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The Heavyweight plan for Trey Lippe-Morrison

The boxing world is always looking for its next great attraction and nothing is more sought after than a heavyweight; especially an American with devistating power like Trey Lippe-Morrison.

On Friday September 23, the undefeated Lippe-Morrison fought his first televised bout on Showtime against fellow unbeaten Ed Latimore. The bout, a significant step up in competition for Lippe-Morrison, received a tremendous amount of attention.

After Lippe-Morrison scored two hard knockdowns and stopped Latimore in less than 2 ½ minutes, the boxing community was buzzing with questions. Is he going to be a world champion like his late father Tommy Morrison? Will he be on the fast track to stardom? Is he America’s next great hope?

According to his promoter Tony Holden, they will take their time to find out.

“Trey is definitely a good prospect and his most recent win demonstrated that. He has devastating power and is improving under Freddie Roach, who has done a fantastic job with him. At the same time, it’s important to remember as a promoter it’s my utmost duty to take our time and move him strategically.”

Lippe-Morrison, 12-0 (12 KO’s), continues to sell out shows as the main attraction and is scheduled to return in December at the Buffalo Run Casino where he is a member of the “Four State Franchise.” Since his impressive victory, Holden’s recieved multiple offers for Lippe-Morrison to return to TV in early 2017. Ultimately, the plan is to mix in the right TV fights and untelevised bouts at the Buffalo Run, where his impact goes beyond boxing.

“The economy here is struggling and for some, boxing is one of the few things they have to look forward to,” said Holden, who promoted Tommy Morrison and has promoted Lippe-Morrison since his pro debut. “This is our professional franchise and the commuinity has rallied behind Trey. He is fighting for them and it’s very heartwarming to see the relationship Trey has developed with his fans. Wherever he fights, Trey is representing the “Four State Franchise” and our community. Ultimately, the team is going to make smart decisions and get him to that next level when we collectively agree the time is right.”

Official particulars on Lippe-Morrison’s next bout will be announced Thursday, November 3.