Ringside Report from York Hall: Knuckle 2 Knuckle

Martin Theobald

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The first show of 2017 for Goodwin Promotions and it’s back to York Hall for the Knuckle 2 Knuckle show. A card featuring some promising young talent and a Southern Area title fight between Jordan Joseph and Chris Hobbs.

James Costanzo vs Ladislav Nemeth
4×3 – Middleweight
Debutant Costanzo comes out with a jerky style to open the round, calmly working the centre ring behind the jab. Nice counter right from the home fighter, before evading a swinging right. Costanzo displays a nice defence, often rolling shots and using the left hand well to block hooks. A strong left hook lands for Nemeth to start the second as he goes on the attack, it seems to wake Costanzo into action. The two slow the pace in the middle of the round, measuring each other as the crowd call for action. Costanzo works the lead right to good effect while Nemeth relies on the large overhand right through the end of the round.

The highlight of the third sees Costanzo work Nemeth across the ring, started well with a jab he follows with a solid right hand that sees his opponent retreat. Good footwork in the fourth sees Costanzo out of range from Nemeth, another lead right lands well but he fails to get the combinations to keep the pressure on Nemeth. The round ends with the two at deadlock.

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Referee Chaz Coakley scores the contest 40-37 to Costanzo in a tidy enough debut.

Daniel Mendes vs Geoffrey Cave
4×3 – Cruiserweight
Mendes makes his return after a break from the ring and is in tremendous shape for the fight. Cave throws a lead hook from the southpaw stance straight away, taken well be Mendes. A nice lead uppercut by Mendes from his own southpaw position lands well and Cave retreated to work the jab. A good overhand left from Mendes leads to an attack on the ropes that Cave covers well from to end the round.
Mendes opens the second strongly, picking Cave off on the ropes with nice hooks and lead left hands but again Cave absorbs well from a covered position. Cave has his most success throwing a good right hook that Cave takes well and the two see out the second round. Too much of the attack is based on the power of Mendes with little finesse.
Again Mendes starts the round well in the third, now varying the attack into the body too and starts to use the jab. The most success for Mendes comes from the double jab with the left hand to the body, drawing the guard up of Mendes.
Mendes controlled comfortably the final stanza, his best combination coming with Cave held to the ropes and ending with the Mendes straight left, but he fails to keep the pressure on. The fight ended in a similar vein with the bell sounding as Mendes bounced shots off the head of Cave.
A comfortable return for Mendes who claimed the win 40-46 on referee Lee Every’s scorecard.

Ricky Alan vs Dean Croft
4×3 – Middleweight
Ricky Alan makes his first ever appearance in the home corner for a fight and he has brought a big support with him for the event. Tentative start by Alan, pawing the jab out. He soon sharpens it up, Croft happy to circle the ring. Alan starts to work the right hand behind the jab and his fans make themselves heard. A comfortable round for Alan without taking too many risks. In the second Alan kept working the jab while Croft struggled to find a way inside.
Alan’s corner were encouraging their man to use the double jab and right hand, but Alan seemed more comfortable looking to close the distance. Croft landed a nice counter left, quickly followed by a counter right, but again Alan had the best of the action.
A nice lead right was the highlight of the fourth for Alan, Croft offering little in return and keeping his guard tight. He did start to open up towards the end of the round but neither could find a flow to finish the round.

Referee Lee Cook scores the fight 40-36 in favour of Alan which is met by the crowd’s applause.

Jumanne Camero vs Ross Jameson
4×3 – Welterweight
Camero is back at York Hall after fighting up North at the end of 2016. Fireworks start the fight, Camero straight out the blocks to take Jameson to the ropes and unload but Jameson is more than happy to exchange and the opening minute is a flurry of punches from both. As it calms down a nice left, right from Jameson in the centre of the ring as he catches a sometimes wild Camero. Camero seems to struggle with the smaller fighter, Jameson rolling under most of the Camero swings while returning a number of well timed hooks and uppercuts.
In the second and Jameson is providing a real handful, Camero unable to measure where to aim his punches, Jameson constantly out of range and making Camero miss. The counter hooks of Jameson keep finding a home on the Camero chin and while not wobbling him, are all scoring points. Good counter right by Jameson again as Camero switches to southpaw, presumably looking for new angles to attack from. A nice lead right lands on Jameson, then the two exchange against the ropes again, Jameson having the final say on the way out. Two jabs by Camero but again Jameson returns with quick shots.
Jameson looks to be tiring in the final round, his corner encouraging him to move his head as he has through the openings rounds. Camero with a flurry of shots that meet air as Jameson starts to get the movement back. He seems happy to retreat in a side on position, luring in Camero. A nice counter left hook off the ropes by Jameson but Camero starts to get more success as the fight gets scrappier. The two finish toe-to-toe in a hugely enjoyable fight, Jameson perhaps having the upper hand and being the more effective of the two.
The referee Bob Williams score the bout 39-38 to Ross Jameson who claims the rare away win.

Sean Robinson vs Victor Edagha
4×3 – Middleweight
Robinson is looking for his second win to start his career off. Good counter right from Edagha starts the bout, Robinson seems apprehensive to engage with the physically superior looking opponent. Nice jabs by Robinson as he looks to keep Edagha at range, he controls the centre of the ring well.
Edagha displays a nice jab in the second round but he neglects to use it often enough.
Robinson warmed well into the fight in the third, finding his accuracy and power to make Edagha think twice before engaging. A solid round for Robinson. Robinson again controlled the fourth, the right hand landing well when he chose to step into it. Edghala did land a nice left hand to close the round off but Robinson again controlled well.

Referee Kieran McCann scores the bout 39-37 in favour of Robinson, a deserved score for the well disciplined performance.

Adi Burden vs Andy Neylon
4×3 – Light Heavyweight
Burden looks to go 3-0 tonight. The first round passed without action, Burden unable to track down Neylon down. The jab works well at the start of the second for Burden, the times he varies the attack to the body he finds success. Neylon fails to throw much in return but Burden controls the fights from the middle of the ring.
The fourth round continues at the pace of the other three; Burden fails to cut the ring effectively enough to trap Neylon, while Neylon is content to see the round out. The times Burden does get him into range the right hands fails to find the chin of Neylon, but it is a comfortable win for Burden.
The referee Bob Williams scored the bout 40-36 to Burden.

Sam Barron vs Hristo Yonev
4×3 – Light Heavyweight
Barron comes in 4-0 to this fight, Yonev looks like a man who knows his way around a buffet. Really fast opening, Barron with the quality work, landing a nice lead right hand. The pace is quick and Yonev connects with a big right over the top which sends Barron stumbling into the ropes. His footing seems to have gone, unable to balance. Not sure if there is an issue with his ankle/leg but the two go to the floor as Barron falls. He gets back up but is unable to keep his balance and the referee waves the fight off.

Referee Lee Every stops the fight at 1:21 of the first round, the winner is Hristo Yonev.

Adrian Martin vs Liam Griffiths
4×3 – Super Welterweight
Martin showed a good jab through the first round, stepping in well to control Griffiths, who was unable to find a route around it and was limited in his ambitions. A nice technical display by Martin continued through to the second round, the right hand not often coming into play and good ring generalship to make Griffiths continually retreat.
Griffiths proves awkward to track down in the third, switching into and out of southpaw in the process. Martin does close him well into a neutral corner, leading with the jab before unleashing a flurry from the right hand. Griffiths absorbs and works his way out, but Martin finishes the round again on the attack as Griffiths is struggling to deal with Martin when he comes into range.
The jab again proves a key weapon for Martin at the start of the fourth, a nice lead right catching Griffiths unprepared. A good right to the body from Martin as he tries to engage, the wily Griffiths though widens the space again. When they do come together Griffiths is able to hold well and spoil the Martin work but Martin does a good job of creating the space again.

The referee Lee Cook scored the bout 40-36 to Martin who displayed arguably his best performance to date.

Kyle McCarthy vs BIlly Parker
4×3 – Welterweight
Debutant Mccarthy is taken to the ropes early on by Parker, who lands a nice right hand. McCarthy works his way out and works the body well, nice hooks finding a home. The two trade well on the ropes, McCarthy able to turn Parker as the two trade. Neither man backs down as they spend the rest of the round on each other’s chest, trading nice shots, McCarthy seemingly getting the better of the exchanges.
The second round starts as the first ended, the two not looking for space but happy to stand in the pocket and fight. McCarthy still gets the good body shots in while looking to work the uppercuts on the inside. The pace of the fight takes its toll at the end of the second as the two slow down their workrate.
The third round is a similar affair, both lads happy to stand and trade without finding the significant shots to wobble their opponents. The fourth is a similar fashion each man now tiring on the ropes.

The referee Bob Williams scored the bout 40-36 in a good learning fight for McCarthy.

Nick Parpa vs Jan Hrazdira
4×3 – Cruiserweight
Parpa is 3-0 with all three being via stoppage, he looks to continue that perfect record. Parpa starts with his explosiveness, an awkward style, throwing punches from all angles with ferocity. Hrazdira stands up well to the power of Parpa, taking some big shots to the body.
In the second again Parpa works his heavy hands to body and head of Hrazdira, he takes a rare left hand on the chin but takes it and continues his assault. A lead uppercut from Hrazdira seems to stun Parpa and he takes another right that slows him down to the ‘ooohs’ of the crowd. Parpa goes to work the jab and display his finesse over power to end the round.
As the third round opens Parpa has blood seeping from the nostril, the power now seemingly sapped from the shots that was there in the opening rounds. It does mean a more technical display from Parpa, working his way in with the jab. When he gets in he shows impressive stamina still, working a barrage on Hrazdira without response but the power is missing from what was displayed earlier.
The two stand and trade through the fourth, a lead right from Hrazdira and a well timed uppercut from Parpa being the early highlights. Parpa takes too many shots with his hands downs but in return is still landing plenty himself. A big left hook lands flush from Hrazrida that Parpa takes well as the bell goes with a bloodied Nick Parpa seeing the bell for the first time.
A tremendous war between two tough, tough men.

Referee Kieran McCann scores the fight 39-37 to Nick Parpa in a good learning experience for the powerhouse.

Ryan French vs Jozsef Takacs
4×3 – Welterweight
French looks to get the first victory of his career, his first fight in the home corner, another bringing a large support with him. French starts well behind a quick jab, but shows a willingness to get inside and turn it into a crowd pleasing fight. The quick French is able to get in and out of exchanges well and takes advantage with a short, sharp right hand to the temple that sends Takacs to the canvas. It doesn’t seem to have hurt the Hungarian as he gets up and ready to finish the round.
French looks to consolidate in the second, again taking the fight to Takacs, but this time takes a right hand of his own in an exchange that drops him to the canvas. Up at eight, the two engage in a war. A huge right from Takacs coming off the temple that stumbles French momentarily, it is a shot Takacs keeps looking for and only just missing. French gets his senses back and the two have the crowd on their feet, French taking Takacs to the ropes and working well on him. The round ends in frenetic fashion.
The third round, neither is willing to slow the pace. Still Takacs is looking for the right hand over the top and French looks vulnerable to it. French is able to dictate the pace though,the busier of the two fighters. Coming out of an exchange and Takacs is spun around, French goes in for the attack with a left and right combination but is caught on a counter, seemingly half slipping he hits the canvas. Up early the round comes to a close.
The fourth round, French is out of the blocks straight away, putting the pressure onto a tired Takacs on the ropes. Takacs covered but the shots were firing through, knocking the head back of Takacs continually as French stepped on the gas. Takacs couldn’t take the punishment that French was putting on him and the referee, after paying very close attention, finally jumped in to close the fight off.
The referee Bob Williams stopped the contest at 1:08 of the fourth round of what was a hugely entertaining bout between two men that gave it their everything.

Callum Myles vs Aleksejs Tronenkovs
4×3 – Super Lightweight
Southpaw Myles opens well a lead left connecting to the head and stunning his opponent. Tronenkovs struggles with the early pace of Myles, the ever shifting hands keeping him guessing where the next attack will come. Tronenkovs when he does come forward is agricultural, swinging right hands being too easy for Myles to evade. Myles ends the round firmly in control.
The highlight of the second sees Myles come in with the solid right then lands the left behind it, pushing his opponent back then following him with another straight left that leaves Tronenkovs retreating.
In the third Tronenkovs swings wildly with a left, followed by an equally extravagant right that Myles steps back from and counters well. A lovely right hook to the body by Myles opens the angles for him to attack head and body, picking the shots with precision and Tronenkovs backs away to the opposite side of the ring, but Myles follows and waits, before unloading his hands before the referee decides he has seen enough punishment.

The referee Chaz Coakley stops the fight at 2:34 of the fourth round

10×3 – Cruiserweight
Ossie Jervier vs Jose Lopes
Jervier starts on the front door, looking to take the fight to Lopes. Lopes shows a smart defence and ties Jervier well when on the inside. A nice counter left hook from Lopes, but Jervier wants to close the distance again. The two throw huge bombs in the corner, as the bell goes on an even first round.
The jab of Lopes starts to find a home – stiff and strong. Jervier with a nice one of his own, neither man is asserting themselves on the fight.
In the third Jervier is looking to close space with the long left hook to work inside the lengthier jab of Lopes. Strong left hook to the body by Lopes, a left hand then overhand right catch Jervier but he takes them well. The round ended with a clean combination from Lopes ending on the left hook.
Jervier tries to move Lopes into the corners at the start of the fourth. Lopes remains calm when the two are in close, Jervier the busier of the two when they are in the clinch.
Jervier opens the fifth with more energy, making Lopes miss with uppercuts. Lopes is unable to work his more stylish boxing as Jervier makes it more his fight in close quarters. In the sixth a number of straight 1,2’s from Lopes break the Jervier guard but Lopes is open to the left hook, which Jervier throws multiple times to catch Lopes off guard. A strong left hook, straight right from Lopes sends Jervier back to the rope but Lopes is wary of following him in, wishing to keep the space between the two. Left hook by Jervier, it’s ducked and countered by Lopes with a right but Jervier fires back as the round explodes into action. Another counter left hook by Lopes ends the round in an enthralling contest.
Again in the eighth Lopes works the strong one, two on Jervier, who is looking to make the fight a closer affair. Jervier lands two solid right uppercuts that sends Lopes’s head rocking back. The two receive a warning from the referee for their work on the inside as the round closes out. In the ninth Lopes opens again with the jab and backhand but Jervier deals better with it. Jervier shows some sound defensive technique to evade the Lopes jab and hook. A huge right uppercut from Jervier sends Lopes back, he struggles to hang on and Jervier pounces, throwing a big left hook and a straight right hand as Lopes stumbles to the canvas. The referee starts a count, Lopes seems to be on his way to finding is feet early in the count but then lowers himself back to his knee, which prompts the referee to call an end to the fight.

Referee Kieran McCann stopped the bout at two minutes thirty seconds of round number nine.

Jordan Joseph vs Chris Hobbs
10×3 – Light Heavyweight
In the opening round the shorter Hobbs was able to land the cleaner shots of the two, using his squat physique to move Joseph around the ring. Joseph showed good defensive abilities and kept his cool under the pressure but was unable to use his longer jab with effect.
In the second Hobbs was able to open some gaps, a nice overhand right landing flush. Joseph fired well off the ropes, a lead right and left hook connecting but it seemed to fire up Hobbs, who pinned him to the corner to squeeze the pressure on Joseph as the round ended.
A nice left hook is the highlight for Joseph, looking to fight more at range now, but Hobbs is able to get the advantage on the inside. In the fourth Hobbs is able to make use of his jab more to start the engagement, Joseph struggling to keep him off for any period of time. Joseph then found another gear, added more spite into his shots as the two fought on the ropes and the crowd raised to their feet as one when the bell went.
Joseph starts to target the body with hooks in the fifth, but again Hobbs makes it his style of fight as the two tie up close. Hobbs lands a lovely left hook, right hook combination but Joseph covers well and the two see out the round. In the sixth the action gets messier, the two are spending more time in clinches. It’s hard to tell who holds the upper hand, Hobbs is grinding through his work rate but the classier work comes from Joseph. In the seventh, Joseph looks to jump on a Hobbs slip, throwing nice hooks into the body but can’t keep the pressure as Hobbs escapes to the middle of the ring. A nice straight jab, right hand from Hobbs, and it works again to get into the attack zone where he is able to move Joseph around the ring. Again, Hobbs pressures Joseph to the ropes as the round ends.
In the eighth Hobbs lands a nice jab as Joseph walks in, Hobbs beckons him in, clearly wanting to make it his style of fight. A nice uppercut on the inside from Jordan and the round starts to ignite, Jordan trying to make himself a bit of space to get the leverage into the shots. The crowd erupt with the fighters who seem more and more willing to stand and trade.
Joseph starts the aggressor in the ninth, coming forward and willing to engage. Hobbs makes a rare retreat. Hobbs is always able to spoil the work of Joseph when he comes into range, Hobbs looks to make that range using a jab and straight right hand each time. In the final round Hobbs works his jab well from the off but soon looks to push his way into Jordan’s comfort zone, which Jordan seems unable to halt. A big overhand right lands on Joseph’s chin but he takes it well. As the round reaches the mid point the two meet centre ring, somehow finding the energy to trade leather with one another. Hobbs again uses his squat frame to push Joseph into the corners. The bell rings on what has been a gruelling contest for both men.

Referee Lee Every scored the bout 97-95 to the winner, and the new Southern Area light heavyweight Champion, Chris Hobbs.

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