Frank Warren believes the Eubanks are conning the public with this IBO crap

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Tommy Langford was set to challenge Chris Eubank Jr for the British Middleweight Championship after promoter Frank Warren won purse bids. Shortly after Warren announced the fight Eubank pulled out of the fight and the following press release was released by Eubank’s team:

It is now with relief, as it has become clear to Chris Eubank Jnr’s management over these past few months how much danger the health and lives of these contenders are in, therefore the relinquishing of the British Championship due to injury sustained in a sparring session is perhaps a blessing in disguise.

As much as we love the tradition of the British Championship we will be forward thinking and be protective of our competition as the risk to them is real. This is seen as a positive move forward in Chris Eubank Jnr’s career.

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The former world champion, Chris Eubank Snr has hospitalised men and has himself been hospitalised, and is therefore cognisant of what those outside of the ring are not.

To read the full press release Click Here.

Frank Warren in a recent interview by IFL TV, said:

“On the 14th of July we put out the fight between Chris Eubanks and Tommy Langford for purse bids.

“So, I promote and Jason McCrory my matchmaker manages Tommy Langford. So, obviously I got behind the fighters and we put a purse bid in and we won a purse bid.

“When you submit the purse bid you have to submit a standard British Boxing Board of Control contract.

“He said (Eubank Jr) in that interview about me slipping things in contracts. That’s a standard contract, there’s nothing in there. It’s what you use for a British Boxing Board of Control purse bid. He signed, that was witnessed by his own manager on 10th August.

“No slipping in, you know all this bulls**t, none of that happened its pure absolute lies and its conning the public again. Like I keep telling you these people are conmen because they are conning the public

“We then put the fight on purse bids and the board of control sent us a letter accepting purse bids, that’s standard procedure for any British promoter bidding for purse bids – that’s how it works.

“We announced the fight, we put tickets on sale and we paid for the venue. And that’s all now subject to us as a claimant, a legal claim for damages – I am very very confident we will win. I don’t know where they will go with that.

Speaking about Eubank’s IBO world title fight, Warren added:

“The fact they don’t want to fight someone in case he serious injures him (Langford) and he’s well above all these fights. Even if that was an argument and it isn’t an argument, it goes completely out the window when he talks about the guy he’s fighting (Quinlan) who’s had 11 fights – where do you go?

“IBO title? Who gives a crap if it’s for the IBO title, if it’s for the WBO, the WBC or the X-Y-Z  it is a crap fight and it is not a PPV fight – irrespective of all that rubbish it is not worthy of PPV. And it certainly not worthy of Eubanks, who’s had 20 odd fights. Now, he’s supposed to be fighting Golovkin, supposed to be fighting Saunders, supposed to fighting Langford – don’t tell me that’s progressing your career!

“There conning people saying there on this platform with 60 million viewers, the old man predicting 6 million buys – Coronation Street only gets seven or eight million viewers.

“There not appealing to boxing fans, if, they are the boxing fans know better. You look at the ITV situation just now which is fantastic. These people (Eubanks) are conning the public about this IBO crap, about contracts, about people being slippery and the only slippery people are them.

“There found out by their own words (Warren holds up contract) documents signed by them. Which is a sad subject to litigation.”


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