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Give a guy a break

Tony Bellew

The weekend saw Tony Bellew successfully defend his WBC Cruiserweight championship by knocking out BJ Flores in the 3rd Round, unfortunately (or not as you may feel), this was completely overshadowed by the scenes after this which saw Bellew launch into a tirade against Heavyweight contender David Haye before jumping out of the ring and seemingly being held back by security. This not only caused (mild at most) outrage throughout the news it was met with rolled eyes and murmurs of discontent from various forums and social media.

I’ve long been an advocate of matching boxers up based on ability and where they genuinely stand in the rankings but I really don’t see the big issue with what has transpired. Bellew is a well known ‘hothead’ especially just after a bout and if a lot of the general public will eat this up then pay money for it to go ahead then I don’t think we can expect anything less. He gets hit in the head for a living and despite some of the piss taking about it, he does have a family to feed and if this is the big money then why should he not take it?

It’s constantly mentioned that he’s not ‘good enough’ for the world belt he holds and that he’ll be unable to beat the other holders in his division, derided on some forums maybe he’s taken notice and decided to take the easiest route to big money.

Or maybe he honestly believes he can beat Haye, not something I would agree with him on (even as a fan) but he could well surprise many especially if he drops back down to fight the other title holders in his best division. He’s not quite as bad as some would have you believe and along with having power in both hands he’s also not a bad boxer (check Cleverly 1 in particular for that).

There’s one thing he’s done though and that’s get us all talking, whether you believe his disdain is real or that he’s taking lessons from wrestling show’s we’ll all be tuned in or checking up to see if he’s been smashed to bits or done the unthinkable and retired David Haye.

WWE this may not be, but every sport needs it’s characters and The Bomber fits the bill perfectly if the Haye fight ends up as his swansong then I’ll happily pay at Christmas time to see him in any local panto.

Dennis Dodge
Derbymanc on ringnews24’s KO Boxing Forum.