from Garton followed by a lovely left body hook and jab sends Goodjohn back but it doesn’t last long, Goodjohn with a flush right of his own. Goodjohn is working well from body to head and keeping Garton guessing. Garton though with a big right hand on the ropes that Garton acknowledges but takes well. When these two stand and trade it is a thing of beauty.
Garton shows some slick defence in the fourth, nice weave around the incoming Goodjohn. The Goodjohn corner want him to get back to his boxing, but you feel we are seconds away from a Pexican and a Tornado just exploding. Goodjohn with a nice right hook to the body but Garton smiles at him. Amazing double 1-2 from Garton sees Goodjohn in a lot of rtouvle, the gumshield goes flying and Goodjohn looks seriously hurt. Garton doesn’t relent, straight back into him to finish this job. Another straight right lands and Goodjohn looks to hold on. He eventually gets to grips with Garton and huts the time needed to get through to the end of the round somehow.
Garton is relentless, but Tyler has got his senses back in this fight. He troubles Garton in the fifth against the ropes but you feel there is something taken out of his shots. Goodjohn pins Garton to the rope and start to unload, then takes it back centre ring with some nice work to Garton, who just smiles and takes it. A cracking left hook from Goodjohn doesn’t move Garton. These two are eating shots and throwing bombs and every single person in York Hall is enthralled.
In the sixth the two clash again, each of them happy to take and land. A Garton overhand right connects, but then Goodjohn comes back at him, head body. Goodjohn covers well to the head as Garton looks to step in behind a jab. Nice right, left, right from Garton land clean but Goodjohn shows he is in this fight, comes back centre ring with his own success.
Garton was slowing in the sixth, seemingly struggling with the timing of his shots as the earlier rounds take their toll. A solid right to the body by Garton on the ropes, he lets Goodjohn out only to pounce on him again. Goodjohn has the heart of a lion though,he’s still in this fight and is working his right hand at every opportunity over the Garton guard.
In the eighth and Goodjohn has started to walk Garton down, Garton happy to back to the ropes. He pounces out, big right hand that Goodjohn takes well, big right left that Goodjohn somehow stands to. Warriors, to a man. Both smile at each other, this is a special fight. Garton nearly comes out the ropes, Matrix-esque gets back to his feet laughing and this fight continues. Goodjohn comes at him, throwing some heavy shots that Garton takes and throws back in equal measure.
The noise is remarkable coming into the ninth. Garton fans in my right ear, Goodjohn in my left. Goodjohn seems to have his legs back now, having gone flat-footed earlier. He seems to have a second wind in this fight. Garton is the busier of the two, Goodjohn doing the closing down. Goodjohn takes another one-two but comes back, counter right on Garton. Garton lands a nice stiff jab as the Goodjohn hands momentarily drop, his corner telling him off for doing so.
The tenth, and it’s a wonder either man is able to stand, let alone throw. Goodjohn still has his slickness about him, Garton still looking powerful. Goodjohn looks to close the ring down, Garton happy to slip and slide shots and work the outside of the ring. You suspect his corner may have told him he is winning this fight coming into the last. A jab knocks Tyler to the canvas, perhaps exhaustion. He protests the knockdown which may be reasonable. The bell rings and York Hall rises as one – rightly so.
The judges scored the fight 98-92, 99-91, 99-91 in favour of Johnny Garton

Sohail Ahmad vs Jack Green (4 x 3 minute rounds, super lightweight)
Ahmad is making return after his first loss back in March to Rakeem Noble.

Ahmad is making return after his first loss back in March to Rakeem Noble. Ahmadinejad is in control of proceedings through the first two, working Green around the ring. He looks by far the bigger of the two, but Green is comfortable in taking the shots. At the end of the second Ahmad seems to breakthrough as Green stumbles back to the ropes but it’s too late to capitalise and the bell rings.
Green stays in the fight, never troubling Ahmad but Ahmad is having this all his own way. Green is wily enough not to get caught by the big shots, Ahmad not carrying the power to make Green subside.
It was a comfortable ring return for Ahmad, who can be pleased with the nights work.

The referee Keiran McCann scores the fight 40-36 to Ahmad.

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